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An explosive orgasm.

..later you think to yourself.

"Thank you." As I accept the glass.

"To the night." As you raise your glass in a toast.

I lift my glass and down half the champagne without thinking about it. You smile inwardly to yourself. I finish the glass and then set it onto the table. I nervously fidget with the clutch in my hands.

"I have one question..." I ask.

"Yes, ask."

"Y-you aren't going to hurt me are you?" I ask anxiously.

Your smirk nearly undoes me again as you reply "I won't hurt you unless you deserve punishment. Does that suffice for an answer?"


A few moments pass and you gently take my hand and lead me over to the couch in the grand room. I take in my surroundings as your hand on my waist turns me to face you.

"First, a test, if you pass that test we continue."

I look questioningly up at you.

You pull a phone out of your pocket.

"You will call your boyfriend and tell him that you are going to suck my cock."

A moment of horror flashes in my eyes as I take the phone shakily in my hand.

I dial the number half praying my boyfriend doesn't answer.


"Hi hun, its me."

"Oh hi. What's --"

"Listen, I am going to suck Mike's cock and pay off your debt with him, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it!!" I slam the phone shut.

You smile wickedly "Good girl, you pass."

You sit on the couch and leave me standing before you.


I start to sway to a beat and as I dance I sway my hips.

I reach for the clasp of my dress and let it fall to a pool at my feet. I step out of it as you take in my bra and thong that are black and lacy. Your desire grows and your pulse quickens as you look on. I dance over to you and grind in your lap a little. I feel your cock stirring and I move just out of reach to undo my bra. I throw it over to you. It lands on the couch beside you. Continuing to dance I reach and remove my thong. I hear a groan escape your lips as my lacy gift lands in your lap. I finish up my dance by undoing my hair and letting it fall down past my shoulders and it stops only a few inches short of my tight round ass.

I kneel before you, knees spread wide to reveal my waxed and wet pussy. My eyes are downcast. Barely able to restrain yourself, your voice hoarse with desire "Come here."

I know what you want. I reach up to undo the button and then the zipper with my teeth. Your hard cock springs free. I reach for it taking the shaft in one hand and the other caressing your balls. My tongue licks at the tip swirling and sucking. My mouth works its way down the shaft inch by inch taking you into my mouth. You twist your hands into my hair and push my head quickly making me take all of you at once.

My tongue and hands continue to work you into a frenzy. I pause to blow gently on your hot, throbbing cock. A guttural noise comes from your throat; I bob up and down going faster and faster and then going so slow it's almost at a stop. You push on my head forcing me to go faster. My tongue licks, teases, caresses, and flicks on your shaft and the sensitive tip. My hands still working on your shaft and balls. I see your abdominal muscles tighten...knowing you are close.

"Take all of it, don't miss any".

I work feverishly bringing you over the edge. As you start coming in my mouth I eagerly swallow every drop, the taste sweet and salty at the same time. You continue to cum into my sweet little mouth, enjoying the way my lips and throat milk your cock. I lick you clean and lean back to kneel again in front of you.

"Did I please you?" I meet your gaze.

"Oh, very much. Let's see what else you can do my beautiful minx. Go wait for me on the balcony with your hands on the railing."

I rise effortlessly and go out onto the balcony, hands on the railing with my tight ass sweetly raised in the air.

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