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The danger of having a far too attractive wife.

I know that that it would be lot nicer if it was your sperm in there but until that happens, I am sure that you will enjoy these. Love Pam."

In May Pam became a grandmother for the first time. Her son and his wife had a daughter and she sent me a picture of her holding the baby.

She wrote, "she is such a beautiful baby and I am so happy for them. But I still don't want to get old!"

Summer passed and the emails continued every week, plus a few phone calls as well. I saw Deb a number of times down at the flea market but we never had much time to talk, just a quick hello and that was it. Although the one day when it was really warm out, Deb had on a tight tank top with no bra that really showed off her breasts.

I told Pam about it in the next email and said, "I see that big boobs and nipples run in the family!"

Then on Wednesday of the second week of September, I got a card from her. I pulled it out of the envelope and the cover read, "An Invitation." I opened it. On the left side was taped a picture of a bed and breakfast along with the name and address of the place which she copied off from their website. On the right she wrote. "My love. You are invited to spend a nice romantic evening with me at this bed and breakfast next Tuesday. Just let me know if that is okay with you and what time you can be there for. One very horny Pam!"

This was a surprise but it was a good surprise. She had told me that her husband was going to be out of town on business that week but I didn't think that she would do anything like this.

I sent her an email and said, "Hell yes! I can be there for 6:00 PM."

Pam wrote back, "I already made the reservation but since it is for the middle of the week they aren't busy and the lady that owns the place said that it would not be a problem to change it. She told me that we can have any room we want," and sent me a link to their website. She finished up with, "Make sure that you get a good night's sleep on Monday!"

I looked at pictures of the rooms on the website and emailed her back with the one I liked the best. The bed and breakfast was located out in the middle part of the state, which was a three-hour drive for me. I knew the area because it was close to where I had gone to college and I had a computer client out there for a few years as well, but I had never stayed there before.

The weather was cloudy as I drove out and I got there a few minutes before 6:00 PM. The place was a large old Victorian house with parking in the rear. I pulled in and Pam was already there. She got out of her car as she saw me drive in. She was wearing a black wraparound skirt, sheer black pantyhose which surprised me, an off white vest and a sheer white blouse underneath. I parked my truck, got out and walked over to her. We had a long kiss and then an even longer hug.

"Where you waiting long?" I asked

"Just a few minutes," she said.

"This is a real surprise," I replied

Pam smiled and said, "I warned you back in March that you would be seeing me again soon."

We kissed again and she went over to her car and got out a small suitcase. I went back to my truck and got my travel bag.

I asked, "can I carry that for you?"

She replied, "thank you but it is not too heavy."

We went in and the lady that owned the place was waiting for us. She gave us a room key, one for the back door as well, and showed us to the room. The room was big. It was called the Green Room because of the dark green wallpaper. There was a king-sized bed with tall posts at the corners and small hot tub right in the room as well. She told us that if we needed anything just to call her and she left.

I said to Pam, "this is great, but I really have to take a piss."

She laughed and replied, "go ahead, I had to stop on the way."

The bathroom was nice as well with a big shower. I pissed, washed my hands, and went back out in the bedroom.

I asked, "so what is on the menu for tonight?"

Pam walked over, put her arms around my neck and replied, "we are just going to keep it simple.

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