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In that same moment, as Pei-Hua squeezed tightly around my invading rod, my balls went slack as they relieved the pressure, and I was yelling to match her moaning as my sperm poured out of me in a river of jizz that flooded Pei-Hua's grasping pussy. Together we cried out and thrashed against the bed, always tightly pressed chest-to-chest and rolling together to ride the waves of our ecstasy.

It was one of the most intimate and heartfelt lovemaking sessions of my life. And as we collapsed together, we both mumbled words of affection, verbalizing and making fully real how much we cared about each other while I began to go limp inside of her body, but never wishing to exit it. Our love no longer had to be unspoken. And I spent the next hour reminding Pei-Hua with every word I knew how much I loved her.


Despite everything, my world would come crashing down if I ever attempted to marry Pei-Hua. I had tentatively brought up the subject when I was much younger, and my mother promptly told me I was only infatuated because she was my first. And besides, my parents would disown me for the shame that would be brought upon me if I ever married a servant girl. All my credit cards gone, the family honor. I'd have to start over like a poor immigrant. And I'd become way too accustomed to my comfortable life to not find another way.

Now perhaps I had found my way. I was in love with two very different women in two very different ways. With Tina I could share the world. She would be my very public wife: going to social events, family functions, business dinner parties, etc. She was an amazing lover and quite adventurous, and I knew I would always be sexually satisfied.

With Pei-Hua I had a down-to-earth soulmate kind of love. I could be quiet with her, and comfortable, yielding myself to her undemanding love and care for our home. She even got along well with Tina.

I've said it before: I have the perfect life.

Our wedding was the usual over-a-thousand-guests extravaganza. Tina was a gorgeous bride, and all four of her dresses each cost me a fortune. A ten-course lobster banquet for 1100 people is no drop in the bucket either. My parents were exceedingly proud of the lavish event, my father sparing no expense. Mrs. Peng couldn't be prouder. And Tina even made Pei-Hua a bridesmaid.

The lavish event got started at 9am and didn't finish until 2am the following morning. We sweated out the interminable tea ceremony, and Pei-Hua had to massage my back muscles during a break from all the bowing. But the sheer volume of red envelopes we collected made me feel much better about the whole thing.

The banquet went on and on incessantly, and by the time my drunken relatives started singing karaoke I signaled the emcee to get this thing over with. Finally at the end I popped the champagne in an explosion that our guests would never forget.

Towards the end of the marathon wedding, my joints were locked stiff after standing for so long. My muscles ached beyond belief. By the end of the night, Tina and I were barely able to stagger into my bedroom. Pei-Hua kissed my cheek and whispered a Chinese proverb of hope and luck for us, then she closed the door to give us our privacy.

I'd like to say that our wedding night was a whirl of passion, scaling the heights of pleasure. But I could barely get erect. Tina was determined to consummate our marriage, and after she blew me for ten minutes, I was able to turn over and thrust into Tina's willing body, finally spurting after just a few more minutes of pumping.

The next morning, Pei-Hua was the first to congratulate us, bringing us a lavish breakfast to rebuild our strength before we had to head to the airport for our honeymoon.


Two nights into the honeymoon, Tina seduced a gorgeous hula girl and brought her back to our bungalow.

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