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Judy starts to make her Psychiatrist sweat.

Steve noticed that she wasn't going to put on anything over her thong apparently. Steve then realized that his erection was back, and stronger than ever. He tried to push it down as best he could as he walked out of the bathroom, doing his best to look casual.

Amy flashed a smile at Steve as he walked by, noticing the weird look on his face. For one, he was flushed and it was quite chilly in the room. Amy searched her bag for her toothbrush as Steve began changing into a pair of shorts.

"Damnit, I can't find my toothbrush. I think I forgot it. Can I borrow yours?" she asked finally, giving up.

"Um yeah, it's next to the sink," Steve said, turning slightly to point at the bathroom. When he did, Amy thought she saw what would have to be a hard-on through his shorts. But he turned away before Amy could tell, so she went into the bathroom.

It then dawned on her that Steve had probably seen her changing. She smiled to herself in the mirror as she brushed. It was nice to know she could have that kind of effect on him. It hadn't been intentional, but she had never hid herself from Steve. But this was the first time he'd gotten excited about it. That she knew about anyway.

Amy found herself wondering how big he was. They knew slightly more than the basics of each other's sex lives, but they never got into too much detail. But from what Amy had heard, Steve was a pretty good size. Definitely not small she decided. For some reason, she found herself smiling again.

As she was finishing up, she started wondering what it would like to have sex with Steve. She'd wondered before, but in an abstract way, like how it would affect their friendship. Now she imagined what it would feel like, if he was a good lover. Again, Steve had a good reputation.

For a moment, Amy thought it was the booze, but she could barely feel it anymore. Steve was after all quite attractive, so it wasn't very surprising Amy was thinking about it. In fact, everyone told her she was crazy for not finding out for real, long before this. But the timing had always gotten in the way.

She stole a quick peak into the room, seeing Steve just settling into bed after changing. He was taller than Amy, which she liked, at about 6'2". Steve had always been athletic like her, which she liked, and his toned body showed the years of hard work. He wasn't about to be working in Chip'n'Dales, but there had never been a shortage of women to stare at his body. The only reason he had relatively few girlfriends was that he was shy around women, which Amy found incredibly sweet.

She set the brush down next to the sink, still thinking about Steve as she turned out the lights and climbed into bed. Steve still looked awake, and Amy sure wasn't ready for sleep anymore. Her body was starting to tingle with an excitement she had never felt with Steve before this.

Steve tried vainly to think of anything except the woman lying next to him. Amy had always been attractive, but as a full-blown woman, there were none sexier. Tonight was only confirming that. When she had walked to bed, Steve had gotten a perfect look at her hard nipples poking through her thin tank. He had thought he could even see her areolas, but had been afraid to stare too long. None of this was helping his erection subside, although he was managing.

"It's kind of chilly in here, don't you think?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, Kurt said that the window was broken. Why, you cold?"

"Only a little, but my nipples sure seem to be," Amy teased, watching Steve for a reaction.

He smiled, blushing only a little before responding, "Yeah, I saw that."

Amy rolled over onto her side, her back to Steve. She needed a moment to think. She found herself suddenly, and incredibly, attracted to Steve. If she made a move, she had to think of something. And she was sure Steve wouldn't, as she had made it clear before they were just friends. Remembering his hard-on, Amy was sure he would go for it if she started something.

She reached behind her and groped for Steve's arm.

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