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conversation was there?

'I'm just going off for a while. I'll see you in a bit.' That throwaway comment was to come back and haunt the pair of us!


Trouble was, I was deep into the latest Tom Clancy novel I was reading and was desperate to find out how the new president of the USA was going to get out of his latest predicament. June wandered off and other than admiring her nice rounded tight bum as she walked away; I went back to my book.

It could have been ten minutes, but I suspect it was more. I got to the end of a really exciting chapter and at last put the book down.

Now where had June got to?

I sat up and looked around me, eventually searching the water's edge to see if I could see her.

No single women on their own, but perhaps she was in the water.

Standing up, I looked up and down the water's edge trying to spot her. I wasn't worried or anything --- Didn't think she had drowned or anything silly like that.

Then I spotted a flash of blue, just the same hue as her Bikini bottom.

Down there by the water's edge.

Down there between those two guys!

Two guys???

Oh no!

Oh for Christ's sake no!

The two guys in question were wearing little Speedo trunks and looked uncomfortably familiar.

It was those two Frenchy's again. Big-cock and his pal, and June was prancing around between them, her bare breasts shaking as she disported herself before them, displaying her near naked body to them unashamedly.

I sucked in my breath as I watched one of them reach out and grabbed her, his arm snaking round her slim little waist, as he pulled her in close to him.

She offered no obvious resistance, and I felt sick, as even at that distance I saw her bare breast squash up against his bare chest, and God knows what was pressing up against her bare tummy.

It got worse as I watched him bend down and I quite clearly saw their lips meet, only briefly, very briefly, but the damage was done.

I started off in their direction, halting as it dawned on me that our belongings were strewn all over our towels, our camera, June's purse ---- All of it.

Darting back, I hurriedly packed everything away in one of our bags, hiding our valuables away from prying eyes.

I'll never know, but it was perhaps a bad mistake. But I'll never know.

By the time I leapt back up to my feet and took several steps down in their direction, I ground to a halt.

Where were they?

June and the two Froggies --- Where the hell had they gone?

The spot on the beach where they had been stood just a few moments earlier was empty ---- Nobody!

I scanned along the beach, wasting my time, as no way would they have had time to get that far.

So where were they ----- I felt panic setting in. There was a knot in my insides and my pulse rate shot up.

Eventually I spotted three heads out in the water, some twenty feet or so away from the shore.

Was it her?

Was it them?

I had no damn idea, but I sprinted down to the water's edge and looked out to try to see what they were up to.

By then they had reached the square diving pontoon that was moored some hundred yards out in the bay, and I watched them in disbelief as one by one they pulled themselves up onto to it.

A hundred yards ----- A fucking hundred yards!

June was a good swimmer, but quite simply I wasn't. Ok, I could manage a length of the swimming baths, maybe two on a good day, but swimming was something that I'd never really taken to.

A hundred yards?

It could just as well have been ten miles, as I had no chance of swimming out that far, and I still had enough sense to not risk drowning.

I simply stood there frustrated, fuming with anger as I watched the three of them playing around on the pontoon, laughing and joking as they tried to push one another off.

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