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Doree is held in chastity 'til the time to pluck her is ripe.

He looked like the kind of doctor that spends his off hours hunting down rare artifacts in weird little countries all for the sake of science.

"Jenn," he said breaking her concentration on his strong arms and handsome face. "What about number 14."

"Sorry about that doctor, I will get right on it."

He walked about from the nurse's area and Jenn kept a watchful on his ass sauntering along. She sighed at the thought of him, but knew he was off limits. He was a devout family man with a wife and two kids and many a nurse has tried to get to stray from the righteous path only to be disappointed.

Jenn got up and walked to number 14's room. John was nice guy in his late 20's that came in for an emergency appendectomy. The infection was pretty intense so the doctor placed a tube into his abdomen to slowly suck out any of the remaining infection, but that also meant he couldn't shower.

"Hi, John," Jenn said as she entered his room and began pouring warm water into a pan. "Are you ready for a sponge bath today."

John was an attractive man. His wavy blonde hair and tan complexion betrayed his time spent on the beach playing volleyball.

His usual good looks were tarnished by the four days he had spent in the hospital, but he was still attractive.

"I guess, but I don't know why I can't just take a shower," John said.

"Sorry, doctor's orders. Do you want to do it or do you want me to," Jenn said.

John stared at the IV's coming from his hands and decided it would be safer if she did it.

Jenn started on his hands tenderly maneuvering around the plastic tubing and up his muscular arms. She moved on to his chest putting her hand down his gown feeling the hard pectorals and brushing the nipples.

She was leaning over him and could feel the heat coming from his body. Her own pussy already wet from earlier was creating fluids anew beginning to soak the rd thong hidden under pants.

"I'm and going to wash your legs now John, would you please lift the gown for me," Jenn said more than a little flustered.

He inched the gown up little by little, first showing his muscled calves, past the kneecaps and upper lets until finally the tip of his cock was exposed.

Jenn was mesmerized upon his exposed cock. She began washing his feet, but her eyes were glued to the man meat that was beginning to take notice of her gentle touches.

She watched as the tip became engorged with blood began rising as she moved her way his legs.

Three, four, five inches, six, seven , eight inches the cock stood tall hands reached the top of his legs.

"I'm sorry, It's a man thing," John said embarrassed at his obvious show of arousal.

"It's perfectly normal, Jenn said. "You are not the first of the last man to become aroused during a sponge bath."

She stared at the eight inches of pure glory before her as she continues to clean around his cock. The sponge brushed his pubic hair causing the smallest of shivers from John.

"Now, John I have to clean your penis now, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable or anything. I am just a nurse and you are just a patient."

John nodded, but she could tell he wasn't totally at ease with the situation.

She drew the sponge against his cock and she could feel her need rising within him. Up and down she brushed and even John realized this was not a normal sponge bath.

Jenn put her bare hand in the soapy water and grabbed the shaft slowly moving her hand up and down. She could see the slightest drip of precum forming at the top.

"Do you want me to stop John," Jenn said as she placed the other hand on is swollen cock.

John laid his head back in the bed. His mouth open with sighs of pleasure slipping out. His cock was so hard as she stroked him back and forth. She bent over and tasted the saltiness of his cock licking the precum with her tongue.

She placed her lips around his eight inches and swallowed him whole. Stroking and sucking, bringing him ever closer to climax while her own pussy ached with need.

She could feel him getting close as his hips bucked toward her

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