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Alana gets to know her Tae-Kwon_Do instructor better.

I told myself that my purpose for doing this was to regain that feeling but I couldn't stop thinking about his hand wrapped around his dick. Slowly I began to give in to my thoughts and allowed myself to close my eyes and picture it. When I realized that my hands wanted to reach down between my legs and pleasure myself I stopped and forced myself to stop picturing that image.

After dinner that night I went to my room and I was haunted by the fact that I almost pleasured myself to the image of my dad jacking off. I was torn between my conscious telling me it was wrong and my body telling me it was right. Then I remembered Jennifer's advice and opened my lap top. I did just as she had instructed and soon I was looking at a page full of daddy daughter stories and confessions.
I laid in my bed reading story after story until I fell asleep.

That night I had a dream again. I was sitting in my dad's lap in his chair and he was telling me that my bikini was too small as he took my top off. Once he had it off he told me to stand up then he pulled my bottoms down and crumpled both of them up and threw them over his shoulder towards the garbage. He reached out and wrapped his hands around my hips pulling me onto his lap.

As I sat there he told me I was beautiful and that I would always be his princess. As he talked I could feel his bulge growing in his shorts beneath my bare ass. He reached around me with both arms and placed his thick hands on the tops of my thighs. He slowly rubbed back and forth, spreading my legs gradually with every stroke. I started to grind my hips and slide my ass across his bulge before the sound of my own pleasure made me wake up with a gasp.

Did I just moan out loud. I thought as I sat up in my bed.

I couldn't believe I had dreamed that just now and it was harder still to accept that I wasn't feeling sick to my stomach or really regretting it in any way. It was quite the contrary, I wished I could just lay back and continue the dream.

Once I accepted the fact that I wasn't able to return to my dream I got up and went down stairs. On the counter there was an envelope with my name on it. I opened it up and realized that I was so caught up in my dad's lust for my body and my need to see how far he would go that I forgot it was Friday. Inside the card was a note, three hundred dollar bills and a gift card to Victorias Secret.


Happy birthday princess. I am so proud of the woman you are becoming and I am sorry I have been so hard on you. Here is some birthday money for you to do with as you please. I wish I could be home and take you shopping but I think you are old enough now to make your own choices. There is also a gift card so you can get yourself a new swimsuit. We can celebrate more tomorrow when I am off work for the weekend. Have fun and don't worry about your grouchy old dad telling you what you can buy.

Happy 18th Birthday princess!

Love Dad.

As I tucked the card back into the envelope I caught a glimpse of a streak on the sliding glass door. My thoughts instantly shifted to my dad stroking himself aggressively at the window. I could feel myself tingle and start to get wet.

I walked back up the stairs, grabbed my lap top and took it to my dad's bed. I laid down on top of his soft comforter and opened the browser to the stories I had spent all night reading. One title stood out to me and I clicked on it instantly. It was called "Daddy's Cock." It was a story about a girl who would always see her dad walking around the house naked. One night she walked into her dad's room and her life changed forever.

"When I walked through the door to tell my daddy goodnight I was shocked to find him sitting on his bed stroking his cock.

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