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Groupie hippy slut experiences an acid trip & wild sex.


He sees her standing there, lit by his headlights, and his cock springs to attention. He blinks, expecting the vision of her to go away like they have been all day... for the past several months really... But when he opens his eyes again, she's still there, leaning against a car. He pulls into his driveway and gets out of the car before he's even turned off the engine.

"Sarah?" He asks as he moves toward her, but he already knows it's her. She looks even sexier in person than in any picture or fantasy, and he realizes that just her presence has raised his flag to full mast.

"Zak..." she sighs. The sight of him, finally standing before her, makes her weak in the news. She looks at him, at his body, the way he moves toward her, at the obvious bulge in his pants, and feels herself become more wet than she ever remembers being. She can smell her arousal, the sweet scent of her pussy, before he's even touched her.

He reaches her, and without hesitation, pulls her into his arms. His mouth finds hers, their tongues pushing against each other in the frantic motion of their first kiss. His fingers lace into her hair, pulling slightly on her soft, curly hair. Her body melts into his, their lust for each other lighting up the dark street.

He abruptly pulls away. "What are you doing here?" he asks.

"This," she replies as she pulls him into their second kiss, less frantic but more sensual than their first. He grabs her waist, turning her to walk to his door. They walk together, their lips still exploring each other, their bodies bumping into each other, feeling for the first time the touch of the other as he walks her backward toward the door. He grabs the door knob behind her but finds it locked.

"My keys are still in the car! Don't move." He says as he runs to the car to retrieve his keys. The engine quiets , and the headlights dim. In the new darkness, she sees him running back to her. He pulls her back to him for another kiss before reaching around her to unlock the door. He pushes her inside and kicks the door closed behind him, not bothering to lock it behind them. She pushes away from him and takes a few steps backwards into the living room, her eyes never leaving his. She sets the wine down on the coffee table, surprised she didn't drop it before, and unties the sash of the trench coat. Slowly, the coat slides away to reveal her bare shoulders, the soft skin of her chest, her breasts under the sheer fabric, her hard nipples casting tiny shadows in the dim lamplight.

He can't breathe as the trench coat finally falls to the floor. She looks stunning. His eyes rove her body, desperate for every detail, every curve. She moves toward him, and his eye is drawn to the movement of her large breasts beneath the fabric, the sway of her hips, the bend of her knee, the soft line of her ankle. He finally meets her eyes again as her hand comes up to caress his face.

"It's nice to meet you," she says and covers his mouth with hers before he can answer.

The kiss begins slowly, a gentle parting of the lips , a tentative slip of tongue, her hand caressing his cheek. But can't control himself; he pulls her hips to his suddenly increasing the intensity of the kiss, forcing her lips apart with the tongue, sliding his hands around to squeeze the round, full cheeks of her ass. She responds in kind, grabbing his head and running her fingernails down his neck and back, gripping his shoulders, and moaning with pleasure. Through the thin fabric of the thong, she can feel his arousal and shifts her hips forward to grind her dripping pussy on the length of his shaft still trapped in his pants.

She wants him.

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