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Mrs. Patel is tricked into submitting to a phony exam.

When we next went back to the underwear or less afternoon in London, we were both in briefs. A guy was near to us, totally naked and totally smooth and shaved like us. There were a few others without any underwear on but they weren't our type at all. However, we moved closer to this guy, he moved closer to us and eventually I asked him if he wanted a drink. He accepted my offer and we bought him a pint and struck up conversation, mainly of the "do you come here often?" or "where else do you go?" chit chat.

When we had all finished our drink, he asked if we wanted to go for a walk. Now it's not the biggest of clubs and I think I had seen the half dozen others who were there as they passed us by and checked us out, without hope. I said to hang on and removed my own briefs before we set off, revealing my shaved, uncut cock in a semi erect state, held forward by my yellow cock ring. I reach 7 inches when rock hard and was on the way to 5 inches already, Dave is 5 inches when hard and he's cut so it's cute and doesn't hurt, plus he cums buckets. Great for anal as it doesn't hurt and he's got rythm so the ridge of his helmet really gives good vibes to any prostate.

Our friend was a big lad, not height or weight wise, in fact he was short and probably as slim as we are. He had a nice mop of hair of his head. He lead the way but it wasn't as if we didn't already know Our way round the 2 dark and dingy arches and the curtained off area opposite the bar already.

He found us a corner which was empty and stopped. He turned around and grinned at us both. Dave was first to make a move, grabbing his not yet solid but swollen tool and squeezing it as I moved in to take some of his tongue in my mouth. To be honest, he took my tongue and then I took his and we passed back and forth in a very short period of time the build up of our beer tinged saliva. If you've ever been to such a party, you'll know there isn't a great deal of choice about where to carry your money or your lube and poppers. Some guys where little arm or wrist bands or pouches, our friend had some lube sachets tucked in his sock and we did too as well as a bottle of poppers. I reached down and put them on the shelf on the wall next to us, shoulder height.

Dave opened the bottle of poppers, ready for use and our friend took a sachet of lube, opened it and applied the lot to his own arsehole. Guess we knew what he wanted... Dave moved in behind him playing first with his butt cheeks, very nicely proportioned and quite soft, hopefully like the hole that was hidden between them. I got to my knees and put his still semi erect cock in my mouth. Dave positioned his cock horizontally, running the shaft against the hole and between the top of the guys legs, stopping when his knob head came up against the back of the guys cockring which was wrapped around his cock and scrotum.

Dave reached for the poppers, took a sniff and the 3 of us played pass the parcel as I sucked. Once my hands were free, I took over squeezing his peaches as Dave pawed his tits. I parted him as Dave rocked his hips slowly, backwards and forwards until his helmet was just at the entrance to our friends slippery hole.

I knew from experience Dave would enter him about an inch and rest there for a moment so his ass and mind would adjust to what was inside and what was coming, it considerately allows the passive to take things at their own pace. I continued with the dick in my mouth, tonguing the helmet and running my forefinger slowly and lightly down his stomach and the sides of his round and solid bollocks. Then I felt it, just like I had that time in Paris, and I understood why he hadn't got fully hard. A warm jet of his piss filled my mouth, a welcome gift of second hand beer on tap. And what a magnificent tap!

After he paused, he pushed his arse back a couple of inches on Dave's cock and then the two of them together moved to where he had been previously, filling my mouth again with his cock.

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