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Bethany's budding sex life becomes dangerous.

er and she came alive!

Bobby felt the stirrings of need reassert themselves in his body as he stroked Mrs. Parker's back. Her skin rippled as his hand slid over it.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Helen moaned into his chest, "That feels so nice!"

"Then I guess I'm doing it right," he said.

She pulled back and smiled at him. "I'm all sticky, I need to take a bath before we do anything else." She got off the bed and walked toward the bathroom.

Bobby lay on the bed, thinking about what Mrs. Parker looked like in the shower. The images that formed in his mind were quite erotic. He got up and, his erecting penis pointing in the direction he was going, headed to the bathroom. He could hear the shower and knew Helen hadn't heard him enter. Steam from the shower filled the bathroom, but through the frosted glass of the tub enclosure, he saw the vague shape of her body as she moved, washing herself.

He pushed the door open slowly and there she was, droplets of water, jewel-like, glistening on her skin. Her eyes were closed as she let the hot spray pelt down on her. She turned, opened her eyes, and jumped when she saw him.

"B...Bobby, you startled me," she said.

"I wondered if you needed help with your bath," Bobby said.

"Oh...I..." Helen hesitated for a second then she smiled. "Why not? Everything else we've done has been fun."

Bobby stepped into the steamy shower, took the washcloth from her hand, lathered it thoroughly, and began washing her. She giggled with delight as he ran the lathery cloth over her.

"Nobody's washed me since I was a little girl," Helen gurgled, "It feels wonderful!"

"You sure as heck aren't a little girl any more," Bobby told her.

Helen's giggles evolved into soft moans of delight when he began lathering her breasts. Her nipples grew rigid, sticking out through the foamy suds surrounding them. As delightful as washing her breasts was, there was more - much more - Bobby wanted to do. He slid the cloth over her belly and between her legs.

"Ohhhhh!!!" Helen cooed, parting her legs to make access easier for his hand.

Soon she was shaking and grabbing at Bobby's arms for support as he thoroughly lathered her vagina. She was breathing hard, her luscious chest rising and falling.

"If...if you...keep...keep doing that," she panted, "I'm going to come!"

"Isn't that what we're here for?" Bobby asked, persisting with the caresses that were driving his lovely companion wild.

"Mmmmmmm!!!!" Helen murmured. Her hips began to rock in reaction to his caressing hand.

The washcloth needed more lather, so Bobby re-soaped it. While he did, Helen started to slide her hands over her body. "Wash me more, Bobby!" she said, her voice sultry, "I want you to wash me more!"

An idea popped into Bobby's head. He let the soap squirt out of his hand. It fell to the floor of the tub, behind Mrs. Parker. "Darn," he said, "I dropped the soap."

"I'll get it." Helen turned and bent to pick up the soap. Her unthinking action served to present her marvelous wet, glistening ass to Bobby.

The young man quickly took his erect cock in his hand and slid it between Mrs. Parker's finely formed buttocks and into her lathery cavern.

"Ohhhh, Bobby!!!" Helen gasped, delightfully surprised by her nephew's action. "Bobby! What...are you doing? Oh, God!!! I don't care!!! That feels wonderful!!!"

While hot water pelted them, Bobby grasped her hips and began thrusting into her. She put her hands on the shower wall, braced herself, and shoved her bottom back at him.

"This is...Ohhhhh!!!...incredible!!!" Helen groaned, "I...I never thought about...Ohhhhh!!!...making love like this!! Don't stop!!! Oh, God, Bobby!!! Please don't stop!!!"

She didn't have to worry. There was no way Bobby could have stopped! Deep in his loins, an orgasm was building, tightening his insides like a spring waiting to uncoil in a burst of pleasure.


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