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Guy makes his move, and gets more than expected.

"Well, I'm not a computer," I responded with a chuckle.

"Can I read some?" she whispered conspiratorially.

"Uh, yeah. Sure," I said, totally surprised.

Suzanne looked about and then slid herself around the vinyl upholstery until she was sitting on my right and beside me. I pulled up a file of a prior story I had written that had received some positive feedback from a female audience and then turned the computer to face Suzanne.

I leaned on one elbow on my table as I sipped some more coffee while I studied Suzanne's face, not sure if I was going to see excitement or disgust. I watched as she used the cursor key to page down through the story, her eyes widening as she read more of my writings. Her cheeks began to flush a little and her tongue danced lightly along her full lips.

Then, to my pleasant surprise, Suzanne slid a little more towards me, closing the gap between us until our thighs met. As she continued to read, her left hand rested upon my thigh and squeezed at my muscles.

I took that as a sign and cautiously let my hand come to rest on the bare skin of her left thigh. Goosebumps grew beneath my gentle touch and she pressed her leg harder to mine as she increased the strength of her grip on my thigh briefly before drawing her hand away and placing it on top of mine.

Just when I thought that I had maybe gone too far with my touch, Suzanne gently directed my hand under her short skirt and up her leg as she parted her thighs until my fingertips came in contact with the moist heat of her sex radiating through the slightly damp crotch of her panties. Releasing my hand, she casually pulled the fabric to one side, exposing her wet snatch to my fingers. I let my fingertips wander through the soft fur of Suzanne's hot muff until I found her swollen clit, eliciting a deep intake of breath from her.

Suzanne responded by returning her hand to my thigh, then inching her grasp upwards until she found my own swelling member. She traced my fullness and the length of me pushing down into my pants leg with her fingers. A smile further brightened her face and her eyes widened as she gripped at the firmness of my manhood.

I started to massage Suzanne's swollen bud and I could feel her shiver against me. With her eyes never leaving the screen and seemingly no concern for any other patrons in the coffee shop, Suzanne rocked her hips slightly to my teasing touch. I let my fingers slide from her clit and down to her swollen labia and back again, drawling her slick juices up and about her tender flesh to highlight my massaging of her hot pussy.

Mere seconds later, Suzanne's breaths evolved to panting as they became clearly audible. She appeared to be straining to keep her eyes on the screen, working to focus on the words that had helped, along with my manipulations of her hot nether flesh, to bring her to this point. Her hand on my dick grabbed at me hard as she began to shake all over and her eyes squinted shut as she put a hand over her mouth as she stifled a squeal and her thighs clamped hard at my hand, trapping my fingers against her sensitive bud.

We remained like that for a moment until Suzanne seemed to return to earth. Catching her breath, her face still flushed, she looked around the restaurant to see if anyone had noticed the waitress having an orgasm in the back booth. When all seemed to be clear she realized that she was still gripping my erection through my jeans and looked at me in shock.

"Wow!" she sighed.

"Glad you liked the story," I said, carefully drawing my fingers from her dripping snatch and bringing them to my mouth. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head when I licked her sweet juices from my fingers.

"You need a new chapter!" Suzanne said, literally pushing me out of the booth as she looked around again.

Taking me by the hand she quickly pulled me to a doorway where I could hear the clanging of pans and utensils in the distance.

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