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Cait finally gets the threesome with Piper & Sole Survivor.

I concentrated on the freedom of movement I had to serve him. My whole body was available to adjust to different positions, to relieve pressure here or there, to snuggle up close to him, to respond to his changing desires as I served him utterly and completely with my mouth, using my fingers and palms as aids only briefly and with caution, mostly to hold and caress his balls. I was amazed at how smart he was, to punish and whip me so severely so that I was so happy to suck his cock rather than to be hit -- to have fucked me for so long already earlier tonight to put me in such a haze of lust and obedience. He was very, very smart to show me the difference between getting strapped and sucking cock - how much more fun sucking cock was - and how I should do a great job whenever I got the chance.

I was the besotted sexual slave of not only a superior white man, but a smart white man as well!

And then he pissed again, but this time I could taste the beer.


Round eyes have such nasty, nasty drinking habits with their coffee -- and now, I realized, with their beer. This was my first experience with it and it was DISGUSTING!!!

But I made sure to moan in artificial appreciation (hopefully he couldn't tell the difference) as he took a long, deep and what must have been a very satisfying piss for him -- and the awfulness reinforced my degradation and humiliation even further. As I drank down his bottle of beer, filtered through his bladder and coming out of his superior white cock, I couldn't even think about not showing gratitude (real gratitude for the degradation and complete ownership of me, fake gratitude for the absolutely awful and almost-retch-inducing taste).

I HAD become uncomfortable though -- two loads of piss in my belly, working their way through my body. This was always hard with him on dates -- him using me as a toilet meaning I had to pee myself -- the man was three times as big as me, after all -- the physics just didn't work that well in terms of me holding all that hot piss of his in my belly for a long time. Ten minutes made me feel full and sloshy. Twenty minutes made me uncomfortable. Forty five minutes was excruciating. In the past, I'd lost it once on the way home and pissed all over my car (another degradation courtesy of you-know-who). To piss on his garage floor was unthinkable. But to ask him to let me piss was unthinkable too.

What was a worthless asian girl to do? I began to tremble in my discomfort, fidgeting, breaking the metronomic concentration I had achieved as his whipped-chink cock-whore.

"Need to piss so soon, flat-nose?" he said mockingly and teasingly....

The answer to my problem, I learned, was just a few feet away -- a rusted metal coffee can that was within easy distance to reach. He pulled it over and shoved it under my legs so that my thighs dug into the metal of its filthy rim.

But what a relief to piss!

He bitch-slapped me hard again...

"Concentrate, you fresh-off-the-boat gook-bitch..."

...because I had stopped my sucking motion while a literal high pressure spray of water and beer shot out of my piss-slit...humiliating me at my loss of control.

"Control that flow, chink...I don't want any back-splash on my floor or on me..." with another bitch-slap to emphasize the ridiculous instructions!

"We'll start the strapping all over again if you make a mess ..."

And so I had to clamp down painfully on my own piss, slow it to a trickle, so that I wouldn't defile his home or his body with anything associated with my unworthy and inferior presence, all while continuing to suck his cock. Unbelievably hard. He asked so much.

But, truthfully, I wallowed in this additional degradation. I could smell the awful beer wafting up as it exited my body and ruined the gorgeous smell of his cock and balls, but heightened the feelings of humiliation that I lived for.

So painful to piss slowly, but such a relief when it was done.

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