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Sal has been cursed & turned into a woman... but by whom?

What the hell, he was the one that did the laundry anyway! He showered quickly and went downstairs to get something to eat, still nude, knowing the kids wouldn't be home for awhile yet and enjoying the freedom. Just as he was passing through the living room to the kitchen, the phone rang.

"Hi sexy," the woman's voice on the other end purred as he answered it.

"Well hello yourself, gorgeous," he grinned and his hand went immediately to his cock. Nothing like a little phone sex to while away the rest of the afternoon! "You'll never guess what happened last night," he teased her.

"Oh? Do tell!" Joan squirmed in her seat, her clit already throbbing in anticipation, the door to her office locked and a hand lightly teasing her nipples through her thin blouse.

She had woken up extremely horny this morning and had dressed specifically for a little self-pleasuring at the office. At 38, she was still a good-looking woman, her body never having been stretched out of shape by kids. The lace bra she wore under her silk blouse was more for show than any support, her long, pink nipples easily observed through it. Her skirt was loose and went to the middle of her shapely thighs. Panties were a rarity with her, so her freshly shaved pussy was easily accessible.

"Karen caught me jerking off," John tried to keep the excitement out of his voice, wondering just how much he should tell her.

"What???" Joan's clit pulsed wildly and she felt herself get immediately wet at the thought. "She caught you? What did you do?"

"Do? Well, nothing, really," John replied. "I wasn't sure what to do but then she told me she wanted to watch, that I should keep going."

"Oh my god! That is so hot, John!" Joan whispered, her fingers pinching her nipples as she squeezed her legs together under her desk, smearing hot cunt juice against her thighs. She couldn't believe how hot this was making her! Her vivid imagination was already starting to picture her cyber-lover on his bed, jerking off with his daughter watching. "What happened, lover?"

John's cock was rising once again as he remembered the details of the previous evening and he sat down on the sofa, slowly stroking his hardening member. "I kept jerking off until I came while Karen watched me. Does that get you hot, Joan? Knowing my little girl watched her daddy jerk off?" He already knew it did. He could hear the change in her breathing through the earpiece of the phone. His cock was rampant now and he gave the head a squeeze, milking out a drop of precum as he continued to tease the woman, "Does it make you all hot and wet imagining it? "

"Oh yes, baby!" Joan whimpered, squirming in her chair, a hand up her skirt now, stroking the inside of her thighs, then cupping her dripping cunt and squeezing it, knowing it was way to early to touch her aching clit, ignoring its demands to do so. "It's got me so hot, I'm going to make myself cum right here in my office. What are you doing, sweetheart?"

John gave a soft groan and pumped his cock quickly a few times, then went back to slowly stroking as he imagined her sitting in her office with her legs spread and her fingers buried in her cunt. It was the risk of getting caught that aroused him so much. He lowered his voice to a growl, "I'm sitting here naked, stroking my cock slowly, wishing you were here to suck it...Hang on, it sounds like someone's home."

Joan moaned softly as her fingers parted the wet folds of her pussy, amazed at how wet she was, a fingertip circling and teasing the tight entrance of her cunt. She listened intently, hoping nothing was going to interrupt their session, she needed to cum so badly. She could hear John's voice calling to someone, and then he was talking to her again.

"I'm back, baby. It's Karen, she's home now."

"Oh," Joan tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice, "I guess we'll have to finish this later?"

"No, baby, she's right here...standing in front of me," John replied

"She - she's there? Now?" Joan stuttered, her clit

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