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Carmela runs into two studly brothers at the beach.

He jerked his body as well in surprise, and I moved up to him and kissed him deeply, the scent of his cock and precum now on his mouth. I tried to decide what I enjoyed more: Giving him the taste of his cock on him, or receiving the taste of my pussy after he ate me out. As I was deep in thought, tonguing his mouth, he reached around for my bra and took it off with ease. He tossed it out of the way and massaged my boobs, then tweaked my nipples.

It felt good, but I wanted to get back to his cock. I got a little more intense as I sucked him a little harder and took him a little deeper in my mouth. My lips were firmly around him as I went down and inhaled his smell. I pulled my lips off of him, and moved up to squeeze my tits around his cock. He bucked his hips up to fuck them, and I squeezed harder as a preview of what he'd hopefully be feeling later. All of a sudden, I took him back in my mouth, bobbing my head up and down and swirling my tongue all over him. Once again, I popped him out of my mouth, making sure there was enough spit on his dick to give him a nice handjob. I gently bit his inner thighs as I worked him up and down. His cock felt perfect in my hand, and perhaps it was just the extra wetness on it, but it felt like it was getting warmer and harder.

I heard a moan, and "I'm going to cum."

I let go of his cock.

"Do you want to cum?" I teased.

"Oh god, yes."

I ran a finger from his balls, up the shaft and to the head. "Tell me how bad you want it."

"Please, just give it to me... I want to unload in your little bitch mouth."

I quickly put him back in my mouth, and I felt a twitch and the sudden squirt of hot jizz filling my mouth. I swallowed like I spent days in the desert without water as I played with his balls, gently squeezing them to get as much cum as possible. I felt another shots in my mouth, but instead of swallowing I worked the cum around his head a little bit. It must have felt good to him, because I felt another twitch and squirt.

He looked spent as I cleaned him up, though there wasn't too much to clean! I gave us a few moments to recuperate, and went up to kiss him, with the salty flavour of his cum still in my mouth. He ran his fingers up and down my sides, making me shiver as sat up to kiss my neck. He swung his feet over the side of the desk, and stood up. He eased himself onto the ground, and grabbed me by the hand as he led me down to him.

While I was blowing him, I occasionally would look up to make sure no one was around. Nobody was scheduled to be in the office that day; the only reason I was there was to catch up on some work I missed earlier in the week. But as I knew what was coming for me, I realized that there was a certain thrill in the still and silent office. My cubicle was located in such an area of the office that we could hear someone come in and they would not immediately see us. The problems with what we were doing were that we were so horny that neither one of us probably would have noticed if someone entered, and even if we did we were only half dressed. But that is what made this situation even more exciting.

Almost once I got down to the floor, He reached for my pants and took off my pants and underwear.

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