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It was a slow kiss with feeling. I had forgotten all about the movie we where making, all I was concerned with was this lovely feeling of being loved by two other women.

Candy said "I wana fuck!" Kim said "OK you first then me and then us" Candy and Kim moved around, I opened my eyes to watch them get in position. Kim left the cock in me as she moved around in back of me. Candy scooted in front of me, and grabbing the other end of the Fat long cock she brought it to herself and inserted the opposite end with the other head on it. I watched as she kept scooting closer and closer. I watched as the cock disappeared in to her and with the pressure of her moving to me, it pushed my end in deeper. She and I where both moving our hips in a fucking motion, as the rubber cock between us kept getting smaller and smaller. First there was 7" showing then 6, then 5 and then 3-4" I was fucking hard against it wanting my forward thrust to make Candy's end go deeper into her. It did, but it also pushed more into me at the same time.

I looked down as we inched closer and closer. Pretty soon I was not able to see any part of the rubber cock showing at all. Still we inched closer and both of us kept thrusting at each other. All of a sudden I felt her vagina right against my own. I felt her clit touching my clit. Her Vulva was touching my Vulva. Candy was leaning back as she kept grinding against me. Kim stayed behind me as she worked on my breast and nipples. I have no idea what we looked like to everyone there; I was fucking hard against Candy as she was doing the same to me. Since Kim was supporting me at my back I was able to reach for and touch Candy's breast. I kept gently touching her nipples the way I touch mine. This only excited her more, and in turn, it excited me.

We climaxed and when I came I felt my whole bottom pulse and grip the huge rubber cock inside of me. My vagina flexed and pulsed, my clit felt like electricity was running threw it, being sent from Candy's clit. The feeling was so great and so intense that we where not saying anything. Candy was grunting and moaning as she ground her self against me and I was doing the same in turn. Kim was holding me and softly saying in my ear. "Ride it honey, fuck it baby, come for mama, come for me baby, make her come, give it to her, harder, harder." Her words burnt into my brain as we fucked each other.

Candy and I both hit our climax together, we where screaming and heaving hard against each other. When we both pulled back at the same time I could see a good 5-7" of rubber cock showing as we pulled back. When I saw it, it was covered in juice, a creamy looking juice that was so slick it shined. Then as we would both shove back against each other, I watched as it disappeared completely out of sight. Even when we both climaxed we both kept fucking as if we where trying to make it last a little longer. As we finished we both just held ourselves hard against each other. I had Kim's soft hot voice in my ear and sweat running down my face, this was hot and I felt so wonderful. It was a very long time before Candy reached down and held on to the rubber cock.

In holding like she was it kept my half inside of me as she pulled back. Kim let go of me and I laid back onto the bed. Candy held the cock in place until Kim was able to get her legs fixed right and scooted forward taking in the wet part that was in Candy. Kim and I began moving like Candy and I did. It did not take as long to get the other end into her. I was holding myself up now using my hands behind me giving myself extra strength to push forward against Kim. This time it was a lot faster making the cock disappear from site.

Once we where touching each other I began to fuck.

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