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So not quite naked, but extremely daring. We stared silently at my wife's nearly bare pussy and watched her incarcerated labia plump up. She shifted her little ass closer to the edge of the sofa, spread her legs into a near split and showed us the special triangles that touched her lips. Ken's cock surged. One upped, Karen rubbed and squeezed it silently.

Sue looked unwaveringly into Ken's eyes and mimicked his demand, "More! I want to see more." Karen unzipped him, opened the fastener and wrestled his slacks and boxers to the floor. His stiff, uncut, shaft lurched out and he thrust it up for more effect. As if her quirky smile weren't enough to reveal her delight, Sue slowly licked her lips and Ken's knees and thickly veined cock shuddered. Karen gripped it, aimed it at Sue as she slowly stroked it and demanded, "More! I want to see more."

After taking a moment to decide what Karen demanded to see, Sue stood, unhooked her skirt and stepped out of it. I wasn't surprised by the beautiful view, but our new friends might be. Sue turned to pull me up and revealed that her panties were a tiny G-string, nearly invisible from the back. So as she fumbled with my slacks, she knowingly showed them 99% of her very cute and shapely ass. When she pushed my slacks down, she bent straight-legged to give them a perfect view of the tiny scrap that nearly hid her pussy. I knew that her fattened lips spilled over the edges. My confirmation was the way Ken's cock surged and Karen's tongue lapped at her lips. She turned to face them and flared at my boxers and the bulge that threatened to escape. "MORE!" said Karen.

"OK," said Sue, "But first, you remove your skirt and turn around. When you give us the same view I gave you, I'll show you more." Karen agreed, tossed her skirt aside and took a hit before turning and bending for us. Her limp halter swung along with her lusty tits and my cock surged. "Spread them sweetie, legs and ass. Very nice, but wasn't my G-string inside my pussy? Pull yours up tight and inside like that." No one bothered to correct her.

Feigning being beyond caring, Karen pulled the panties into a slim strand that went deep into her raphe and showed much more pussy than Sue had. Sue reached out and pat Karen's shapely ass; ran her fingers down her rear crack then along and into Karen's vulva. She followed Karen's swinging ass side to side and pushed a finger into her. Karen moaned and squeezed on the daring finger. "Ohhh, I didn't think we were going that far. But, that's, yes, that's it."

As Sue withdrew and sucked the finger, she added, "We'll see. But I agree, until we compare our blood panels, we can't exchange fluids-beyond what I did." She turned and shifted my boxers until my cock exploded out the central vent. Karen clapped and smiled at my thick rod. "OK, Karen. It's time to see what you offered the waiter. Send your top to rest with your skirt." Pulling her top up and over her head set her big, full tits swinging chaotically and I imagined them swinging like that in my face as she speared herself on my yearning cock.

That's when I noticed that Ken had stepped out of his slacks and was using his phone cam to record everything. He caught his wife removing her halter and her big, swaying tits escaping into the light. He answered my unasked, yet hanging question, "Yes, I've been recording ever since Sue turned her back to us and showed us her pussy. Your turn, Sue. MORE! I want your tits out too."

She took a deep drag on the joint and quickly whipped her blouse over her head. Her nude and seamless bra did nothing to hide her hard nipples and the pebbles around them-except to hide their color. "Just a second, Sue, let me zoom in on your lusty nips before you strip off the bra." He zoomed in, then back to include her face, then zoomed in on the sheer panties and nodded ok.

Looking at the anticipation in both their faces, Sue smiled with pride and quickly unsnapped her bra, but let it slide off slowly.

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