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I felt sick and I walked towards the shower quite sure that it was all a trick played by Paul. I was sure that Jane would not show up. Roger, Paul and Tom were waiting in the shower room naked when finally she stepped in.

She was in a sleeveless dress and as she raised her arms to tie her long black hair her unshaven armpits became visible. I had a fetish for underarm hair but I have never seen a woman with so much jet-black hair in her bushy armpits. Roger let out a whistle as his swelling erection became hard. "Gosh Jane you have more hair in your armpits than the three of us put together; if Ted was here he would have gone crazy as he just loves hirsute women".

Ted was me also known as Edward the idiot, which anyone could have called me, as I had not known that the woman of my dreams had the furriest pits ever on a woman. The hair in her armpits were tumbling down and just looking at the thick lush carpet of hair made my 10 inches stand to erection.

She moved the straps of her summer dress over her shoulders and it glided down to the wet floor. She wore a bra and panty below. Slowly she moved her hands down her body, over her breasts and hips, down to her crotch. The thick crisp hair, which guarded her pussy, clearly showed from the sides of her panty. She was a real jungle baby. Then she unhooked her bra, took it off and threw it to Tom. Jane's nipples were hard already and she massaged her tits for a short time, before she finally stripped down her panty to show her big, dark black bush of pubic hair below.

She reached out and took some soap and started soaping her body. She raised her arms and started soaping her hairy armpits. The whiteness of her skin and the soap in the jungle of her jet-black bushy armpits was too much for e as I slipped down my shorts and started jerking my huge prick. She was soaping her body very slowly, massaging her fine breasts and touching her black pubic bush. Roger, Tom and Paul were mesmerized as much as I was watching with their mouths open and their cocks standing rock hard. The mixture of her sultriness and hirsuteness was too much for me as I jerked my cock vigorously

I heard Roger waving his cock and screaming, "Suck my cock, you fucking hairy whore." She licked her lips and dipped her head as she licked Roger's hard cock as Tom the football star and my best friend knelt behind her and crouched his huge frame over her tiny lithe body. She looked so sexy, sandwiched between these two studs. Jane greedily closed her lips over his thick hard cock and took him deep into her mouth as Roger pushed down on the back of her head. I felt torn as I so wanted to fuck but I also wanted to watch my sweet Jane used by three friends. I glanced down at Tom, as did Jane who I am sure realized that his cock was in proportion to the rest of him, huge and poised between Jane's hairy pussy lips. Paul in the meanwhile was stroking her huge breasts and feeling the thick growth in her unshaven pits.

Tom ran the tip of his rock solid cock across her wet bushy pussy and began to slowly thrust. For a moment she held her breath as a few inches slipped smoothly inside her body and then she gasped out loud as, with a rough thrust, he buried himself inside her hairy cunt. I saw Jane's eyes widen as Roger moved his cock back in front of her mouth, she licked her lips and wrapped her soft red lips around his monster cock. She glanced over to me and caught me pulling furiously at my cock as I looked at her being impaled by these three guys. I could see she was lost in the pleasure as she moaned, shut her eyes and cum again.

Jane gasped again as he slid into her wet channel up to the hilt. He eyes were tight shut as Tom began to fuck her with long frantic strokes. Paul kept feeling her massive breasts and her furry pits, as her bushy wet pussy took a vicious pounding. "Hhhhhh! I'm cumming, oh fuck!" She moaned as Roger withdrew his massive weapon from her mouth. "Come on baby, I want to fuck you doggie style now" Roger said getting onto the floor with her.

As Roger fuc

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