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Cleaning up gets down and dirty.

I mean, seriously, our electric bill should not be this high. I guess they spend more time here than I do, what with their nine to five weekday jobs and all. Well, I have some things I need to go do, namely gathering more magic herbs to sell on the internet to wizards, so you should get started on that list. See you later today."

"Bye," he said, resisting the urge to question her line of work. She went downstairs, leaving him alone to start dusting the library shelves.

Halfway through cleaning up the library, just as Chris finished his lunch break and started sweeping the floors, Catherine barged into the library. "Hey! So, uh, do you do massages?"


"It's been ages since I've had a good massage. None of my roommates want to do it. And since you're here, I figured, why not have the new guy do one?" Chris looked again at the list, which featured about twenty different things he had to do over the next few days.

"I don't know if I have time for that-"

"-Sure you do! Meet me in my bedroom in half an hour-no, fifteen minutes. Rose is napping on the couch, so nobody should interrupt us. See you in fourteen minutes and..." She looked at the grandfather clock sandwiched in between two bookcases. "...fifty-three seconds!" Then as quickly as she entered, she closed the door swiftly but quietly, and ran away.

"What weirdos," Chris muttered. This wasn't what he signed up for. He thought about how much massage experience he had: none. But with the magical contract and all mandating that he had to do what they asked, he'd have to go down there and give the cute elf a massage anyway. At least it was something different than just menial housework.

When the clock struck two in the afternoon, Chris nervously walked downstairs and knocked on Catherine's bedroom door. With a sigh of disappointment, he stared at the crude "No boyz allowd" sign hanging from a nail on the front for a second before hearing her say, "Come in".

He shut the door behind him after he walked in and saw Catherine laying on her bed, belly down, nude, and with a white towel covering up her behind. Despite the elegant wooden furniture, the room looked like it had been lived in by a messy teenager. She was waving her feet in the air behind her. "Hey, you're here!"

"Yep." He tried to maintain a professional state of mind, but the naked blonde elf on the bed teasingly looking at him with her sparkling, blue eyes wasn't helping at all. He did his best to hide the growing bulge in his pants and walked closer.

"It's a little warm in here, you sure you want to be wearing that butler outfit?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"Eh... How about you take it off? A shirtless masseuse is a good masseuse."

Chris sighed and took off his suit jacket and shirt. "Better?"

"Oh yes, much better. I'm liking this." She absentmindedly stared at him for a moment, then resumed talking. "Now, how about you rub those hands all over me?" Without a word, he began to massage her smooth, silky shoulders. "Mmmm... Maybe a little lower. He obliged, and rubbed her upper back gently for some time. "I don't think my lower back is getting much attention, is it?" He shifted his focus down there. "Ah, that feels good. Do it all over me." As Catherine's back, neck, and shoulders relaxed under Chris' hands, she smiled and closed her eyes.

She spoke several minutes later. "Mmmm, my back hasn't felt this nice in a long time. Do my legs next." She kicked the towel off her body, revealing her firm ass and soft thighs. Trying hard to not let his arousal show, he began to work on her down there, molding her thighs and calves in his hands, and getting a faint glimpse of her wet warmth through the gap between her legs. Catherine kept her eyes closed, her relaxed face showing that she was enjoying the experience.

Then, she rolled over, exposing her round breasts, perky nipples, and wet pussy.

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