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Dance partners hook up on the way home.

Averey didn't seem nervous at all. She stripped off her black shirt and her bra pretty quickly. She had done some modeling in her life and her body showed it, but this wasn't the time for modeling. She didn't stop and show her body off to the man in the room. She took off her shorts making eye contact before she lay down on the mattress in the room. She spread her legs wide open giving her gentleman was already stroking his cock a perfect view of her pussy.

Brittany gazed at her man as she stripped off her tank top and her jeans. She tried to look at her man as seductively as she good with her pretty blue eyes. She stood in her blue bra and panties and got as close to the glass as possible, then crouched down to get to the eye level of her gentleman and stuck her hand up her underwear.

All Camila had to do after the door to her room was closed was take two steps before her man's cock was starting to harden. The Brazilian was still a little nervous, but took off her shirt, then her jeans and her underwear. She was now wearing just a red bra covering her decent sized breasts. The way her man was fixated on her was somewhat flattering, and eased the nerves a little.

Cara Maria didn't have the biggest breasts or the biggest ass among the challenge contestants, but overall had one of the best bodies, and she had the sexy confidence that was going to help her this season. She stripped off all her clothes, and teasingly threw each individual item at the glass. Her man smiled as seeing her incredible body made him start masturbating at a quicker pace.

Cheyenne was frozen for a bit. The last challenge she had done, she had impressed, but she was not at all prepared for this. Cheyenne was the only black girl in this year's cast, and was given a black man to perform for. As she began stripping, she tried to think about how her competitors were attacking this challenge to keep pace, while not knowing what the pace was.

Emma had also done some modeling, but she was trying to relieve her nerves as best, and as quickly she could. Emma stepped closer to her man, and started to do a bit of a striptease. She was slow and deliberate taking off her shirt and her pants. When she unhooked her bra, she teased her man who was watching by faking revealing her breasts a few times. Though her man was hard and she was now making an effort, the effort was somewhat counter-intuitive as her taking time to get fully naked did not accelerating things.

Hannah had a pair of blue eyes that were easy to get lost in, but her whole body was sexy enough to get her man's attention as she stripped. The rookie had a great pair of breasts and a nice round ass, and she showed off everything to her one-person audience as she removed all her clothes.

Hannah had some competition in who the sexier blonde was, Jenna also knew how to command attention, and it was pretty easy for her to have the attention of the man in her room. Jenna took her shirt and pants off and stood half naked in front of her man before bending down, taking off her panties showing her ass...

Johanna had the perfect look for a challenge like this. Her modeling career gave her experience in when to look cute, and when to look sexy, and as soon as the door to her room turned her sex appeal up to 11. She stripped off all her clothes giving her gentleman as sexy a "fuck me" look as she could give.

Svetlana was making her big return to the Challenge.

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