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A chance meeting ends in discovery.

A tall woman was walking down the long hallway and was smiling wide.

"Hi Cara. I'm Randi. Thanks for coming."

"Hi Randi."

"So what we'll do today is do a test run. If everything works out then we'll schedule some more scenes. Sound O.K.?"

"Yeah." Cara was biting her lip hard. She was so nervous and was trying not to look it.

Randi led Cara into one of the rooms at the end of the hallway. There was a bedroom set up with two walls and four cameras set up where the other two walls should be. She glanced and realized that other than her and Randi, the other people in the room were all men. There were four men in their twenties along with an older gentleman. Her eyes flickered over each person and she realized they barely noticed her there.

"So, I know this is your first time. We're going to bring in someone. He's very nice and gentle. He knows it's your first time. Just do what comes naturally."

Cara nodded and then whimpered softly as another man entered the room. He was so tall and so black. His hair was short and he had chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing tight jeans and a white shirt. The shirt was almost splitting apart because of his muscular chest. Cara could only stare in awe.

"Hi, sweetie. I'm T.J."

Cara couldn't answer.

"So Cara just keep going until he orgasms. If it starts to hurt we'll get you some lube." Randi was so matter of fact that it made everything seem so natural. She turned to T.J. and decided to just go ahead and do it.

"Hi. I'm Cara."

T.J. stood in front of Cara. He rubbed her shoulders lightly and felt the straps of her tank top fall down.

"You are so beautiful. Really you are." He continued to rub her arms and pushed her tank top down around her waist. Cara had average size breasts. She smiled when T.J. grabbed both and pushed them together, making the nipples rub against each other.

"Oh." Cara arched her back. She didn't think she'd react like this, but she could already feel her juices pool in her panties.

"That's it baby." T.J. sucked hard on her nipples and looked into her eyes. She was so young and innocent. He had been doing this for a few years and wondered how long she would last. Most girls lasted a few months and then realized this wasn't the way to make a living.

"Suck my cock baby. Do it." Cara nodded. She watched as T.J. undid his jeans and she was relieved that his cock was average size. She had heard that black guys had huge cocks and she was scared that he would have a monster. Instead, it was a little large, but nothing she couldn't handle. She opened her mouth and her eyes glanced over at the camera. The cameramen were staring blankly at her and T.J. and she was surprised. She didn't really know what to expect, but was glad they were being professional about it.

T.J. tapped the tip of his cock against her lips and then slid it in her mouth. She sucked hard and swallowed. She grinned when T.J. moaned loudly. She did it again.

"Oh fucking hell baby. That's so hot. Do it again." Cara grinned and swallowed. She felt her throat close around his cock and loved the reaction. T.J. suddenly pulled out and spun her around. He pulled her up onto her hands and knees and spanked her round butt.

Cara was whimpering softly. She felt her thighs being spread and cried out when she felt his hot tongue flick against her clit. She opened her eyes and saw a camera right on her. She didn't even care at this moment. All she cared about was that her legs were shaking so badly and she needed to cum.

"Make me cum.

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