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Shades of Grey and Shattered Dreams converge.

I begin to stroke you faster and faster as my lips keep their tight seal. I continue to suck and caress and rub my tongue against your cock.

My moans vibrating my lips and throat as I take more and more in, my fingers continuing their speedy stroke. I can feel your cock throbbing against my tongue, it makes my moan louder against it, my hips rocking softly as I slip my own fingers along my thigh up under my skirt to barely rub against my own pussy, stroking over my clit through my lace panties. The harder you throb in my mouth, the faster my lips work over you. I start bobbing my head faster and faster, wanting to feel all the sticky cum in my mouth, wanting you to blow. I near cum feeling your fingers tighten in my hair, tugging me closer, so near. A startled gasp escapes my lips as you tug my head back, stopping me from continuing. Puzzled by that, knowing you were so close. But looking up at you and seeing that grin has me squirming where I kneel before you, not sure what you're planning.

Hauled quickly to my feet and pressed up against the cabin door, nipples rubbing against the rough wood, a murmured protest escapes the lips. I shift slightly as you press up against me. I glance over my shoulder, watching through half lidded eyes, curious as to what you've got planned. Your hands slid along over the ass, a quick smack, a soft moan.

I bite my bottom lip and lower my head as hips shift with another smack, then a rub to sooth the sting. The rain soaked clothing making things sting a tad more than normal. Couldn't help the subtle sway of the hips as your hands move upwards, briefly cupping the breasts. Fingers flicking over sensitive nipples. I lean into the door as your hands slowly make their way back down my body, still unsure of what you've planned, which adds to the thrill for me. Feeling your fingers upon my thighs I shift my legs apart, giving your fingers room to caress and touch as you see fit. Body already on fire from what I had been doing earlier. Lips still tingling from that pleasurable moments sucking on your hard cock, merely thinking about it causes a moan to escape the lips and the hips to press down against your hand as your fingers move over my lace clad pussy. My breathing changes as you begin to rub, adding more pressure after a few moments, yet any attempt to shimmy free of the annoying lace causes you to stop, which frustrates and excites more. I murmur how this is driving me nuts and how I can barely stand such sensual torture, no verbal response, just caressing and taunting fingers.

Feeling as if Im going to go insane your fingers trail back over my thighs and up to my hips. A protesting groan is uttered as those fingers slid around to my stomach, tapping gently just above the lace line of my panties. A lift of the hips to encourage touch seems ignored, with a sigh I go to straighten up, thinking play time is over. Which is wonderfully not the case as you press up against me and those fingers of yours slip beneath the lace, barely touch above the clit. Teasing the hood once with a single finger before brushing over the moist warm pussy lips.

A mere tease that causes the body to heat up and get far more sensitive. The legs shift apart slightly to allow further and lower explorations, as the back arches giving better access to the rest of the body. Still teasing touches and caress, all adding to things yet driving me insane, keeping my body on that very edge, denying release. I know it all adds to it but the frustration and the denial of release causes a pleading whimper to escape my lips. I let out a sigh of relief as that annoying lace is finally shimmied down the hips and pushed lower, leaving everything bare to your eyes. Not being able to resist I wiggle my ass some, which prompts a quick reprimanding smack. I hold my breath to avoid the moan that welled up with that smack. Trying not to give into my body's desire to insist upon relief.

I bite my bottom lip again, lightly dragging my teeth back and forth over it as your hands once more mere

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