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The training now turns to Dhea who is becoming Paul's slave.

Stronger men than you have been broken here and I have no doubt that I will break you as well. You came to me begging for extra credit to be able to pass my class - well you might pass the class, but the person you were will cease to exist and all that will remain be the slave that I turn you into. Maybe this is more than you bargained for but there is no turning back now."

Mistress unclipped the leash from my collar and hung it up on the wall behind me with the rest of her devices.

"I call that my wall of toys, slave. You'll get to learn first hand all the fun that can be had with them."

She walked back in front of me and watched me squirm in discomfort.

"I've already taught you your first lesson, how will you address me, slave?"


"That's right," She responded. "But I don't like the way that you are looking at me; you must still be feeling a little too full of yourself. Apparently you think it is acceptable to look me directly in the eye, as if we were equals or something similarly ridiculous. From now on you will keep your gaze at my feet unless you are given permission to look elsewhere."

"Yes, Mistress." I said, dropping my eyes.

"And the way that you are standing there is all wrong. On two feet like that you almost look like you are hoping to preserve some of your dignity. From now on your basic position in my presence will be on your knees with you head lowered respectfully to the floor."

I stood there listening to what she told me, but it took me a minute to realize that I hadn't yet followed her command. I dropped to my knees and bowed my head to the floor.

"My my," Mistress said, "You are a slow learner aren't you?"

I could now longer see her as my head was bowed to the floor but I heard her footsteps move away from me.

"Now slave, head up and crawl to me."

I looked up and saw that mistress had seated herself on her chair next to the bed. I crawled as best as I could to her but it was difficult going with my hands tied behind my back.

"Your next lesson in submission will consist of licking my boots." She said when I arrived at where she was sitting, "So start licking like a good little slut should."

I bowed my head and started to lick her black boots. I started by her toes and made my way past her foot and up the front of her shins.

"That's right, slave. Clean those boots with your tongue just like you should."

I had never licked a boot before, or done anything so degrading, but from the pain in my trapped cock as it tried to swell I knew that there was at least one part of me that was enjoying this treatment.

Mistress seemed to know that as well.

"Look at that cock, slave, just dying to get out. You must really be a natural born submissive to enjoy this treatment. But I can't let you enjoy this too much, I still need to punish you for your earlier infraction."

Mistress stood up and walked back to the middle of the room.

"Crawl to me, slave."

I did as she asked and she pulled me up by my slave collar.

"Punishment can be an excellent tool for training a slave, and you're about to learn that now."

She unbuckled my wrist cuffs from the bondage belt and attached them to the metal chains hanging from the ceiling. A heard a mechanical sound start and I felt my arms being lifted above my head. When the machine stopped I was struggling to stand on my toes as my arms were stretched so far above my head.

I heard her walk away and pick something up off of her wall of toys.

"I've got one of my favorite whips for your punishment. Tell me, what is your grade currently in my class?" Mistress asked me.

"A 55 mistress," I told her.

"Certainly not a passing grade. But 55 does seem like the appropriate number of whips that you should get. This will teach you never to forget again that I must be addressed as mistress. You will of course count and thank me for each whip that you receive."

I felt a hard sting on my ass and I swayed slightly in my chains.

"One, thank you mistress"

Another hard sting, this time on my other ass cheek, and

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