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"It's perfect, Gloria. Come and touch it, at least. I know you want to do that much."

Gloria obliged willingly, plunking onto her knees in front of my big dick. She reached out with her little hands and grabbed at my dick. "Wow," she breathed as she struggled to wrap two hands around my thick cock. She ran her fingers down the length of my cock, and then leaned forward to tentatively touch her outstretched tongue to my meat. When I felt her mouth on me I gave a small groan to encourage her. Soon she was giving my cock a broadside of kisses, licks and sucks.

"Mom, it won't work. Look!" Gloria linked her fingers together to form a chain around the base of my cock and then waved my meat in the air.

Mrs Eggleston moved to stand beside me. "Gloria, take off that silly little scrap of a bathing suit and lay back on the bed. I've got an idea."

Gloria obliged and I stared at the completely bare pussy as she spread her narrow thighs for me. I marveled at her concave belly and perky tits.

In another moment I saw nothing but Mrs. Eggleston's bathrobe as Mrs. Eggleston stood in front of me, her back to me, and then lifted one leg to swing it over my cock. My soaring hopes were soon dashed as I felt her buttocks nestle against my pelvic bone and her arms wrapped around me to cup and squeeze my buttocks. With her straddling my cock so close to my body, a full five inches of my cock still jutted out from her pelvis.

"There my Dear," Mrs. Eggleston said. "This way you'll never have to deal with more than half of his giant cock, okay?"

I could feel the heat of Mrs. Eggleston's pussy on my cock. Her lavendar scent saturated my nostrils. As she straddled me her bathrobe raised up her thighs and exposed her legs. I felt the heat of her skin against my thighs as she slowly rotated her hips, grinding against my stiff shaft.

Gloria spread her lovely thin legs and stared at my abbreviated penis as Mrs. Eggleston nudged me with small pressures of her flexing thighs. Together we lowered the tip of my cock to Gloria's pussy. Mrs. Eggleston spread the lips and then clamped her thighs around my cock and pulled me forward. I felt warmth on my cockhead and heard Gloria suck in her breath.

I couldn't hold back now. I ran my hands up under Mrs. Eggleston's bathrobe, feeling her smooth skin and the generous swell of her hips before they ran into the narrow swoop of her waist. Her hands quickly grabbed mine and pinned them in place against her hips.

"Oh," Gloria breathed, "give it to me. Give me that big fat cock."

Mrs. Eggleston squeezed my cock with her thighs and I pushed forward. I could only see Mrs. Eggleston's back and the mane of black hair that she had finally unleashed and I was in heaven. I smelled deeply as much as I could so I could save her scent in my memory.

My cock pushed against something, and with Mrs. Eggleston's squeezing encouragement I thrust forward again and suddenly felt hot liquid fire around the head of my cock.

"Unnhhh, wow!" Gloria groaned as the tip of my member, protruding from between her mother's thighs, inched into her tight pussy. Mrs. Eggleston's buttocks tightened against my stomach and her thighs clenched tightly on my dick, pulling me forward. I obliged, surging enthusiastically with my hips, imagining I was sinking down to my hilt in the luscious curves of the perfect Mrs. Eggleston.

"Not so fast, stud," Mrs. Eggleston warned, and pushed back at me to prevent my cock from tearing too deeply into her daughter. I bit my lip and leaned forward, resting my forehead against Mrs. Eggleston's back, luxuriating in the warmth of her body through the thin fabric of her bathrobe yet wrestling with the agony of not being able to kiss her bare skin or taste the sweat rolling off her heaving body as she impaled her pussy on my cock.

Gloria clamped her legs around the two of us and I felt her hands reach past her mother to grab my buttocks and pull me urgently into her.

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