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The CIA puts into action a final plan to stop Aguila Roja.

I lay their listening as Tammy continued.

"I felt so afraid because he is so huge and I thought he was going to hurt me at first but than I found out how gently he was. How such a big powerful man could be as gentle as a puppy with me and give me so much pleasure."

Tammy's finger was spreading her pussy lips open as she spoke to me.

"Jenny. Your going to have to experience yourself what I've experienced to know exactly what I mean. I really feel sorry for you right now because you're stuck between two sexes and I think you should consider going all the way."

I couldn't believe Tammy was saying this to me. It was if she knew what I was talking about with my doctor.

"Honey. I want you to be a happy person inside and want you to explore the idea of having the surgery. Don't worry. Jenny, if you want me to speak to your doctor with you than I will go."

It took me a lot of courage to be able to explain to Tammy that I had already spoken to the doctor about the change and she didn't have to go with me. That's when she started kissing my face in every corner and began crying.

Tammy's hands were all over my face and I could smell her pussy on her fingers' and it caused me to think about Mark for a moment.

"Has Mark given you any indication when he'll be home from Iraq?"

"Yes. Mark emailed me this morning that he had to stay another eight weeks before they relieved his company and he is hoping he can come back than!"

I boldly rubbed my hand on Tammy's mound trying to break the intense feelings I had about myself and tried to joke with her.

"I bet you can't wait until he gets back here, can you?"

"Jenny! Don't talk like that! Please!"

I could see it in her eyes that she was just acting innocently toward me and didn't want to hurt my feelings.

I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled Tammy closer and kissed her on the nose saying. "I understand how you feel. You don't have to worry about hurting my feelings. I've thought this out for a long time."

For all intense purposes, I was practically another woman laying beside Tammy and I felt that we could talk about everything. This was the closest that we had been in months again as we laid their talking about the procedures of that type of operation and all the risks involved.

We must have talked for a couple hours about things I discussed with my doctor. Before I even realized it, Tammy and I were laying right next to each other with our legs locked together and she was touching my breasts.

Tammy scooted down so she could touch my nipples with her tongue and gently begin licking tiny circles around them. It felt good having someone stimulate me like she was doing. We hadn't had any sex in months.

It wasn't that I didn't want it, it was just that I felt there wasn't any reason to because I couldn't satisfy my wife or should I say, my-soon to be ex-wife any longer.

She scooted herself around until she climbed above my face and before I knew it, we were doing a sixty-nine. Tammy was sucking me the best she could but it didn't matter because I couldn't obtain an erection.

Tammy's mouth felt good no matter if I could get hard. She worked on me as if she were licking a woman's clit. I worked my tongue into her pussy as she pushed herself down onto me. The vibrator was laying on the bed behind me so I picked it up and slowly played with it at the opening of her pussy.

She was rotating her hips so I turned on the tiny button making it vibrate. We kept this up until Tammy had an orgasm and she turned around and gave me a huge kiss on my lips. She put her mouth back down on my limp penis and continued sucking me.

She worked so hard on me that I finally was able to cum and shot a tiny load of sperm into her mouth. It felt so good having my wife perform this on me again. Once she finished, she lay back down along the side of me as we starred into each other's eyes.

I had something on my mind and decided to ask Tammy the question.

"Tammy. Do you feel like you just cheated on Mark by doing that to me?"

Tammy smiled at me and stroked the back of my head as she replied

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