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With no boots on...

Louis cast me a questioning look as Vita and Lais helped a visibly shaken Jasmine and Elsa into the limo, I shook my head and just asked that we get the ladies back to their rooms.

But when I got into the limo and shut the door, Jasmine had other plans.

"Louis, take the long way round please." She reached over and rolled up the driver partition.

I barely managed to squeak out a "Why-" before Jasmine straddled me and attacked my mouth with hers.

Elsa snuggled in next to me and kissed my neck as I made out with Jasmine. She looked up at me with those piercing blue eyes. "You were so fucking sexy back there, rescuing us from Dbag. Actually, you've been teasing us all night and I need your cock right now so just shut up and enjoy this."

Soooo... this was happening.

I'd been doing my best all night not to seduce these younger Angels because they were least likely to bring anything to Baywatch Secrets anyway (so I wouldn't want them for at least the pilot) and I worried that jumping into acting so early in a modeling career would be a fatal mistake, exemplified by none other than yours truly. I also didn't want to blow my cover as a tour guide so early, with a week to go in the Swim shoot.

But you know what? Fuck having possible regrets. Fuck worrying about what-ifs. Fuck living life by a grand plan. Fuck -not- fucking when you -can- fuck. YOLO.

I grabbed Jasmine's tight ass in response and the half chub I had been nursing all night blossomed into full hardon. Elsa and Jasmine took turns making out with me and unbuttoning my shirt, while Lais and Vita, new best friends, continued their makeout session from the club but helped to work my shoes and socks off.

When I was fully shirtless, Jasmine scooted over to my left to make room for Lais and Vita (Laita?), and turned her attention to her Swedish BFF and the girls kissed passionately, bonding in equal parts over their recent scary experience and over their raw sexual energy. I reached up and drew down the zips holding up both their dresses, Elsa in her silky thin LBD, Jasmine in that form-hugging metallic dress I had been admiring all night. Meanwhile, Laita had got my pant zip down and tugged my pants and boxers down together, causing my erection to spring up once freed from the prison it had been in all night.

I was buck naked on the back seat of my limo going thru the streets of St. Barts. Now in their ample bras with their dresses down to their waists, Elsa and Jasmine stared into each other's eyes as they shifted in their seats and lowered their mouths to my cock. Jasmine, the oldest and most experienced of the group, held my cock up in one hand and invited her blonde friend to join her in licking up the sides of my shaft. When they reached the head of my penis, I massaged their necks in pleasure as I watched Lais and Vita return to the opposite seats to pleasure each other while I was occupied.

Before long I could pay attention to nothing else as my grateful Angels sensuously sucked my dick and traded it back and forth like the tastiest lollipop in the world. I unhooked Elsa's lacy pink bra and she popped up to stick her tongue in my mouth, leaving Jas to take over ministering to my erection with her bottomless throat. Elsa's full lips were manna from heaven, and I sucked on them for all they were worth. Then Elsa took over Jasmine and started sucking hard on my dick while her hand continued rubbing the base of my dick. Instead of kissing me, however, Jasmine reached over and fished out Elsa's phone, and started to take snaps of Elsa on my dick while she flashed a thumbs up smiling as much as it is possible to smile while sucking on a rock hard dick.

Soon it was Jasmine's turn and Elsa took snap after snap as Jasmine, hair pulled back in a ponytail, showed her friend a more slow, sexual (if that's even the right word?) way to suck my dick, twisting her head around as she sucked on it.

I loved every little twist.

While the selfie couple did their thing, I looked over at the other seats.

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