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Kim's testing continues with Joan.

By this time, my cock was painfully rigid; I needed some relief. As David pulled his softening cock from your mouth and you started to lick him clean, I lifted your legs by the ankles, spreading them widely, and then slowly lowered my cock until it was just reaching your welcoming blood-red lips. As the two met, the labia parted like a blossoming rose and quite literally sucked my cock inside. My fantasy of having you that I have secretly harboured for so many years is about to come true!

As I slid my cock inch by inch - ever so slowly - inside that velvety, warm pouch that was your pussy, David lowered his head to your breast and, cupping its weight in his hand, ran his tongue across your hard long nipple. The feeling of his hot dry tongue as it dragged across each nipple - first on one breast and then the other - coupled with the feel of my cock sliding deeper in your tight pussy, started to elicit moans and mews of pleasure from deep within your recently cum-coated throat.

I reached the bottom of your vaginal tunnel as I could feel the end of my cock touch your cervix. I slowly rotated my hips to allow the maximum pressure to this sensitive part of your body. You wrapped your legs around my hips to pull me inside you even deeper as I pressed against the cervical wall; it almost felt like it was opening to encircle me and as you contracted your muscles - I am amazed at how you can control your vaginal muscles; it almost as if you are sucking me inside you deeper and deeper!

I can see now that David has grown fully erect again - I don't know what that man is taking (three erections in less than two hours) but I have to get myself some of that! With a final bite and pull on your unbelievably hard nipples, he instructs me to take over as I continue to fuck you in slow deep strokes. I bend down to first kiss you fervently and then my lips move to one of your hard nubs. Your hands tangle in my hair as you cry out and pull me into your breast.

In reaching down to perform this very pleasant task, my own ass has tipped upwards and I can feel David's warm breath blowing across my cheeks and then between them to tease my puckered star. Then his warm wet tongue slides across my sphincter as he parts my cheeks with his soft hands. As I slide my cock out of you almost all the way before returning with a thrust to your core, I feel the hard point of David's tongue probe against my opening. I relax by bearing back and his tongue slips in for an instance until I push back into you.

I stay fully imbedded inside you as I reach down and run my fingers across your clit; with the full length of my cock throbbing inside you and my lips locked on your nipple - pulling and tugging to make them even larger and harder - you scream out, "I'm cumming!" as you gush out a load of your thick cum around my cock and cover my balls.

Just as I think that I am going to cum as well, I feel the light, but unmistakable, touch of David's rigid cock, now well lubed with his precum, press firmly against my sphincter ring until it slides in with an audible 'pop'. There is a momentary twinge of pain as I moan against your breast so he holds still until I nod for him to proceed. I can feel my inner ass relax and fill with his hardness until the slap of his balls against mine tells me he is fully imbedded. I have never felt so full or so turned on - a cock in my ass and mine in you!

As he slowly pulls out until only his glans remains inside my inner ring, I mimic him and pull out of you likewise.

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