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Two couples have fun in the woods.

Her name was Selena Hall. It, however, was not her, but rather her roommate, Jessica Jones that caught Jacqueline's eye.

What had attracted was not her looks, though she was not hard up in that department with her raven hair and sparkling blue eyes, nor was it her sexuality. While her roommate had hinted at Jessica's bi-sexuality, it had been very difficult to discern given how reserved the girl was. No, what had really got Jacqueline to fall head over heals on their first meaning was her demeanor. It was a personality that was hard to place. She was not aggressive, nor passive, but assertive and passionate about what she believed in. At the moment, this translated into her seeking a degree in International Studies, but Jacqueline could see how this would translate well for her in anything or one that she pursued.

This she believed had been put to the test when she sought diplomacy with her roommate Selena Hall. Selena had been raised in a protestant family. A deeply religious one at that. Jacqueline had initially believed that this made them strange bedfellows as roommates. She, however, would discover through her own roommate, Leah, that was not the case. Her own prejudice had been on display. The truth was that Selena and Jessica had gotten along fine since day one. It was during a conversation one night that Jacqueline learned that Selena's own sister was a homosexual. She had come out during her early teens. The family had quickly accepted her sexual orientation and the matter was dropped. At the present moment her older sister, Janet was living out in Marine with her girlfriend of eight years. The two were both college graduates. Janet was a psychologist, while her girlfriend, Celina Drake, was an architect.

No sooner than three weeks into the semester did she get her chance to confide her feelings in a very open dialog with Jessica. It was mid February. The girls had gotten back from a night on the town. They had been out drinking, though neither was drunk. Still, it was a bit risky given that both her under 21. With her roommate Selena out of town for the weekend, Jessica had planned to stay the night at Jacqueline's. The symmetry had been perfect. Her own roommate, Leah was spending the night, though not weekend with her boyfriend.

That evening the two girls spent most of the early night reminiscing and getting "wet." They discussed various sexual fantasies. It was during this time that Jessica explained in some detail what it was like to be with a girl, though she kept it vague. The best part to her was the emotional connection that she could share with another female. It didn't hurt that a girl could go multiple rounds without a down period.

That night the two girls would share various self pleasure techniques in conversation. Both girls had talked about some unique fingering methods and the need to occasionally hump a pillow. Jacqueline had concluded that her two favorite methods were the shower-head spray and her trusty pocket rocket. For Jessica, however, she preferred a toy called the rabbit, a toy that oddly enough Jacqueline had never even heard of. Jessica began to describe it as a dual purpose vibe. It was inserted, though it provided a clitoris simulator. Still puzzled, Jessica got up and returned from a quick trip to her backpack with the rabbit style vibrator in hand. It was as she described. It looked like a classical vibrator, though the penis module was ribbed with an interior lining of beads. Attached, on the outside was a rabbit ear like vestige that hung off the top of the toy.

The girls paused. Both were a little too embarrassed to go on. Finally, Jacqueline broke the ice. "Maybe you should give me a demonstration."

It wasn't really worded as a question, but rather a statement spoken by a girl who had a little too much to drink and was also incredibly horny. Jessica blushed a little at the utterance. She quickly realized that she had embarrassed her new friend.

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