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Elunara’s entire visit to Darnassus

"Could everyone remove your masks so I can see your faces?" I asked. They all slowly complied except for Jeena who was still bound on the table. 'What the fuck?' my brain wondered about their reactions to me.

Dana exclaimed, "I don't ..." They both closed their eyes. I watched as their shoulders sagged, then their bodies swayed as if they were dizzy. I felt another surge of confidence inside my head and tingling in my body.

When mom opened her eyes, her expression was slightly pained and befuddled. She shook her head as if to clear her thoughts. "Must be the wine," she declared, a smile returning to her face. She moved closer with her arms out as if to embrace me. I stepped back to discourage her. Even though she was my 'mom', I felt in no way connected to her, let alone wanting a hug from a strange, naked woman, her face still wet from sucking her nephew's cock.

She seemed confused again. "Baby, I'm your mother." All her declaration did was give me another boost of confidence. It was as if all my doubts had vanished. All the fears I had conjured up about meeting them were gone. The power dynamic I had envisioned had been flipped upside down.

"So I've been told," I blandly replied. My brain was spinning with the implications of what was transpiring. I also felt the need to let them all know I was truly informed on what was going on. "Aunt Dana," I said with a nod. "You might want to take care of John - he's limp." I shocked her back to reality. She glanced at her son who was indeed going soft. My arrival had put a massive damper on the party.

Next, I headed for the men. They hadn't moved except to take an occasional drink. Even though Knife - my dad - had scared the shit out of me in my dreams, he was now just an ordinary man. His huge cock that had seemed like a weapon, now resembled a freak of nature in my brain - it didn't even seem as large as it was before. His expression was one of confused curiosity as he watched me approach.

I stared hard into his dark eyes that had appeared evil before. "Roy ..." I wasn't going to call him dad. I may have come from his sperm, but he was in no way my dad. Turning to my uncle, I made a point of checking out his nice-sized erection before looking at his face with no expression. "Uncle Ray." I nodded.

He was the first besides mom to reply with a confused tone, "Hi, Sara."

Turning on my heels, I went to the table and looked at my cousin. "Jeena ... good luck with the breeding." She nodded at me but said nothing as I walked past and went to where Dana had gone back to sucking on her son's cock.

Obviously, something had drastically changed, since I only had a slight tingle inside me as I watched their sexual activity. I could sense a building hunger to copulate, but it was because of my own needs and not from an outside source.

"Good luck, John." His eyes grew large as he stared at me and weakly smiled. I scanned the room and couldn't believe how everything had come to a screeching halt since I had arrived. With the exception of Dana arousing John - which I had kind of told her to do - everyone was watching what I was doing. I was the center of attention. I could feel the power coursing through my veins like molten blood. What the hell had happened?

One final test. I walked to Rick and stripped my cloak off, tossing it to the floor. He was stroking his cock slowly until I took it from his hand and bent down to deep throat him. He groaned loudly, his head snapping back. I only sucked him a moment before standing again. Coming nose-to-nose with him, I commanded, "Fuck our mom - I want to watch."

It was like I had flipped a switch.

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