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Type 2c: Identical to Type 2b except that the person has freckles that are noticeably reddish in color, instead of predominantly brownish.

Type 2d: This person has large freckles which may be from about the size of a U.S. dime to large splotches of skin that appear darker than the surrounding skin, even as large as a hand span. These are typically a reddish brown color. This person typically has freckles even where no sunlight reaches, and they do not go away or fade much regardless of exposure to the sun.

Type 3: Red hair, dark skin, no freckles. (Extremely rare) The so-called "dark skinned redhead" was thought to be a myth until one was spotted in the Western United States recently. They are also rumored to exist in the area of the Mediterranean. These people are a mixture of two races with different skin types. One parent will have lighter skin, and one will have dusky skin, usually. Combinations that might possibly produce this type of redhead include White with Hispanic, White with Middle Eastern, and White with Mediterranean. A redhead of White/Middle Eastern descendant is probably safe to classify as "mythically rare" since Middle Eastern genes typically have dominant black or dark brown hair without any chance of a red hair gene.

This type of redhead is the only known type able to achieve a tan instead of burning. Since they have darker skin, they may be challenged to prove they are natural redheads.

There is logically also a fourth category, which is:

Type 4: Red hair, dark skin, freckles.

However, to date, I have neither seen nor even heard of such a person. Thus, Type 4 redheads are classified as "Mythically rare".

At this point, I would like to address some common misconceptions about true redheads. The first is that if the eyebrows are not at least reddish, the person is not a natural redhead; and the second is that if the person does not have at least reddish pubic hair, they are not a natural redhead. Both of these ideas are false. A true and natural redhead can indeed have brown, blonde or black eyebrows and/or pubic hair, and still be a natural true redhead. It is more common to see true natural redheads with off-color eyebrows than off-color pubic hair, but it does happen. Likewise, it is possible to find people with true natural red eyebrows and pubic hair who do not have true natural red hair on their heads.

For men, it is possible to have true natural red hair in the beard without the same on their heads (I fit this classification), and vice versa, with true natural red hair on their heads without having a red beard. Also note that a beard is as likely to be all one color as it is to have two, three or even four or more hair colors in it. My own, for instance, shows red and brown, predominantly, with some dark blonde thrown in whenever I let it grow.

True natural redheads have certain features aside from hair color which mark them as being redheads. Some of these typically include the pale skin and/or freckles. However, there are others as well.

Due to the typically pale skin a true natural redhead will have, these people are easily burned by the sun and literally turn cinnamon to lobster red when they are burned. A sunburned redhead is unmistakable. They are usually the ones using the highest rated sunblock for that reason. (SPF 50,000,000 sunblock, anyone?) Likewise, pale skin makes skin flushes easier to see, and so when they are angry, embarrassed, or aroused, they will usually turn red in the face, ears and neck. This flushing is quite readily apparent. This trait makes true redheads somewhat easier to follow than other people, since body language coupled with a facial flush will usually tell you exactly what's going on, even if they will not. (Very useful for determining her level of arousal.)

The true redheaded woman typically has two specific differences to her body than most women have, not considering the color of her pubic hair.

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