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Will Susannah be able to fight for her ultimate happiness?

Susan and I lay there holding each other, then touching each other before kissing passionately on and off for minutes at a time for the next two hours. I found I loved her even more after this; that I had somehow witnessed a side of my lady that few men ever get to see. Now I had to sit by and wonder where this would end up going with the choice facing Susan. We finally stopped kissing and got up to drain a few bottled waters due to recent dehydration activities.

Finally, it was me that broke the silence. "So, how are you feeling?"

She looked downward with a very mischievous smile. "Very, very different!"

"Different how?"

"I never thought I could click that fast with a guy and basically become his slut! It was an unforgettable event." She paused and then continued. "By the way, where were you when Lee was fucking my mouth and cunt?" She paused again before saying, "Jesus, that man had me naked and was eating my pussy within thirty seconds of coming in the door." She looked up at me and asked, "Where were you while that boy ravaged me and made me want more?"

"I thought I was doing you a favor by letting you get comfortable alone. I wanted you to be free from wondering about what I was thinking of your behavior."

She turned toward me as I saw her look soften. "That's actually very sweet and thoughtful. It's the reason that I know we'll always be us." She then had this devious smile engaging me next. "Lee wanted me to meet him in his room in the morning behind your back. Why would he want that when, in all probability, you'd give me permission?"

"It's a power trip. He gets off by pressing other people's buttons and he's pretty adept at it, considering his age. It makes you think this isn't his first rodeo, pardon the pun." I looked into her eyes. "I have to say, it was an immense pleasure sharing you like this. You are the hottest woman I've ever known and I don't want to ever lose you."

"Understand this, Rob. I absolutely treasure your love for me. After one of the most exciting nights of my life, it all pales compared to what you mean to me."

Making love to her was the only response I had to that statement. It was slow and sloppy especially after she stopped, turned around, put her ass in my groin and asked me if I'd like being the second cock in her ass tonight. I was in balls-deep before she finished asking.

After we both had cum, we lay there as my cock softened and slipped from her ass. "Rob?"


"What are your thoughts on Lee's invitation? Should we ignore it, or should we use him for our pleasure by making him think, that I think, he's indispensable?"

"I love the way your mind works," I told her. "I leave it up to you, my lovely. It sounded like you really enjoyed his brand of domination, not to mention the size of his cock."

"Yes," she admitted grudgingly, "there is that." She thought for a moment. "I think I'll do it. I'll tell him I told you I was going shopping and would be back around noon. Then I'll come back with the stink of us on me and we'll go have a few drinks while I start telling about my morning. We'll do that until you can't stand anymore and are overwhelmed by the need to fuck me all night."

"I like it!" I said. "I'm going to try to sleep in so that time passes faster, but I'll probably wake up and wonder what's happening to you and with you. When I get up, I'll go reserve the room for another night."

Susan left a wake-up call for seven a.m. so that she could clean up for her morning tryst with Lee before we spooned in the center of the bed, on top of a couple of bath towels, and got some much needed sleep.

Early the next morning, I woke up to the delicious feeling of Susan's soft, warm mouth sucking on my cock as if it were a soda straw. She gently fingered my balls before sliding a finger up my ass as her mouth started to suck harder and faster. I was getting ready to drop a load in her throat when she quit sucking, got up, and started heading to the bathroom.


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