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Kym is forced to feed the beast.

She took off her bra and thong, applied some lubricant and tucked a condom into the top of her suspender.

"Would you like a massage first?" She asked.

"No thanks," He replied. I'd rather just get on with it."

Carly was fine with this. She just wanted to get this out of the way.

She lay the man on his back on the bed and began to stroke his cock. He was soon getting hard. She gently licked up the length of his shaft before putting the end in his mouth. The man was clearly enjoying this and let out a moan. She took his full 5 inches into her mouth while he played with her tits. She then slipped the condom on to get ready to fuck him.

"Tell me when you're ready to fuck me." She told him.

"I'm ready now." He said.

Carly got straddled him, always remaining in charge. He easily entered her, Carly was actually quite enjoying it. She had always loved the feel of a man inside her and this was no different.

She gradually built up her rhythm and after a couple of minutes the man let out a louder moan and came. That was it, job done. It had taken no more than 10 minutes from start to finish. She was now officially a prostitute she thought. Strangely she felt kind of proud, not dirty or used as she thought she might. It was her who had remained in charge. She put her Knickers and Bra back on and saw the man out once he was dressed.

"That was easy!" Carly said to Sharon.

"Told you it would be!" She replied. "Good news, there's another client waiting in the 2nd bedroom!"

Carly didn't hesitate this time, straight in and on with business. The routine was exactly the same, very business like and really was easy money. Within the first couple of hours, she had seen 4 clients. She had already paid her fee to the house and was well in credit. She was pleased with herself.

Sharon had asked her before what services she would or wouldn't provide. She had agreed to Oral without a condom but had declined Anal for the moment. She had also asked whether Carly would do a lesbian show . Carly had never been with another woman but had agreed to this as Sharon said it was a good earner. She had also discussed taking multiple men or couples. This was usually arranged by appointment and checked out by Sharon before arranging. Carly agreed to do this too, again the money was too good to turn down.

After a quiet couple of hours another man was ushered in. Carly did the usual routine and introduced herself. The man asked to book her for an hour, this was the first time anyone had wanted more than a quick personal. She took the __100 charged and returned to the man.

This time she started to relax a bit, he was clearly in no hurry and wanted to take his time and enjoy himself. Carly gave him a massage before turning him over and performing her usual routine of stroking his cock till it was erect. She slowly took his 6 inches in her mouth and gave him the sort of slow blowjob that Steve loved so much.

"Can I go down on you?" Asked the man after a couple of minutes.

"No problem." Replied Carly. "We Can have a 69 if you want."

The man smiled and nodded his approval. Carly got into position and lowered herself over the man's face. She could feel herself beginning to get wet naturally for the first time. She got back to work on sucking cock while the man started to slowly lick her slit. She couldn't help letting out a genuine moan of pleasure. He held her lips open and began to probe deeper before starting to concentrate on her clit.

"Let me know when you're going to come," Carly said. "I don't want it in my mouth."

The man continued licking Carly, she could actually feel her orgasm beginning to build. She started to build up speed now as she sucked, wanking his cock while she did this.

"I'm going to come." Cried the man.

Carly took his cock out of her mouth and continued wanking him until she felt the first warm spurt of come land on her neck followed by her tits. More went over the mans stomach as he laid back in pure joy.

"Was that ok?" Carly said as she wiped herself down.

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