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Pat talks with Ginny, and makes a big impression on Jake.

As orgasm after orgasm rushed through her now, her body could not cope with the vibrator in her ass that I had turned up to its fullest just before I pulled the big one out of her vagina and the fisting I was giving her pussy, with one more effort she sucked in as much oxygen and her now frail panting body could manage and screamed her last orgasm.

Then there was silence, I slowly and very gently removed my hand from her, pulled the vibrator out and undid the straps. I was used to carrying her now; we got to the bath just as Cassie had finished filling it, a smile on her face.

"She's not leaving here tomorrow; she won't be capable of walking for a day or two with what you have done to her, sounded like she enjoyed it anyway."

Cassie got into the bath and I handed Paula to her, I usually wash the girls down but I wanted Paula to wake in Cassie's arms, she had asked me if she could wash her down, she wanted to talk to her and it would be best if I wasn't around to be a distraction.


The water was warm and so pleasant, when I opened my eyes expecting to see Josh, it was Cassie who had hold of me, I held back a tear, even through all this he had not forgiven me for disobeying him. What possessed me to visit Mary I do not know, regret it? I had thought the answer was no, but now I had realized just how much I had hurt Josh.

Josh was my master as Mary was my sister, is it possible to love both so equally.

Cassie smiled and said, "welcome back, I have you and I advise you not to move your lower body if you can help it ok."

I nodded my head, "where is Josh?"

"I should imagine his burning your clothes; I got you fresh ones today. I can't see you having a use for them for a day or two, he will be back soon to take you to bed."

"I know I hurt him Cassie but I needed to see Mary."

"No sweet child you needed to listen to Beth and Josh, you disobeyed him, he can't forgive that know matter what torment he may have put your body though. I want to ask you something and I expect you to be brutally honest with your answer. Lie to me and I will know it, do you understand?"

I nodded my head, unsure of what to say, Cassie and I had talked before but I have never seen her like this, I was uncomfortable, but somehow I knew she needed to know something and in turn this I was almost sure about, would get back to Josh.

"Why are you Josh's slave?"

I didn't understand, she couldn't ask me that, she wasn't allowed to ask me that. I blushed I wanted to leave the bath but my lower body wouldn't move, when I made it move the agony sent me back to my original position, Cassie stared waiting for an answer. The frustration was too much now and I cried.

Cassie held me close as every memory and feeling surfaced in me, for awhile I lost my voice, all I could do was cry now, I could feel Cassie's hand on my head wiping away my hair from my face, every now and then she would kiss my head, I knew I had no choice now I was found out and soon Josh will find out.

So I confessed to the one woman I hoped I could trust with my secret, when I met Josh my heart told me he was the one, when I found out his lifestyle my body told me he was definitely the one. I love him like I know a slave shouldn't love there master, I was content to leave things as they were, one day Josh asked me why I wasn't married yet, I took the hint. We both know no one woman can live here with him and with his insomnia so I married Richard, don't get me wrong I love him dearly, but in my heart when I got Josh to dance at my wedding, he was the one I was having my first dance with.

I looked at Cassie now relieved and desperately afraid, "You're going to tell Josh now aren't you?"

There was a look in Cassie's eyes, a look I had never seen before it's hard to describe, like she had found something she had lost, I didn't understand.

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