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The companions enjoy room service, and then some...


"What the hell's this? You're telling Miss Geneva what to do?" Lon asked, enraged, and again he began swinging the strap against Kearney's poor penis, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

And how Kearney howled!

Then of course, Kearney had been locked back up in his chastity lock, sobbing...

He always had a little temper tantrum because he couldn't cum, and then he was sent off to bed early, so Lon and Geneva could fuck like rabbits!

Now, Lon wondered what the evening would bring. Lon couldn't believe what had happened to his old buddy...

Kearney used to be such a he-man. They'd met as running backs on the junior varsity team for James Monroe Technical High; chased a lotta bitches together in Kearney's busted up Nissan Sentra...

And then reunited after Lon got out of the Navy--Kearney's uncle got them both jobs with T. Mahter Construction.

And the coke-snorting, Jack and Coke swilling, and waitress humping continued--until Kearney met Geneva.

She was the assistant curator of a museum T Mahter was restoring--the whole crew was whistling at the slender girl with the dark curls, cleavage peeking from her prim beaded cardigan sweater.

"Could you please not use so much profanity, boys?" Geneva had asked the gang as they were putting in wiring.

Kearney was smitten, and he went through all kinda shit to get the first date with her...Genni was hard to pin down--but finally they got involved, and then they got married!

Then Kearney began staying home at night--now and then he'd come bowling, but he was constantly looking at his watch, and he never showed up for poker anymore.

It was a mystery to the guys--Geneva was a looker, sure, but how did she tame the Wild Man?

Five or six years went by, and Kearney began getting in better shape, quit smoking and limited his drinking to one beer a week...and then one day Kearney told Lon about Geneva's fibromyalgia diagnosis.

"She's unable to some of the stuff around the house she used to, and she um, needs some help." Kearney had blushed painfully. "Could you help us out, man?"

"But why can't you do it?" Lon asked, puzzled. "You're stronger 'n I am."

"There's just stuff--" Kearney's face was nearly purple with discomfort "---we need your help with."

That night, Geneva had greeted Lon at the door--her hair, usually up in a prim bun, was down in tumbling curls round her shoulders...

Oh, and her 36 DD breasts were encased in a vintage lace camisole--Lon was almost paralyzed by the plunging neckline--something out of "Gone with the Wind."

"Welcome, Alonso" Geneva had said, using Lon's full name. As she had let him in, he'd looked behind her to see his buddy Kearney kneeling buck naked on the living room floor--

Four canes and a bullwhip were on the sofa next to him, and Kearney's face was once again nearly purple with shame, but his dick was hard.

Lon looked at Geneva, and back at Kearney and he'd said "Is this some kinda S&M thing?"

Geneva had smiled and gone up on tiptoes to kiss Lon deeply, her tongue exploring his mouth. "My goodness, what a quick study you are."

Geneva had pointed a red nail at the kneeling Kearney. "Kearney has misbehaved, and I gave him a choice between forfeiting his monthly orgasm, or getting a good, sharp punishment,which, unfortunately, I am unable to give."

Lon had looked down at Kearney, who was crying at this point, biting his lip. Lon could see that he'd already gotten SOME punishment, there were vicious red cuts up and down Kearney's back and shoulders.

"Man, what's up here?" Lon had asked. "Kearney, what's up, man? Did she drug you or somethin'?"

But Kearney's eyes were clear, and he spoke up. "Lon, just lets get this over with. Genni won't let me jerk off unless I get punished, please just punish me, and don't tell the guys."

Lon could tell at the time that Kearney was trying hard to hold on to his dignity, but it was difficult. "This is just too-too unbelievable, Kearney...why do you want to jerk off, anyway?" Lon looked at Geneva, and back at Kearney.

"I mean, jerking off is

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