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Sister-in-Law tastes good in a storm.

All of a sudden Karen gets up and asks us to move to the living room so she can clean up the dishes. The girls offer to help so I go on my own, pop open another bottle of wine and sit to wait for the girls. At this point I am thinking the wife, being a catholic, is probably very pissed and I will get an earful when we finally go to bed. But, at least I was happy because my fantasy was now out in the open.

A few minutes pass and the girls come in. Karen sits beside me and Veronica and Christy sit on the couch across from me. Before I realize what is happening, my wife has pulled down my shorts and is stroking my cock. At first the awkward situation was not letting me achieve an erection. Here I am, my wife playing with my cock in front of two beautiful women and I could not get it up. Then my wife says: "come on girls; help me make Rick's fantasy come true. You both told me in the kitchen that you found him extremely attractive and that the conversation after dinner had made you hot. How about you both suck his beautiful cock to life as he described when he told us his fantasy". I could not believe what I was hearing.

This dialogue certainly got my erection going and although they hesitated at first both girls were soon on their knees and sucking away at my manhood. They took turns sucking the length of my cock and my balls. It was the most incredible feeling in the world. At one point Veronica and Christy actually started French kissing with the head of my cock between them. Next Veronica began to take me deep into her throat while Christy worked wonders on my balls. I was in heaven.

I turned to look at my wife to see her reaction to what was happening and was shocked to find that while Veronica and Christy were performing their ministrations on me, Karen had removed her jeans and panties and was sitting in the couch beside me with her legs spread open and masturbating. She has 2 fingers of one hand inside her pussy and with the other hand she was furiously stroking her clit. I could sense by the look in her eyes and her breathing that she was about to have an orgasm. As her moans grew deeper, I knew she was seconds away from coming but I was unable to get away from Christy and Veronica to help her out. But, what happened next blew my mind.

Christy, who had previously told us her fantasy was to be with another woman, apparently also notice that my wife was about to come and swiftly left me balls and dove at Karen's open pussy. In no time Christy had Karen's swollen clit in her mouth and was sucking it. This brought Karen over the edge and she started screaming as a monstrous orgasm hit her. Christy then left her pussy and began lapping up the juices that were overflowing Karen's now satisfied cunt.

When she finally got her breath back Karen tells us: "Well Christy that was certainly some orgasm you helped me achieve but with your permission, I need my husbands cock inside of me now. He knows how to make me come in no time. Once I am done, I will sit back, relax and let you two fuck him to your hearts content". This certainly did not sound like the fervent catholic I thought her to be.

Anyway, Karen got off the couch and proceeds to impale herself on my cock. She begins to ride me facing forward with her back to me and I know this is the position in which she enjoys her orgasms more. Christy, who apparently has enjoyed her first experience tasting a pussy, begins to suck my wife's clit as she rides me. In the meantime, not wanting to leave poor Veronica out of all the fun, I ask her to take off her clothes, climb up on the couch and sit her pussy on my face.

For a moment I was lost in the sensation of Karen riding me while Christy was licking her clit that I failed to realize that Veronica her clothes off and was trying to climb up far enough to grant me access to her beautiful blond bush.

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