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Mommy has a panty fetish.

I broke the kiss, looking quickly to her for guidance.

"Waters running," she whispered, stepping around me and into the shower. I turned to watch, looking her body up and down. Ok Daddy, what's next crossed my mind. I watched as she stepped under the showerhead. The water cascaded down her body, dripping from her nipples, running over the taut abdomen. Glancing at her cunt, I noticed a clean, shaven body. Her labia protruded, engorged. I knew my next step, having read his stories many times. I kneeled to my knees, leaned to her, moving forward to stick my tongue into her cleft. I found her clit, hard, extending to my mouth. Her hips flared, she thrust her mound forward, driving her cunt to me. I opened my mouth, sucking her clit between my teeth. Biting down gently, I flicked my tongue back and forth, mashing her sex against the inside of my teeth. I was living his stories! How many times had he done this, or the girls of the stories shared their bodies. I grabbed her ass, pulling her body forward, driving my mouth hard to her, sucking her clit deep, sucking her juices quickly. My tongue ravaged her clit, her knees buckling slightly as I thrust my head back and forth. I knew what she liked, Daddy's stories had fed me everything I needed to know. Even the musky taste was expected. I devoured her clit, wanting to make her cum on my tongue. Her hips humped me involuntarily as I licked back and forth along her slit. Dipping my tongue into her wet hole, I shoved hard, forcing my tongue to penetrate her body. Her body dropped, literally squatting on my face as I tongue fucked her. Her hands reached to her tits, squeezing hard, pulling her nipples in the process.

"Oh God Patti," Sara groaned. A hand dropped to my head, pulling me hard to her. I pulled back, sucking her clit into my mouth. I thrashed her button, listening to her breathing, grinding my mouth hard to her, my tongue dancing over the flesh. Seconds passed, her body froze, flexing all muscles into that instant before your orgasm rips through your senses. I grabbed her clit, biting firmly, thrashing it in my mouth. As her orgasm erupted, ripping through her body, she convulsed on my mouth, her words incoherent for the moment. I sucked her flesh hard. As her body relaxed, I kissed my way up her torso, taking my time to kiss and suck each nipple. Sara melted in my arms as I leaned to kiss her. Stepping back, I took the soap, and washed her body slowly, sensuously. As she slumped against the shower wall watching, I washed my body thoroughly, wanting to be very clean for her. Moments passed, I turned the water off, and exited the shower.

"Come on Sara," I whispered as I dried. "My turn," I whispered huskily.

I moved quickly to my bed, flopping down on my back. I watched the bathroom door, my hand lazily reaching between my legs to trace my slit top to bottom. I was going to tell Sara about my suspicions' regarding my Dad's possible authorship. I was going to tell her while she ate my pussy. I spread my legs wide, stroking my inner thighs slowly, deliberately. Closing my eyes, I pictured Sara, her face between my legs, her nose buried against my clit, her mouth, tongue probing my wet hole.

I did not have to instruct Sara. Moving to the bed, she crawled up between my legs, staring at my close cropped cunt. Her fingers reached to touch me, her fingertips sliding into my slit. I was soaked, coating her fingers with my juices. Rising to my elbow, I reached to her, pulling her to me. I tilted my hips slightly, offering my cunt to her. She instinctively knew what to do next. Her mouth softly captured my clit, sucking it gently into her mouth. I closed my eyes, absorbing the sensations she was giving me.

"Sara, have you ever read erotic stories?" I asked.

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