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Pearl learns what 'entertainment' means in New Sheoth.

The priest was deeply experienced and, where James just took, took, took, the priest also gave.

After the two plowings, and knowing that both the prince and the priest intended to be there again and frequently, Guarin was exhausted and rolled onto his side when he was alone. But he wasn't alone for long. In the night, the captain of the guard, a tall, muscular man, who was even thicker than the prince and even longer than the priest and who was younger and more virile than either, entered the cell and stretched out behind Guarin. Even though aware that Guarin had already taken a man that evening-he didn't know that the priest had dipped his wick in Guarin as well-Miguel had needs of his own and had watched the prince fuck Guarin. Miguel had a throbbing erection and his own need.

Guarin woke to the sensation of one strong hand cupping his chin, bringing his face into the scratchy chin of the soldier, and the other hand palming his belly and pulling his buttocks into Miguel's crotch and onto his throbbing cock. Miguel took him, first in a side split, and, later in the night in other positions, seeding him again and again and fucking him into the dawn.

By the morning Miguel thought he was in love. By the morning, Guarin thought he was close to having been fucked to death, but he was purring and hadn't tried to push the soldier out of bed.

It was fortunate that the services of a bard came mostly into play in the evening hours. It was unfortunate, though, that the men of the castle-the prince, the priest, and the soldier-were mainly free to play in those same hours.

* * * *

"Where is Miguel? Have you seen Miguel?"

The court priest, Tom__s de Mendoza, was holding Guarin bent over the cot in the young bard's cell. It was pitch dark in the night, and Mendoza had stolen into the cell and pulled Guarin, naked, out of his cot.

"I don't know where Miguel is. I haven't seen him for two days." That was the truth and Guarin was jittery as a result. He hadn't lain under anyone for two days. The prince had promised to plow him almost daily, but now the prince seemed to be avoiding him.

"Has Miguel been covering you? What have you told him? What have you told him about your ancestry? He has Jews in his ancestry. I know that. Has he been covering you and sharing that you both have Hebrew ancestry?" It came out as a hiss. Mendoza had other snake-like aspects, and he was quaking as he held Guarin bent over the bed and close from behind. Guarin could feel the insistence, the excitement, of the man through the cloth of his cassock. The musician was already trembling and moaning. He needed the cock.

"No, I haven't lain with Miguel," he lied. "I want to lie under you." The priest already knew too much. It was dangerous for him to know any more. "I haven't told him anything about my grandmother. He knows nothing about that. He's just a soldier. I don't know him and I don't know where he is. I want you. I want you inside me."

"Something is afoot," Mendoza whispered. "The captain of the guard has gone missing. He has Jews in his background. The archdeacon is strutting around like he knows something, like he's up to something. He's said there are Jews in the background at the court-that members of the court are influencing the prince to lift the Inquisition . . . that the Inquisition will ferret them out and crush them before that can happen . . . that anyone knowing of the Jews in the court and not telling him will be put to the rack. Even the prince is cowering from him."

"Why do you care so much?" Guarin asked. "I thought you were just holding it over my head because you wanted to cover me. But is it more than that? Do you have Jews in your background too, Father Tom__s?"

The priest didn't answer that, he just repeated, "Have you told Miguel anything? Have you seen him?"

"I told you I haven't," Guarin whimpered. "But I have need. You are hard. Please, Father Tom__s, I need it."

"Very well, but speak to no one about anyone else's background . . . and avoid Archdeacon Valera."


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