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A slacker is punished by her boss.

Now my fucking speed was increasing, she was playing with her clit and I was playing with her tits. She was slamming her ass back on my cock to get it as deep as she could.

"Oh! I'm gonna cum all over that amazing cock of yours. I've wanted this for so long! Faster...FASTER!" She was trying not to scream and judging by the way her body was moving, that was quite the effort. I leaned into her and started picking up the pace now because I wanted to bring her over the edge...and over she went.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOD! YYYEEESSS! I'm cumming all over that cock!" And was she! The squishing sounds were so loud that it was driving me crazy. Her juices were running down those luscious thighs and had to be dripping on the arm of the couch. The smell of her sex rose from her steaming pussy and made my cock swell even more. I had to cum inside her and fulfill my dream. I was glad she came first because I wasn't going to hold out much longer. I gave a few last quick hard thrusts.

"Take it Ann! Take my cum! YYYYYYYYEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!" I shot load after load inside her with her pussy clenching my cock and my cock throbbing. Sweat was dripping off both of us. My cock was still hard and she kept moving her hot ass. She clenched her pussy around my cock and milked it. We both wanted more but people would already wonder where we were. But I had more cum for her.

"Turn around baby. Get on your knees" I said and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She dropped to her knees and quickly wrapped her exposed tits around my cock.

"Fuck my tits and cum in my mouth brother-in-law!"

I fucked her tits until I was ready to cum. She instinctively wrapped her lips around my cock just in time for another hot load to erupt in her mouth.

"How does that cum mixed with your pussy juice taste?" I asked her.

"Mmm...forbidden. I love the taste of my pussy on your cock." she sighed with a big smile. She stood up and gave me a big hug. I looked over her shoulder and noticed that we had moved the couch several feet with our passion and there was indeed a large damp spot where we had been fucking. Her skin rubbing up against mine made me horny again but I knew we had to stop...for now anyway.

"We'll never be the same again will we?" She asked, starting to look worried.

"Don't worry sweetie. We both wanted this. I hope this won't be the last time we do this. I hope we can do it often and live out both our fantasies" I said reassuringly as I gently ran my hands up and down her back.

"Oh me too" she said hugging me even tighter. She jumped up wrapping her legs around me. "God I want more right now...fuck me again. Please. I need it" she whispered into my ear breathlessly as the tip of my cock teased her semi-covered, cum-soaked pussy and we started grinding. I was picturing us standing there with her riding my cock as I held onto her and us falling onto the couch as I pounded her in a hot missionary fuck. I could practically feel how good her pussy would feel around my cock again. It took all my willpower to keep from driving my cock back into her. If we were caught, that would ruin our fun.

"Can't. We'll get caught" I smiled. "Let's get dressed and we'll figure things out later. I'm sure we'll have more chances to have fun."

We straightened our clothes and I moved the couch back to its original spot. I found a towel and threw it over the wet spot on the arm of the couch. As I watched her straighten her bikini, I promised myself that I'd get her completely naked one day soon and we would just spend an entire afternoon naked and devour each other. Pleasuring one another over and over again until pure exhaustion took over.

The rest of the week was fabulous.

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