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Fighting an addiction.

But when he did a search and started to find the pictures anyway without my help, what was I supposed to do? So he took a good look at all the pictures and then asked me if I still had some lingerie that he loved in the photo. He said I didn't have to put it on, but he wanted to see if it felt the way he imagined it did. So I took it out and let him see it, and at his look of bliss at the softness of it, I decided to change and let him see it on me - but not yet.

It had been Bobby's birthday a few days before, and I had gotten him a beautiful ornate dagger as a gift. I could tell he was delighted with it, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek, saying happy birthday. He turned and gave me a big hug in thanks, then pulled away, looked at the dagger again, and gave me another big hug. (He really liked it.) That's when I decided to go put on the lingerie.

It was a wine colored velvet bustier with black beading along the top. It fit me to a tee, leaving my 38DD breasts nearly spilling out into Bobby's face as I stepped up to where he sat on my bed to allow him to feel it while it was on me. He groaned as he ran his hands over me, telling me how he had jerked off to the pictures of me wearing this so many times and he didn't think he ever would have seen it in person. He stood up so he could reach better to caress me through the material, and leaned down to softly kiss me, leaving me plenty of opportunity to stop all of this if I wanted to. My only response was to kiss him back harder. It had been so long since anyone had kissed me the way he always had - commanding, but with a tender passion that always held me spellbound.

Bobby knew that this bustier had a matching g-string, but I hadn't put that on, so I took it out and showed it to him also. He said how he would love fuzzy panties like that, and I coyly mentioned that the ones I had on were partly fuzzy too, prompting him to immediately open the button to my pants to see for himself. This started off a ferocious mutual rubbing session which unfortunately couldn't last too long, as we had only five minutes before we had to go and pick up my sister from school.

I didn't even have time to change back, so I just threw a zippered top over the velvet and we headed out the door. The next few hours, short of the occasional quick hug or kiss, were pretty calm and uneventful since we had a seven year old as chaperone. In fact, we played Uno and watched some TV until my Mom came home to take over so we could go to the mall and get some dinner.

After, we were sitting in the car and we both knew that we wanted to fuck each other at this point, but it was also getting late and Bobby had to get home to do some homework for the next day. Being the imp that I am, I suggested that he stay for just a little while and we go park in a dark place I knew so I could give him another present and show off some new skills I had learned. Of course he knew I meant a blow job and that has always been a weak spot for him, so he was sorely tempted. When we got there, we saw that there were other cars there already and he didn't want to do anything where people could watch, but I had been rubbing his cock the whole time we were driving, and he didn't really want to just go home anymore either. We opted to head back to my house and "watch a movie."

We got back, picked out a movie, and settled down under a blanket in the semi-darkness, kissing and rubbing and fondling. Now, one thing about my house needs explanation. I don't have an actual bedroom, just a section of the living room that is blocked off. So I don't have a door, just a thin curtain separating it from the rest of the house. So, about 10 feet from my family on the other side of the curtain, I pulled out his cock and quickly began to kiss and lick the head.

Bobby's cock is perfect.

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