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Pat talks with Ginny, and makes a big impression on Jake.

I still held her hips off my face and was taking light licks of her pussy and ass. One long slow lick from stem to stern. Soon she was mewling. Moaning, she begged me to finish her off. I slipped out from under her, my cock still surprisingly hard. I pulled her around and kneeling in behind her I slipped the head of my cock into the lips of her tight and hot pussy.

"Oh...yesssss. Please Bill...fuck me. Give me that cock. Come on...fuck meeee."

I held off for a bit more letting her build herself up into almost a frenzy. She was almost crying by the time I finally decided to let her have her release. Pulling on her shoulders I rammed my cock into her.

I heard her breath gush out and a sharp intake as I bottomed out in her. Her hips were thrusting and her whole body was slamming into mine. I held still and let her thrust back and forth for a bit.

"Oh...god...Fuck...Oh...y-e-e-a-a-h. Fuck."

Anne was almost yelling as she posted on my hardness. Suddenly I pulled away. She cried out in frustration.

"NO...Please...Bill I need it...more...please...fuck me."

I repositioned my cock. I put it at that brown little bud that had tasted so good earlier. She felt the head of my cock at the entrance of her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me and smiled.

"Oh...yeah...fuck my ass. Ummmm...yessss...Fuck my ass Bill...take me."

I started to push. Being afraid for her and not wanting to hurt her I was being careful. Anne on the other hand, had other ideas. She reached out to her dresser and opening a drawer she pulled out some lube.

"Here...use some of this. Put it on your cock. put some on your fingers and push some into my ass. your cock up there."

Doing as she directed, I pushed my cock up to her asshole. She reached back, grasping my hardness and began to work it into her tight little hole. Soon I was half way up into her. She held me off with her hand, then after a bit of getting used to the intrusion, she started to push back against me.

"Let me do this Bill...just hold still. Ummmm...ohhhh...just a little more...uh...mmmmm...there. Oh are huge!"

Holding still I felt her ass enveloping my cock. I was all the way into her. It was so tight and hot. She held us there for a bit...then slowly started to pull off of me. Slowly she continued the motion of fucking. In and out...slowly, steadily.

After a while she began to get more forceful and a little quicker. Her thrusts began to get more intense and her moans changed from that of some pain to those of enjoyment.

"Ok Bill, start fucking me. Come on big boy...fuck me like you were earlier. I can take it...fuuuccckk me."

Her voice was that of a woman in the build up to an orgasm. Her breathing was hard and fast. Her hips were ramming against mine as she stroked against me. I felt her loosen up a bit and then I started to stroke on my own.

"Oh Gawd...yesss...yesss...fuck me, fuck me. Oh...ummmm...cock in me...fuck...ohhhhh."

Her moaning was starting to really get to me. All the feelings and senses I had coursing through me started to come together in one focal point. Anne's ass. I held her hips and with one hand, reached around to her pussy. She had juices running down her legs. I rubbed her clit a little bit and soon she fell into her orgasm.

My cock was now ramming her and her butt cheeks would roll at the impact of our bodies crashing into each other. Her orgasm shot through her and she almost fell face down. I held her up and continued pumping.

I felt my orgasm welling up inside me and as I began to shake, Anne pulled away from me. Spinning around, she took my cock into her mouth and I began to cum. I never even had a chance to try to stop her...I just shot off as her lips closed around the base of my cock.

She swallowed my cum for the second time that day. Her lips tightly holding my cum all in her mouth and throat until she could swallow it. Her eyes were on mine as she did this too.

Falling back on the bed I lay on my back.

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