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Wife left her purse open? No, don't go there, just don't.


"Maybe Sarah and Lisa? Brandi had a shotgun wedding about three weeks ago, that baby should be here in about 5 months."

"No shit?"

"Yeah, and believe it or not, the daddy is Luke Pierce."

"Wow, who would thought the captain of the cheerleaders would get knocked up by the captain of the chess team."

"I know, but apparently they had been at it for a few years."

"Wonders never cease," commented John. "So, Lisa and Sarah it is."

Charlie just smiled and grabbed his cell phone. A few calls later and it was all set up.

"Well, I'm gonna take my shit upstairs. No need to unpack I guess, since I'll be gone in a week. I'm spending the summer in France, studying business. That's what they think anyway, I'll be spending every day I can on the Riviera." "Well, keep me in mind, back here in little old St Louis," Charlie said with a laugh as John headed upstairs. Charlie walked in the kitchen, looking for Kathy.

"Hey, babe," he said.


"He's upstairs, I'm being careful."

John called from the top of the steps, "Hey, I'm gonna take a shower. I'll be down in twenty."

"Take your time," Kathy yelled back as she grinned at Charlie.

The shower came on upstairs and Charlie stepped behind Kathy. He reached around her and slid a hand inside her robe, running his fingertips around her nipple. Kathy sighed as she once again enjoyed his touch.

"Make it quick soldier," she commented as she leaned forward against the counter. Charlie wasted no time and lifted her robe up above her hips. She spread her legs a little, allowing him a gratuitous view of her moist pussy. He pulled his running shorts down a little and freed his cock. She moaned quietly as he rubbed his meat along her slit, building up the tension. Sensing the time was right, Charlie leaned into her.

"Fuck yeah," he said.

"Charlie, does it turn you on to fuck me while John is upstairs?"

"Just fucking you turns me on!"

"The possibility of getting caught is making me wet. Hurry up and fill my pussy!"

"As you wish," he replied with a flurry of thrusts that made her grip the countertop to balance herself. He massaged her breasts through the robe as he invaded her. Almost as if it were planned that way, he erupted inside of her just as the shower cut off upstairs.

Kathy moaned loudly as she enjoyed the hot burst of fluid inside her. Charlie gave her one extra thrust for good measure and then let her robe drop back down as he stepped away. His penis still rigid as it pointed at its desired target.

Kathy turned to Charlie and smiled. She felt a little bit of his semen running back down her leg, but simply didn't care. They embraced and kissed with desire and abandon. She reached down and gave his cock and good squeeze, causing him to sigh with pleasure.

"It smells like sex in here," commented Charlie.

Kathy smiled and grabbed some sausage out of the fridge, tossing it into a frying pan. Moments later, the smell of a late breakfast filled the air.

Charlie grabbed a glass of juice and sat down at the table while his erection subsided out of sight. John didn't smell the sex, only breakfast.

"Smells good, mom!"

"Thanks, hon."

"So, did Charlie tell you all our big plans for today?"

"Oh, I filled her in," replied Charlie, trying not to laugh. Kathy shot him a look of shock and then quickly turned back to the counter, attempting to hide her embarrassment. "Mini-golf, dinner, and maybe catch a flick... right John?"

"Nailed it," he answered.

"Indeed I did," Charlie said with a grin as Kathy nearly choked. "You alright over there?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Here boys, have your breakfast, I'm gonna go upstairs and get changed."

"Thanks mom, we'll be outta here in no time."

Kathy just grinned and gave Charlie a wink as John focused on his food. Charlie started in on his food, but never took his eye off Kathy's ass as she walked away.

"Simply amazing," Charlie accidentally said out loud.

"Yeah, she always has been pretty good at making breakfast."

"Right," replied Charlie as he started eating.

John and Charlie went out on the town, vis

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