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Sometimes you don't know what you like, until you're told.

"No sir, I'm ok right now."

"Do you want to try something now? Or would you rather wait?" he wanted to know.

"I'd be willing to do something now sir." I answered.

"OK, good, get undressed, then kneel down again.

I think I almost fainted. Everything seemed to go white. I didn't move for a minute, or what seemed like a minute, maybe it was only seconds. Then I slowly got up, and stood in front of this man whom I've only known for 2 days. I lifted his shirt over my head, showing my plain white bra. I looked at him for approval. He nodded and I reached behind my back and unclasped it. I slowly brought the straps down off my shoulder to my arms, and let it fall to the floor.

He smiled at me and nodded again. I tried to smile back through my beet red face. I don't think it really came through.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

I could only nod at this point.

I pushed the waistband lower, alternating left and right side, trying to get some kind of sexiness out of my clumsy striping. I let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. I wanted to touch my breasts or something, dance or move in some way, standing there was killing me. I didn't do anything though. I just pulled my bikini style plain cotton white panties down to my ankles. I slipped them off and kicked the pile to the side.

It worked, I was humiliated through and through. It wasn't bad enough to strip in front of him, but I had to do it badly. What a shmuck I am. I got back down on my knees but wouldn't look away from the floor.

"You did great" He reassured me. "Did that turn you on?"

"Yes Sir, I was loathe to admit.

"Good, I'm glad you enjoyed it." He said with a grin ear to ear.

"We left our sodas in the kitchen, why don't you go grab them." He gave me my first go fetch order.

"Yes Sir" I said getting to my feet.

I walked into the kitchen noticing that all the shades in the house were open, I didn't think anyone was looking, but should they try, they would have a clear view of me walking around in my birthday suit.

"How do you feel about name calling" I heard him shout from the other room.

"I'm not sure" I yelled back as I walked back to his bedroom.

I wanted to be good at something tonight, I placed his soda on the nearest flat surface to him. I gave him a little curtsey, I wasn't sure why I did it. I then knelt in front of him with my soda in my hands.

"OK, well I think I like name calling. I think it fits a lot of things you like, so we'll go with it. From now on you can refer to me as Sir or Master, nothing else, to no one else, except in business or family. Friends we'll take on a case by case basis, we'll slowly let them know about you as we think they can deal with it. You don't HAVE to call me master, I don't expect it until we both feel that I am actually a master, but you'll call me sir to show your submission and you place. Understand?"

"I understand sir." I said, "But if we continue along these lines, I'll be calling you master by the end of the night. It isn't a title about your skill, but of your place. I am willing to do as you say. Whatever that might be."

I almost didn't believe myself. I knew I liked to submit, but I've never talked like that before

He started laying rules down again, "Your name will vary, it might be whore one minute, cunt another, and sweety, or honey the next minute." He continued, "I need more time to read and I need to see how good of a housekeeper you are. So while I research you go see what you can find to clean. It's late, so no vacume. Start with the bathroom or kitchen I guess."

He kept his place pretty clean, it didn't take much to get it looking nice. I spent an hour on the two rooms before I heard him calling me. I walked quickly into his bedroom.

"Yes sir?" I said when I got there.

"I'm getting pretty tired. How about you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm about out of gas I think." I told him.

"You horny?" he asked almost shyly.

I nodded slowly unsure of myself.

"Me too" He replied.

"Let me see you masturbate." He told me.

I looked at him quizzically.

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