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Crashed NASA heroine becomes sex slave.

After he was dressed, Deb walked Brandon downstairs, and gives him a little hug. She wanted him to know everything was alright, to make him feel okay. Brandon smiled, returning her embrace.

The second Brandon was out the door, Deb messaged Aaron. She has something she knows that he would like. Her blood is racing, wondering how Aaron will react when he gets home to his wife filled with another man's cum.


Arriving at home, Aaron raced inside and headed upstairs. He found Deb in their guest bedroom. Made sense, he supposed.

"So? What happened?" Aaron asked, heart thumping in his chest.

"It was... Kind of disappointing," replied Deb.

Aaron laughed a short laugh in disbelief. "First time in years you've gotten some strange, and it was just disappointing?"

"Well, you know all the right things to do," Deb said, clutching Aaron's hand. "I didn't even have an orgasm!"

Aaron shook his head. "Did Brandon at least have a good time?"

"It sure sounded like it," Deb answered. "Why don't you see for yourself?"

She peeled off her yoga pants and lay back, spreading herself out for Aaron to see the wet warmth between her legs. "Some of it leaked out, but there's plenty there to play with. You've always said this is something you've fantasized about."

Aaron got a clear look at his wife's pussy as she spread herself out for him. Her labia were enlarged from her arousal, and beneath her swollen clitoris peaking out between her lips, he saw Brandon's cum leaking out of her pussy. He felt a thrill course through his body, and reached out a hand to touch her private place. Her skin was slippery beneath his fingers, and the left-overs from Brandon made touching her doubly erotic. She was freshly fucked, and he wanted nothing more than to fill her with more cum.

Aaron wasted no time losing his clothes, and rejoined his wife on the bed. He reached down to caress her pussy, enjoying again the feeling of her freshly fucked.

Deb grabbed for his cock and was greeted with a solid steel rod. Aaron was highly aroused, and she was once again happy she'd set these events into motion.

Impatient to feel this new sensation and knowing perfectly well how worked up Deb had gotten, Aaron moved between Deb's legs and positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. With an easy thrust, Aaron filled her up, and nearly lost his breath at the sensation. She felt smooth as silk, and each move in and out of her was divine. He definitely could get used to this.

Aaron fucked his wife, spreading her legs to get full access to her. He stuffed himself deep inside her with each stroke. Deb sighed every time he filled her, and her breathing increased as her pussy swelled even more with her arousal.

Aaron couldn't hold off any longer. His orgasm overtook him, and he cried out as he shot a stream of cum deep within his wife. Her husband's orgasm trigger her own, and Deb came for what felt like forever as Aaron pumped her full of his hot load.

The two collapsed back onto the bed, exhausted from their coupling.

"Wow," Aaron breathed.

"Yeah," Deb agreed.

"That was pretty hot. Did you enjoy it?" Aaron asked.

"Uh, yeah! It felt amazing. And I loved watching you, it makes me hot when I can tell you're having a good time," Deb replied, pulling him closer to her.

"It was so sexy. It felt a little different with Brandon's... I mean, after you'd already done it."

"I know some of his stuff leaked out," Deb said apologetically.

"Next time I'll have to get home quicker, huh?" Aaron replied.

"Maybe we can work something out."


Tuesday night. With Aaron again out of the house, Deb prepared for Brandon's visit.

When she spotted Brandon's car pulling into the driveway, Deb texted Aaron. She wanted him waiting as soon as Brandon left so he could enjoy what Brandon had left behind.

As Brandon came in, he saw Deb waiting for him on the stairs. She beckoned for him to join her, and she turned and walked upstairs.

Brandon followed her into the guest bedroom, and found her seated at the edge of the bed, her eyes covered in heavy lids a

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