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Ted takes Sarah's anal cherry after finding out.

" Earl sighed. "No-one's ever done that for me before." A shiver ran through him as the sight of her cum filled mouth came back to him.

"Don't thank me yet, old man." Jess grinned as she took his hand and pulled him out of his chair, "You have to return the favour." She left her skirt over her ass as she lead him down the hall to his bedroom.

Earl was mesmerized as he followed her into his bedroom. The twin globes of her ass tantalized him and he couldn't wait to explore them with his hands, and his mouth. More focused now, as they walked up to his bed he pushed her face down with her legs hanging over the side. He pulled her back and lowered her knees to the floor and got on his knees behind her. In the dim light from the hall he could just see her wrinkled sphincter beckoning him closer. He pulled her cheeks farther apart and nipped at the soft flesh he revealed. His tongue stuck out, he slowly drew it up from the tip of her pussy, across her anus, and up to her lower back.

Jess's moans let Earl know he was on the right track. Using the tip of his tongue he stuck it in her pussy and fucked her with it as much as he could. He moved back to her anus and shoved his tongue as far as he could into it, too.

"Oh, God, Earl." Jess was clawing at the sheets. "That feels so fucking good. No one's ever..., it's so dirty." She pushed her ass back at his face, trying to feel his tongue more.

Earl continued his onslaught. His tongue was delving deep into her ass and he periodically pulled it our and kissed her cheeks. He loved running his tongue over the taught, smooth skin on the inside of her cheeks. He nipped at her bum, little love bites, then shoved his tongue back inside her. She was gasping his name as he held her cheeks wide apart, his tongue exploring. Finally Earl released one side and slid two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh Earl!" Jess screamed. "Oh fuck! Cumming! I'm cumming! Oh!" Earl was concerned that Denise might wake up and hear them, or worse, see them. He looked up and saw they'd left the door open but he had too much invested in Jess' pleasure to stop now.
Her pussy spasmed over his fingers and he felt her sphincter force his tongue out as it clenched. He kept working his fingers in and out of her pussy and kissing and nipping at the tender curves of her ass. Earl was rewarded when a small gush of juice spurted out of her, onto the comforter. He coaxed her through a small series of aftershocks until she appeared to be tapering off. Earl turned her over and put her feet over his shoulders and stood between her legs. He ran the head of his cock up and down between her sopping labia and waited until she opened her eyes.

"Please?" Jess pleaded, reaching for him. "Put it in. I need you. Ohhh, God I need you!"

Earl slowly slid his cock in her, starting when she opened her mouth. He hadn't felt such silken pleasure since shortly after Deni was born. That was when Jill had started stepping out and limiting his pleasures. He was glad he'd already cum once because he knew he wouldn't have lasted after this first stroke otherwise. After he was fully inside Jess he slowly started stroking in and out. He reached down and undid her skirt. He quickly pulled out and removed the skirt, then slid back in. He looked down now at her curly pubic hair, enthralled by her look. So many girls favoured shaving these days. His ex had, and even his daughter did, although he only found that out during one of their often frank discussions. He found Jess' veritable pelt to be more to his liking. Stroking faster now, Earl noticed they were generating a froth at her pussy lips. Jess was moaning and gazing into his eyes, her hands grazing his chest and belly, her fingers running through his fine hair.

Earl picked Jess up by her butt and pushed her farther up on the bed.

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