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The Nanci Report - a fine line between reality and fantasy

I had my motel reservations and an appointment to meet with some potential customers on Monday.

It was obvious to me that Art had told his son about Sue and the night ahead. Steve shook our hands and told us how happy he was that we came to his party. He was very polite, but he could not pull his eyes from Sue's chest. I liked the low top she was wearing, but this kid was drooling! He was almost giddy as he welcomed us. It all brought back memories of my youth and how exciting it was to score with a new girl.

Sue was going to be his first and I noticed he already had a lump in his pants. I was struck by the irony of the situation as I handed Steve a card with a very nice check as a gift, Sue insisted we be generous, while I suggested I was already giving the kid more than anyone else! I was donating my wife.

It was like no other party I had ever attended. Sue and I drank and chatted with our neighbors as we stood holding hands. I had my arm around her shoulders much of the time. I was determined to give the strong signal that I loved this woman, she was mine, and she loved me. The men were incredibly polite and friendly to both of us. They knew that Sue told me all about her adventures with them. They knew I allowed, or more precisely, encouraged her behavior. It seemed that they could tell that we were very happy with each other.

The wives were more difficult to read. They were not rude, but they seemed reserved. They may not have known if their husbands were having Sue, but I think they knew some men were, and possibly suspected their own husbands. They also saw how Sue had bloomed. She looked beautiful with a simple pair of shorts and a low knit top. Her new hair do accentuated her lovely profile and she was about ten pounds lighter than she had been a few months ago. (She told me that if men were going to see her naked all the time, she wanted to look good.)

After an hour or so, I felt that Sue would be ok and we separated and mingled. Art Trammel took me to the side and spoke in low tones.

"Bob, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate what you and Sue are doing for Steve. He has always been a good kid. He studied hard for his marks, and he worked almost forty hours a week the last year to pay his rent and buy books. He is shy and never had the nerve to try to date much. Sue will bring him out of his shell and teach him a lot. I wish my dad had found someone like Sue for me."

I looked at Art and smiled, "I understand what you mean Art. I feel the same way. Sue will make his first time a wonderful experience. She is like no other lover I ever had."

"She is something! Her tits are perfect. She can do things with her mouth I can hardly believe," Art gushed.

Then he stopped and looked hard at me. "Bob, I mean no disrespect! At first, I thought it was odd that Jerry had total control over Sue and invited us over to sample her charms. I sure couldn't refuse. Afterwards I asked Jerry what would happen if you found out. That was when he told me that Sue describes everything to you. I was stunned. I had visions of you shooting me. I would have shot you for doing to Ellen anything even close to what I did with Sue," revealed Jerry.

"Then Jerry explained how certain men enjoy the idea of their wife being used by other men. He told me he had been such a man while his wife was alive. He told me you and Sue had been bored emotionally with your marriage and your routine sex life. Now you were like honeymooners!"

I stood there and listened to a neighbor discuss my sexual habits with my wife. It only followed that if Sue told me everything, these men would know a great deal about me. They had to be sure I would not go on a rampage, or perhaps worse, tell their spouses. I was vulnerable to a point, but I had these guys by the balls! Of course, they all realized that. When a married man cheats on his wife and someone knows it, he lives in fear. That is a fact of life.

"I have not told anyone this but you, Bob, but I wish my Ellen were like Sue.

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