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She'd rather stay in bed.

I had certainly never told her it was alright. After all, it was bed talk for fuck sake!

But on the other hand, her perfect pussy was filled to the brim with the cum of another man; and she brought it home for me to eat. It tasted so fucking good! My cock was so fucking hard it actually hurt trying to burst out of my pants.

"That's it, bitch, eat that fucking cum! You know you love it." She kept grinding her sticky, cum drenched snatch on my face. She shuddered and came, her juices now mixing in with the semen. She finally eased herself off my face and sank onto the couch, her legs quivering.

I jumped up, not even bothering to wipe my face, and quickly stripped. I walked toward her while stroking my cock but she just shook her head. "No, not now, I'm going to bed. Having both John and Terry fuck me, took a lot out of me. And then with you eating their cum? Well, I'm too tired for anything else tonight." She shakily got up and kissed me. "Good night, baby. You go ahead and take care of that and come to bed. I love you, honey." She kissed me again and went to bed.

I was taken aback. Two men; she fucked two men, let them cum in her and now refused to take care of me. I sat on the couch, thinking all that, and was quite angry. I was also stroking my rock hard cock. The entire thing had me so turned on that I came within minutes. I aimed my dick toward my chest since I didn't want to get in on the carpet. Well, that's what I told myself then but the truth was that I didn't want to waste a bit of it as I cleaned myself up, licking my fingers clean of every ounce of cum I could get.

By the time I went to bed she was fast asleep so I decided to wait until the next day to ask her about the two men who had filled her the night before. But she wouldn't tell me. She just kept telling me that she had no idea what I was talking about. She also refused to have sex with me. I began to grow frustrated.

Two weeks later I came home from work at my usual time and was a little surprised to see a strange car in our driveway. I knew most of her friends and none had a car like that, unless they got it only recently. I opened the door and called out that I was home but she did not respond. I saw that the light to the stairs was on so I stood at the bottom and called out again. This time she replied.

"Yes dear," she called back, her voice sounding particularly perky.

"I'm home."

"Could you come here, please? I need you to see this." I then herd her giggle.

As I climbed the stair I could hear her talking and giggling. As I approached the door I heard a man's voice reply, but it was too quite to make out what they said. I opened the door. "Yes hun..." that was I got out. I was floored by what I saw.

Two young, black men were sitting naked on our king sized bed, with their backs against the headboard. And my wife, who was also naked, was lying on her stomach, her legs spread wide, slowly sucking each of their cocks, one at a time, like big lollipops. Her ass was red from what I could only guess was a good spanking and I could see her pussy was red and open as well.

"Get out of your clothes and sit in the chair next to the bed," she said sternly, without even looking at me. She then began to deep throat the cock of the man who was nearest me.

As I slowly undressed my mind raced. I was so turned on but a part of me was also hurt. The two men watched me as I took off all my clothes and then took the chair that was right next to the bed. They were both young, early to mid twenties I would guess, and quite good looking. One was a lighter tone with a muscular chest and a shaved head. My wife had his cock in her mouth and most of the way down her throat; it was a good eight inches.

The other man was of a darker complexion and he had a light dusting of hair on his chest and his head held a tight cap of curls. He had mustache and he looked at me with a broad smile and winked.

"That's it, just take a seat rig

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