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A catalog of memories that is somewhat instructive.

" He cried, and waved his hand. He went to the wet bar and poured himself a glass of aged scotch as he shook his head and said, "Women these days."

She was in no mood to argue, so she went upstairs until it was time to go.

She didn't have to meet him until 11:00, but she needed plenty of time to prepare herself both mentally and physically.

The Consultant's demands were simple, but difficult to go through with: He wanted her to look like a whore.

She went into her enormous walk in closet and pulled out a little black dress. It wasn't the same go-to little black dress every stunner has in her closet, no, this was a unique one. It was one she never wore, but only had from a Prada show she did last April. The reason she never wore the dress was because it was too short. Her ass was barely contained by it, her breasts spilled out over the top, and if she wasn't careful her pussy would make an appearance. It was the perfect dress for tonight.

She pulled it off the rack and undressed, admiring herself again in the mirror. She stood in front of the mirror and slowly pulled the dress on. When it first made its way over her ass she thought it would rip, but she kept pulling. Then to her breasts where it was again another challenge, but she managed.

Just like last April it barely fit, but there was a reason it landed her a spot on the runway. It accentuated her amazing curves, which were an anomaly in the modeling world.

She then went to her makeup and put on more than usual, but not an exorbitant amount. She put on the brightest red lipstick she had.

And for the cherry on top she grabbed her six inch black stilettos. She stood nearly six and a half feet tall, which was why she never wore them, but again they were from a modeling job she did.

Her narcissism took hold as she posed in the bathroom mirror. She flashed herself her ass and tits, even her pussy. She blew kisses at herself and winked. She then looked at her watch and realized she needed to leave, now.

Jack sat in the living room watching CNBC so she simply gave him a, "Leaving now, be back around one or so."

He muttered a "yeah, yeah" and out she went.

She went to the garage, got in the Land Rover and sped off. About fifteen minutes later she entered the garage. She followed his directions and it was exactly as he described: Empty. There were a few cars scattered and then she spotted the Black SUV he mentioned.

She parked a few spots down. As soon as she shifted into park her cell phone rang: It was him.

"Hello, I'm here" she said.

"I know, I can see you," he responded. "Did you follow all my directions?"

"Yes. Yes I did exactly as you said."

"Excellent, now let's begin. I want you to walk over to my car and sit in the front seat. Don't look behind you, only straight forward okay?"

"Alright," she got out of the car and walked seductively in her six inch heels towards the car. Her pussy was unbelievably wet and she left a trail of her juices from her car as she walked.

She arrived at the car and didn't look in the backseat. She pulled the door handle and got in.

"Hello Jess," a familiar voice greeted her.

She jumped! "Oh my god!" she looked in the rear view mirror and saw the outline of a handsome face.

"Face forward!" he said assertively.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you would be back there."

"My apologies, but I can't have you see my face just yet. We need to get acquainted a bit."

Sitting in the passenger seat of a car in a deserted parking lot, with a stranger from Craigslist in the back seat was hardly a way to get to know somebody, but the danger was incredibly arousing. She kept pumping out more juices, which concerned her, but then she noticed a towel over the leather seat: He came prepared.

"Jess, I want you to open the glove compartment."

She did and her jaw dropped at what she saw: It was an arsenal of sex toys. He was like a hitman, but his job was sexual pleasure instead of murder, at least from what she could see so far.

She saw two replica mesh dildos, one average one bi

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