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Victoria wear skimpy clothes the first warm day of spring.

And its not like they actually care about who their dating. And they do not treat a girl like they should." He shook his head. "Not when they openly brag about getting into their pants."

"Ken, I know!" stated Jen. "In gym the girls do a lot of locker room talking."

"They do!?"

Jen punched his shoulder.


"Course they do!" stated Jen. "Just like you guys do in your locker room. And they talk a lot about what boy is better."

"They do!?" questioned Ken.

Jen punched his shoulder again.

"Ouch!" exclaimed Ken. "Well - I have nothing to say to those jerks in the locker room." I mind my own business."

Beside Ken Jen looked back out at the lake.

Ken took a deep breath and looked back out across the lake. "Jen,"said Ken softly. "You're better than that. You deserve the best that life has to offer."

"You're just saying that cause you're my cousin," said Jen.

"No!" stated Ken softly as he continued to look out at the lake. "I'm not." He looked over at her. "You might be my cousin - but - Jen, you are one of the best people I know. - Except maybe our parents." He took a deep breath and sighed as he looked back out across the lake again. "They are not good enough for you."

Jen leaned against Ken. "Thanks for thinking so." She too took a deep breath and blew it out. "Ken, I hope that someday, when I'm ready, I will meet someone who is a lot like you."

Ken put his left arm around her and hugged her to him. "Good luck with that." He snorted. "I think they broke the mold when they made us. Considering how some of the guys at school act and behave."

"The girls too." Jen chuckled. "Could you just see a bunch of us running around loose on the planet."

Ken snorted. "I can see the headlines: 'Attack of the Conners."

"No! Better!" she paused then declared, "Election Results are in - The Conners take Washington," stated Jen.

Ken moved to stand in front of Jen then bowed to her. "Madam President, your limo is ready to take you to the White House," stated Ken.

Jen chuckled. "Will you join me - Mr. Vice-President?"

Ken asked surprised, "Would you want me as your Vice-President?"

The smile on Jen's face faded. "Ken, you are one of the few people that I know that I can trust completely. Someone who has never lied to me. Never tried to take advantage of me. And has always been there when I needed help." She looked up at Ken for a moment. "When I am with you I feel safe." She shook her head slightly. "Not just think it! But - deep down - I know I am safe. Always have." She shook her head again as she looked across the lake. "I do not know what it is - but I feel - complete. Whole some how. Whenever I am with you."

"I know, Jen," stated Ken. "I feel the same way."

She smiled. "It might be because we were born so close together date wise," suggested Jen. She chuckled. "And we have twin sisters for Moms and Brothers for Dads." She suddenly snorted. "Talk about a close knit gene pool." Jen gave him a smile then looked at her watch. "Should we take a break then head back?"

"Or we could just head back?" added Ken. "Take it slow and easy. Not take a chance and let our legs cramp up."

"Augh. I hate leg cramps," stated Jen. "Let's head back."

They turned from the lake and walked back to the path heading back to their camp.

Jen suddenly turned to face Ken. And she stopped in front of him causing Ken to stop quick so he would not bump into her.

She looked up at him for a long moment. Her eyes looking directly into his.

She took a deep breath and blew it out. Jen then leaned up on her toes and reached up with her hands and held his face. Still looking into his eyes. Then she leaned closer and closed her eyes and their lips touched.

Jen gave Ken a kiss on his lips. She put a little pressure on his lips and just held him.

The kiss was not really a long one. It only lasted but a few moments. But for both Jen and Ken those few, brief moments lingered on for a very, very long time.

Then Jen released Ken's face and leaned back down from him.

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