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Maggie was pretty good through most of it, but by the end she was sitting on the steps in front of my apartment sobbing and rocking back and forth. I called Craig and told him what was happening. He said he'd be here momentarily.

While waiting for Craig, Maggie called her father and he also said he'd be right here. I tried to hold Maggie, but she shrugged my attempt off and glared at me, while tears continued to roll down her face. This is what I was afraid of. She was going to blame me for this. Hell, she was probably right. It was my fault. I was an idiot for thinking that these drug dealing assholes would just go away. They were just waiting for things to cool down and then come after me -- only Maggie and Maddie got in the way.

After everyone arrived at almost the same time, there was no way to calm down a mother whose child had been kidnapped and that just ramped up the emotions of everyone else. Nothing substantive came out of the yelling, screaming, and crying that was going on. We had moved upstairs into my apartment and now there were all kinds of discussions, none of which appeared to be productive. Finally, Mr. Bradford came over, glaring at me.

"So, what do you intend to do about this?"

I stared at him. I hated him in that moment, but he was right, it was my fault and it was my decision about what to do. I looked at my watch. It was now 7:30. "I'm going to tell them that I'll get the $25,000 on Monday and bring it to them." There really wasn't any other choice.

"I can't bear the thought of Maddie being with them for the weekend." He was actually appearing more human now.

I thought about it. Maybe he would like to help. "If you have $25,000 cash laying around that you can get your hands on this weekend, then I can do it tomorrow. You loan me the money and I'll pay it back next week."

He looked at me a little askance. "You think you will be around next week?"

I took a deep breath. He knew exactly what was going on here. "That remains to be seen."

He stared at me and then pulled out his phone. He called someone named Frank and asked him to meet him in the office in 20 minutes. He turned to me. "I'll be back in an hour with the money." Then he turned and left.

I was a little shocked at this turn of events. He was actually helping. Of course he was. It was his granddaughter that was in trouble. I wondered if he would have reacted that way if it was Mary, the black sheep.

The ladies were all together and commiserating with each other so Craig came over. He pulled me into the next room. "I have three buddies from Ft. Lewis who will be here in 30 minutes. They left just after I headed over here. They are young, single Rangers. I served with them before and they said they would do anything they could when I told them about Maddie. They're idealists with a strong sense of reality."

I stared at him. "They reacted that fast?"

"They are all experts, they are bored, and they hate drug dealers. They owe me and they'll do whatever we want. They also have excellent private weapons since they are all hunters. We'll have two excellent shooters here in a short time and the other is not bad."

I thought about it. "Okay, but we will have to work out how to employ them very carefully."

"Right." Obviously, while I was working with distraught people, Craig had been thinking about this. "Okay, look, we can't finalize anything until he names a place. But if we come up with one that he considers neutral, maybe we can control a few things. For instance, we can get good vantage points for a couple of shooters and some clear fields of fire for them on anyone he brings along. In any case, two can be shooters and the third can take out anyone they try to put into position like we are doing. I think we need to see if we can name the place, but if we can't, then we have to work on how to do it on his turf, which could be bad. Do you think you can get him to go do a neutral place?"


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