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He got her, but that wasn't all.

I feel the toe of one boot against the side me my body and then see you lifting the other to my mouth.

"Lick it clean bitch." You push the pointed toe into my mouth making me gag slightly from the force. I lick and suck the toe of your boot and then you pull it from my mouth and position the heel for me to clean. I suck the thin heel into the back of my throat making sure to clean it well to please you. You pull the heel with force from my mouth and stand over me. Your legs standing apart over me face, I cannot see more than a few inches up your skirt until you pull it aside to show the 8" thick strap-on cock dangling between your legs. I feel my cock twitch at the sight of this and I then notice you are not wearing any panties either. You crouch over my face, balancing yourself against the arm of the chair.

"Open your mouth slut, your mistress needs to sort herself."

I open wide not sure when to expect until I feel and see the warm tangy piss streaming from your cunt. It soon sprays hard over me covering my face, filling my mouth making me gag. The stream continues for what feels like hours until it slows and the last few drips fall on my soaked face and chest. I can feel myself gagging on the load of piss sitting in my mouth.

"Don't you dare spit it out. Swallow it!" I shake my head, enraged by my defiance you grab my hair and hold my nose. I can feel the need to breathe becoming more urgent. I swallow hard and fast to clear my mouth of your strong-tasting fluids until I take the first gasp of air. "Good boy. Now open wide again." Shakily I open my mouth and feel you pushing the first inch of the cock into my mouth, moving slow in and out until you slide deeper and deeper until its hitting the back of my mouth.

You stand and look down at me, "Get to your knees." I pull my strength together and kneel once again in front of you.

"Suck my cock, I want to see all of it disappear." I take the thick cock between my hand and start to slowly suck it, taking inch by inch into my mouth until I can feel my throat closing. "More bitch, I can still see at least 3 inches of it." You grab my head and start to fuck my mouth easing more inside me, I gag hard covering the fake cock in my thick saliva. Your grip tightens on my head and you push hard taking the cock right the way into my mouth and down my throat. You stop and release my head. I start to move trying to let it slide back up my throat.

"Don't fucking move until I tell you to." I can feel the gag reflex returning and I start to choke. You stand there gently rocking the toy in and out of my throat smiling all the time at my discomfort. I choke hard and can feel the blackness of unconsciousness coming over my body until I fall backwards and blackout.

I wake moments later to find you suckling on my cock, I raise my dazed head and you smile


"Welcome back bitch, you lasted longer than I thought you would. You still need more training with sucking cock I see. But it looks like your lil cock enjoyed your mistreatment." You grip it hard and I look down to see my cock harder than I have ever seen it, the tip a deep dark purple from your sucking. And then suddenly you bite down hard. I scream in pain and you start to release your bite and such hard. The sensations are too much to take and my cock pulses hard and my spunk squirts hard into your mouth.

You slap me hard across the face, "You fucking bitch, I never gave you permission to cum."

Anger spreads across my face and I suddenly grasp you by the throat and turn the tables and I slam you to the ground.

"No, you didn't give me permission, but now it's my turn to show you a few things." My hand moves down over you corset encased breasts and I move the fake cock aside and I grab your throbbing huge clit. You gasp hard and I squeeze sending waves of pain and pleasure through your body.

I release the clit and with no warning my fingers enter your cunt.

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