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He dominates me just the way I need him too.


"A nice big dick," Dani answered, it now being just after one o'clock.

"The perfect gift," he smiled, as he stood up and began to pull down his pants.

"Wait," Dani said. "It isn't a strap-on, I've actually done something spontaneous."

"I loved your last spontaneous act," he pointed out, walking towards his wife suavely... the liberating reality of finally being pegged after all that time and worry making him far more comfortable with himself and around his loving and so wonderfully accommodating wife.

"Well this act may be even wilder," Dani smiled, her slight worry fading as she studied his eager demeanor and was confident he would like this surprise.

"Is that even possible?" he asked, looking at his wife with curiosity.

"So I was just at Bethany's," she began.

"Uh, oh," he said wearily... knowing her younger sister was a bit of a handful.

"And anyways, I had a dream last night where you sucked cock while I watched," Dani danced around the main point.

"Oh?" Chris said, his interested piqued.

"Anyways," Dani continued. "when I woke up, I was confused by my feelings and went to talk to her about it."

"You told her I want to suck a guy?" he asked, anxiety hitting him.

"Yes, but she didn't judge you, very much the opposite," Dani continued, still dancing, trying to relax him, suddenly feeling guilty about telling her sister such intimate details about her husband.

When he didn't say anything, Dani finally jumped right to the point, "So she found a cock for you."

"What?" Chris asked, shocked and concerned. Just how many people were learning about his kinkiest secrets?

"And she will be here at two," Dani revealed, looking at the clock again.

"She?" he asked, getting even more confused. "Is she bringing her husband, or what?"

She shook her head, as she moved her hand to his hidden-away cock, which was hard, and purred all seductively, "No husband, my darling. You have a blind date with a hot she-male."

"No way?" he said, staring at his wife in utter disbelief. Truth be told, his ultimate cock sucking fantasy was with a she-male.

"Is that okay?" Dani asked, suddenly worried she had made a mistake by rushing this so quickly. It was only yesterday they'd first even talked about it, and she'd implied she was okay with him doing it, but wasn't interested in watching. But with Bethany's stampeding wild horses... "I can have Bethany cancel her if you're not interested."

"This is a lot to take in all of a sudden," he said, clearly still processing, trying to catch up.

"That's what I said the other night as you loaded the cannon on my poop deck," Dani retorted, trying to be funny and ease the awkwardness.

He laughed, "And that's what I said on Saturday."

"And it's happening right here in an hour," the wife countered.

"And you're okay with this?" he asked, suddenly more concerned about her than himself. He knew this was a lot different than pegging, which was just the two of them. Sex that included an outside person wasn't a trivial step!

"Honestly, I'm excited," Dani admitted. "I'm surprised I feel this, but I'm almost desperate to be here for you while you live out your fantasy."

"Really?" Chris asked, his wife so supportive... which only made her more beautiful. "This is crazy."

"Everything since I found your bag of toys has been crazy," Dani pointed out, finding the last several days a roller-coaster of emotions... emotions and pleasure.

"True enough," he nodded with a chuckle. "But inviting a stranger over to have me suck his... her... cock is really, really, crazy."

"Do you want me to call Bethany and cancel?" Dani repeated, still unable to read whether he wanted to do this or not.

"No," he said really quickly... giving away his true feelings. Yet, he then paused, unsure how... or even whether... to say how badly he wanted this.

"So do you want to suck a nice she-male cock in half an hour?" she questioned, trying to relax him by supporting him as she rubbed his hard dick through his trousers.

He looked her in the eyes and nodded, looking both sheepish and excited.

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