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A beast stakes his claim of the son of a seduced man.

Amanda now had unbuttoned her blouse completely exposing the skin of her chest and the inner curves of her breasts.

Larry was still struggling with his pants as Amanda had her hands on her blouse about to open up her blouse when all of a sudden the door to Principal Johnson's office flew open.

Ms. Gilmore walked out of the office throwing her blonde sweaty messy hair back as she whipped off her mouth with the back of her hand.

Amanda quickly closed her blouse trying to button it back up before Ms. Gilmore noticed but it was too late.

Ms. Gilmore looked at Amanda and then saw Larry struggling with adjusting his belt. Ms. Gilmore smirked and then said to Amanda "Principal Johnson will see you now!"

Amanda got up and started walking into Principal Johnson's office when she looked behind her to see Ms. Gilmore talking to Larry. Amanda felt mortified that her hormones were causing her to get into trouble at school.

"Please Sit down Amanda!" Principal Johnson exclaimed as he looked over Amanda's sexy petite body in her schoolgirl uniform as she walked over and sat down in front of his desk.

Amanda looked at Principal Johnson and then at his desk that displayed pictures of his family.

Principal Johnson's desk also displayed her father's porno magazine and her mother's vibrator propped up in an erect manner front and center.

"Tell me young lady, what exactly did you think you were going to achieve today with this?" Principal Johnson said with conviction as he looked through her father's porno magazine.

"He-he, I don't know, maybe an orgasm?" Amanda said in a jokingly sheepish manner in order to break the tension.

"Oh, You think this is funny huh?" Principal Johnson said as he put the magazine facing Amanda as he started flipping through the graphic images.

"No, No, That's not what I meant!" said in defense as she looked down to see a picture of a close up of a pussy getting stretched to its limit by one huge black cock and another decently sized white cock in a double vaginal penetration.

"Then let me ask you something," Principal Johnson said with a pause as he then asked in a curious manner, "Did you get off?"

Amanda was perplexed as she displayed a furrowed brow and then asked in her innocent virgin curiosity "What do you mean, 'Did I get off?'"

"Did you have an orgasm?" Principal Johnson said as began to notice Amanda's dark erect nipples poking through the thin white material of her blouse.

Principal Johnson then looked down to see Amanda's hands traveling south as she began playing with herself.

"I think so, my body felt great and then I started shooting liquid out of my vagina all over the place" Amanda said as she was beginning to furiously finger herself underneath her skirt with her panties pushed aside while she continued looking at the images of blowjobs and other sexual acts.

Amanda then continued to say, "That's right about when Ms. Gilmore caught me." Amanda felt guilty as she realized what she had just said and the amount of trouble she has gotten into as she hung her head in guilt.

Principal Johnson was now standing in front of Amanda leaning on his desk, mostly to get a better looking of Amanda playing with herself but since he was there he thought he was in a position to console her.

"There, There, Amanda. It's alright, we all get this feelings, trust me." Principal Johnson said in a calming voice.

"I am going to have to punish you, you know that" Principal Johnson said with a pause as he continued to say "But I am going to reward you as well!"

"Reward me how?" Amanda asked with a puzzled look on her face as she looked up from the floor, past the crotch of Principal Johnson's pants that featured a growing bulge and then into his eyes.

Principal Johnson looked down into Amanda's beautiful brown eyes and stated, "By giving you another orgasm" as he unleashed his semi hard 9 inch cock from his pants.

Amanda was so surprised and inexperienced that she didn't know what to do as she stared at it eye level from where she was sitting.

"Well don't

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