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Tom likes creampies; Karen invites a friend.

Closer to tasting you, and hearing your heartbeat. Hold on, I want to listen now. A tenacious heartbeat. A vital one.

Ah, I think it's speeding up a bit. Is it because I'm stroking your nipple? I hear that they're sensitive on men, too. What if I licked it? Hmm, I thought so. And if I sucked on it? Created a tight seal with my lips and tongued it? That actually pulled a slight groan out of you. A beautiful sound. You know it turns me on when you're vocal.

Feel my fingers as they slowly walk down your torso, barely stroking your skin. Your muscles are clenching, lover. Does that mean it feels good? My lips and tongue would like to follow. I love savoring the slight, salty taste of your skin after a long day. Perhaps, after I'm done fucking you, I'll give you a massage.

I'm going to go to my knees, now. It'll be easier for me to...unfasten your pants. I think I might actually enjoy stripping you more than having you strip me. It's very erotic-Was that a gasp? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to caress your cock. But you are very big for me. I can already see the bulge, and I've only unzipped you. I'm going to lean forward now, and nibble you through the fabric of your Jockeys. Look at me, at my soft, chocolate eyes, lover. Gorgeous eyes? You're only saying that because I'm about to make your toes curl. You really think so? Thank you.

Although I'm pushing down your slacks now, by hand, I think I'll try your boxers with teeth. Feel me as I cup your strong buttocks in my hand, lifting up on my knees to nuzzle your belly button, breathing against your skin, teasing...Please? You need to feel me? I know this, but I like to see you beg. It's making me wet, too, you know. My pussy is throbbing for you, I want to fuck so bad.

No, I can't. Not yet. But forget using my teeth, I want to suck you now. While I take my pretty panties off, you go lay on the bed. Leave the panties on? Well, since you asked nicely...okay. But you can't touch me at all. Now go lay down. Don't bounce on the bed, you'll crack the headboard for crying out loud. Lover, you look like a giddy school boy...

Now, it's been suggested that the majority of men are very visual creatures, so me crawling up your body, my satiny skin sliding against yours, the long, dark fall of my silken mane over one shoulder...this should all be a definite turn on. Oh God, the look in your eyes is what's causing my own skin to writhe. Like you wish to devour me. As if you wished to spread my legs wide and slide your tongue between my soft labia. As if you wanted to suckle at my entrance, and lap at my nectar, and tongue-fuck me until I cried your name... You do want to eat me? Well, not tonight, this is about you. And I said no touching, stop caressing my breast.

What am I doing now? I'm reaching between my legs to stroke your cock...ah, that groan. Do it again and I'll stroke harder. Yes, like that. Now kiss me. I want to taste your mouth as I stroke you. I want to press your lips against mine and inhale your scent, and rub my hard nipples against your chest...Oh, fuck, I don't know how much more I can wait. But I will...

I'm going to lay your dick against your stomach now. Why? So I can rub my wet cunt on it, and show you how ready I am. Yes, do you feel? I'm so fucking hot for you, lover. Do you know how erotic it is, me rubbing the underside of your cock with my soaking petals? It gives me the illusion that you might slip inside and fulfill my dreams...Ah, yes, right there...

I'm sorry, so sorry. I didn't mean to dig my nails into your chest. You just feel so good, I was so close to cumming...But now, it's time for part two.

I know you understand what I'm going to do, now that I'm leaving a trail of kisses down the solid planes of your torso. Let me take a moment and lap at your nipple again, long and slow. Picture yourself teasing me as I'm doing to you, and you can understand why I love it so...Down, over your flexing abdomen, the tip of my tongue leaving a slim, moist path for your desire to follow.

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