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He loves his mother's best friend, and then his mother too.

Seconds later Sara felt the first blow as his alligator skin belt connected with her firm young buttock and cried out as it stung her tender flesh. Again and again Mr. Crudele delivered Sara's chastisement in the form of one and a half inches searing her soft skin and leaving red welts wherever it kissed. In truth Mr. Crudele was being very careful. He knew if he used anything close to his full strength it would be far too much so he was just flicking his wrist to deliver each blow. He also slowed down the pace and between blows he would move his hand from his cock and rub the raw, tender skin of Sara.

After the initial pain and shock wore off Sara was horrified to find that she was thinking about and comparing herself to one of the heroines of a favorite erotic story of hers. In it a headstrong young woman was whipped by her domineering guardian. The worst thing was that her little pussy was dripping again and she felt the fluid going down her leg in a tiny rivulet.

Mr. Crudele also noticed Sara's arousal and a large grin spread over his face. He ran his hand up the length of his erection, stroking himself. He hadn't delivered a blow for a minute and Sara wondered if her punishment was complete when she felt one of his large fingers rub along the slit of her juicy peach. It ran the length of her lips and then forced its tip into her opening. Sara almost jumped out of her sneakers when his finger started to penetrate her.

"W-w-what are you doing Mr. Crudele?" Sara gasped.

"I think you can feel what I'm doing Sara," he said as his thick digit burrowed deeper into her tight channel. This caused Sara to moan while she also unconsciously spread her legs wider giving him greater access to her honey pot.

Mrs. Crudele craned her neck to better see what her husband was doing to the young babysitter. She felt very horny herself and wanted to join in. Mrs. Crudele brought Sara's wrists together and now held them down with one hand. That freed her other hand to work its way down the back of the babysitter's shirt and unfasten Sara's bra. Mrs. Crudele was now able to reach under and cup the younger woman's breast.

"How is she John?" his wife asked.

"Her cunt is positively soaked my dear. Here taste for yourself," he answered.

Mr. Crudele removed his finger and presented it to his wife. She opened her lips and sucked on the digit.

"Hmmm, you're right and so tasty. Teenage cunt is always so fresh," she said with a throaty laugh.

"Mary while you're in an oral mood I have something that needs attention desperately," he said while reinserting his finger back into Sara and twisting it in a circular motion. "I'm sure you can release Sara, I don't think she wishes to go anywhere."

Mrs. Crudele tilted Sara's face up so their eyes met. "Behave," was all she said before releasing her wrists.

Sara rubbed her wrists as Mrs. Crudele moved into position. She unbuttoned his trousers and eased them and his boxers down his legs to the floor. He stepped out of his clothing and his wife neatly folded his pants and put them on the couch.

Mrs. Crudele then crouched in front of her husband and took his beefy cock in her hand. Her tongue flicked out and licked up the clear, sticky liquid oozing from his hole before she opened her mouth wide and took his head into her mouth. Her tongue ran along the underside of his cock bringing forth an appreciative grunt from him. She started taking him deeper into her hot mouth, until his head collided with the back of her mouth.

"That's it my dear, suck my cock. Get it all nice and wet for me," Mr. Crudele said.

His thick finger was working her hole good and fast, jamming it in and out while also spinning it round.

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