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You may pay for this meal. In time, you will learn when it is appropriate for you to pay, and when you should leave it to me," she instructed me.
I marveled at her confidence. Just 18, but she seemed so self-assured, and so mature. I wondered if being a military brat had forced her to grow up faster or if she was just that smart. I put down my credit card, and then it also occurred to me that if her officer of a father ever learned about what we were doing together, that displeasing Mistress was the least of my troubles. My realization must have shown on my face.

"What's wrong my pet?" she asked.

"Ah, Mistress, where do your parents think you are right now?" I asked.

"Oh, don't you worry about them. My father is overseas, and my mother...well, let's just say that I have her under control," she answered, and smiled at me. I knew better than to ask more questions. The waitress returned my credit card with the receipt. I added a generous tip, and signed it. Mistress was already standing, and I quickly followed her out of the restaurant. We drove back to my apartment, and when we arrived, she turned to me in the car as I turned off the engine.

"Pet, you have done well today. Tomorrow, you may have the day to yourself. Remember to wear your special lingerie for me, everyday. As winter approaches, you'll come to appreciate the extra warmth that the stockings provide. Next week, we will visit the store together, and we will choose more lingerie for you with the gift certificate. Now, for your homework, I want you to stroke yourself each night, and think of me. I want you to bring yourself to the verge of climax, but do not let yourself cum. You will teach yourself to control your orgasms. Someday, perhaps you will not need your vitamins to truly please me. Keep your collar on whenever you are in your apartment. I will allow you carry it in your bag to school, but not wear it. Instead, you will wear this in school," she said, handing me a necklace made from a leather string, no thicker than a boot lace, with 5 black beads. I looked at them, and I could see that painted on the beads in black were the letters M-Y-P-E-T. I could only see them if I looked very carefully, and mostly by letting the light reflect off of the beads to see where there was no reflection. It was similar to a style that many of the boys and girls were wearing. They were readily available in the downtown shops.

"Thank you, Mistress. I will wear this for you," I said. I felt myself going flush. I knew that no one would really be able to read or even see the letters, but I also knew that it would be noticed as no one of my age wore this type of necklace. The kids would ask about it. I would need a story.

Mistress looked at me, holding me with her piercing gaze, then reached her hand around my neck, and drew me to her. She kissed me softly.

"Good night my pet," she whispered, and got out of the car. I watched her walk away from the car, down the street and turn the corner. I realized I had no idea how she got to my apartment, nor where she lived. I went into my apartment, and sat on the couch. I felt oddly lonely suddenly. Feeling restless in my solitude, I got up again, and went to the bedroom to get undressed. I stripped down to my lingerie, did my night time routine, and lay on the bed. I had homework to do, and I wasn't going to fall behind on my first night.

Monday morning started with a rush of adrenaline.

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