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Stranded air travelers find mutual good in a blizzard.

When his dad looked at the rest of the pictures, his smile turned into a frown. When he came across the last picture that mostly resembled them, he smiled.

Adam was shocked that he smiled. He sent the pictures just to jar something inside of him. Adam sat back from the computer and pondered this realization. Did this mean that his dad wanted to have sex with him? Adam did not know what to think about that.

Later that night Adam watched his sister masturbate. He noticed that she played with a dildo that was bright red it looked so weird against her tan flesh. Adam turned up the volume to her room and listened to her moaning.

She was moaning someone name. He turned up the volume even more and got another shock for the day. His sister screamed out, "Oh Adam, yes harder oh my god fuck me with your big long dick oh yeah. Yessssssssssss..." Rachel laid there shivering from the aftermath of her big orgasm.

Adam watched while she ran her hands up and down over her body. Whenever she neared her tits she smiled, grabbed, and pinched them until the nipples were a bright red.

Adam could not stand it any more. He pulled out his nine-inch cock and started to beat it. He started slowly at first. He took the precum from his slit and some lube and he rubbed it into his cock. With his other hand, he pulled and squeezed at his balls. He watched his sister playing with her tits some more. His hand was on fire from pumping his cock and then he heard her sister say, "Oh god Adam I wish you were in here doing this to me." Adam came all over his hand and chest.

He sat there panting. He pondered going to his sister room and just talking. He slipped on a pair of boxers over his still semi hard cock, grabbed his robe, and went to his sister's room.

Meanwhile Bill and Kim were in there room talking about what happened. Kim was leaning against the window looking out into the yard just thinking when Bill came up behind her and then the computer went off.

The computer was telling her that she got a new message from her friend Stacey. The email attachment was a story a sexy story. About a young woman talking to her brother about there lovers about how they were not getting enough affection from them. When the brother accidentally brushed his sister's chest Kim always liked the whole incest stories but she never acted on those feelings. Until know she cautiously went to her favorite site Literotica and to her favorite stories which of course is the incest category.

Bill saw that she went to the incest category one of his favorites. Bill and Kim leaned over the screen and started to read the story both feeling more turned on then ever.

"Come in," yelled Rachel she watched Adam come in with just boxers on. She wondered if he actually heard her. Adam went over and sat at her computer chair. She was barely dressed she had on a very skimpy tube top that covered her tits but nothing else. He could not tell if she was wearing any pants or not because she was covered up with a blanket.

"So Adam what's up?"

"Um nothing really I just got bored watching my computer,"

"Porn right," Rachel said not meaning to actually say it.

Well she was right there was no point to lying to her, "Yeah I was watching some porn but it just let me hanging."

Rachel just smiled while her hand trailed down to cunt it was still brimming with juices from earlier. She pulled her finger out and brought it to her lips the whole time Adam was watching her.

Adam asked already knowing the answer, "what are you eating?"

"Something sweet would you like to taste it?" Asked Rachel hoping he would say yes.

Adam just nodded his head and walked closer to the bed she pulled off the blanket showing off her assets to her brother.

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