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Lovers break up and reunite.

I did after that, and now I liked what he had given me.

He fondled my hair again and murmured, first in French, then in English:

"Come, kiss me."

I raised my head, letting his cock slip from between my lips, and looked up at him, nodding and licking my lips. His hands urged me to rise up. When I did, they slid down and drew my hips closer. The seat of the chair was wide enough that I could slide my knees up between its arms and his hips. He drew them closer, my pussy sliding up on his cock, and we kissed.

The French don't better French kiss than men elsewhere, but no other man had wanted to have his tongue in my mouth, while I thought it still tasted from his semen. He did. I still couldn't remember his first name. As our tongues caressed, it occurred to me that if I spoke French with him, I should use the familiar forms: "tutoiement." I had learned them, but not so well that I could really use them. Before he could forget and use French again, when I had recovered my tongue from his mouth, I murmured:

"Thank you. I really wanted to."

"And thank you! It did too, I did too, just difficult to admit."

"Hmmm! It sure seemed like it, but thanks, that you both then did."

"Um-hmm. Maybe better that it took so long for me to admit that I did."

"Or I could have thought that you had the wrong idea," I murmured.

"I didn't! But that occurred to me too, that you could think so."

"And that you could, about me."

"Better not ask! I began to have my doubts about your saying you were like my niece."

"I was! Funny. Not that, that I had to ask myself why I had questioned that I wouldn't want to."

"My good luck."

"Mine especially."

"And without my niece?"

"Hmm? How? If you hadn't mentioned her? Or if I hadn't needed your having told me about her?"

"Hmmm? We wouldn't be here like this, for sure."

"Not tonight," I agreed.

"If I hadn't mentioned her, but we had all our clothes off?"

"We did, without her."

"You didn't have to tell me that you'd done that."

"You could have remembered the towels, so that I didn't."

"I really wanted to," he replied.

We chuckled heartedly at his reply. When I leaned back a little, his hands slid around and found my breasts. I smiled with a hum and said:

"Better than my holding them."

"Oooh! That was when I started to worry about whether I wouldn't."

"That's good! And without her - and clothes?"

"Wouldn't we have wanted to, somehow?" he suggested.

"Maybe wanted to, but one of us would have had to say, do something."

"Not me!" he replied with a grin.

"Good thing that you have a niece. You can tell her thanks from me."

"And from me," he agreed with a smile, squeezing my breasts, his thumbs rubbing over my nipples.

I purred and murmured:

"Maybe I could have done that, just inadvertently, you know, when you had looked at them, just to let you know that I liked that you had."

"You would do that? A nice American girl?"

"Wouldn't a French girl?"

"Hmm! Probably! Just never happened - to me."

"Because your hands were there first."

"Not this time," he replied with a grin, his fingers doing nice things to my nipples."

"Feels good, but I didn't do that to them."

"They feel good too."

"Mmmm! Not like they do for me.

My thighs twitched against his hips. He smiled in response. That twitch had been a reflex, the next one wasn't. He hummed, looking in my eyes with a serious expression. My thighs twitched again, a reflex. He murmured:

"I like to do it too, owe you something."

"Mmmmm!" I responded, wondering if I had really felt his cock move under my pussy.

"I really want to," he murmured.

His cock had moved. Anything he wanted to do. I nodded and murmured:


"Not that way," he murmured, nodding.

I moaned again with nod.

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