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I continued to play with her breasts while she attacked my cock. Sucking, licking, swirling her tongue around the head, she has always approached blow jobs with enthusiasm, but this night she was aggressive but at the same time gentle. She was clearly enjoying both giving and receiving pleasure.

From my position I could watch her work on my dick, I had easy access to her sensitive breasts, and I had a great view of my friend as he worked on her pussy with the same focus and attention that my wife was using on my dick. I told him that she was more of a g-spot girl than a clit girl and that he should work on the "hook" motion, which he began doing immediately. He was rewarded by her squirming and raising her hips off the bed to provide him even better access. After a while I pulled my dick out of her mouth and told her that I thought my friend needed some attention. She gave me a big smile and then began shifting around so she could get at him.

She undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. Without a moment of hesitation she leaned down and took his cock into her mouth and began giving him the same passionate attention that she had been giving to me. I stuck three fingers into her pussy and began working her g-spot using techniques I had mastered over the past twenty years. The two of them were moaning and groaning and the sounds of squishing and slurping were amazing.

My friend has a larger cock than I do, not that I am small or he is huge, but he is definitely longer and thicker than I am. It's a proportion thing as he is about 6'4" tall, while I am 6' even. He is also probably 65 lbs heavier than me too. None of this was news to us. We had all seen each other naked many times in the past, skinny dipping, playing truth or dare, strip poker, strip pool one time. This wasn't even the first time that my wife had his dick in her mouth. It had happened as the result of a dare, or a lost bet on a few occasions, but those times it was much more of a 30 second suck or a quick kiss. Once after a party she had sucked him for a couple minutes and tried to get him off with a hand-job, but he had never cum.

Tonight was different, it was clear that she was not doing a quick dare, she was sucking him as aggressively and lovingly as she had just been doing to me, and she seemed utterly intent on making him cum. I didn't know how I would feel about seeing her truly engaging sexually with another man. It was weird, we had done a lot of fooling around before, but it was more exhibitionism, or forfeiture penalties, or dares. It was always sexually-charged, but is wasn't specifically sexual. This was very different. And I found that I was more cool about it than I thought I was going to be. Ok, back to the action.

So my wife has been blowing my friend for a long time, and I have managed to swing her around so I can fuck her at the same time and we are all totally going at it. And I am having one of those great nights where it feels unbelievably amazing and yet I still feel like I can hold out as long as I want to. We probably did this position for 7-8 minutes at least, and she had been blowing him for five minutes before that.

All of a sudden, my wife sits up with an alarmed look on her face. She half burps, and then almost heaves. She jumps out of bed and runs into the bathroom, where I could hear her throwing up. I bring her a couple towels and make sure she's ok. She says she's fine and she'll be out in a couple minutes.

I told my friend that my wife was ok, but had thrown up.

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