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It was magical, it was a bond, and we were lost in each other unaware of the place. The smell of her skin got me excited below my belt, she felt it and gave a naughty smile to me.

She wanted me badly, so she took over the situation and went a little rough over me, she pulled my hair back sexily and planted a deep kiss in me she slid my shirt to plant a kiss on my shoulders ( she loved my shoulders and arms the most).

We were hooked we were lost in each other. I started playing with her curls. While she was getting fully erotic. She played with my hair and planted deep kisses every time. She arched her back for me to come in on her. While I sucked on those juicy lips, our tongues met, saliva's jelled and she was loving it. Pulling me into make us into one she was connected.

She started slowly moving her bottom's, the heat was too much, slow movements fastened and she was literally humping me while she holding my head and kissing as she had missed me for ages. She was craving for me to touch her boobs.

She wanted me to suck on I made my move into her neck deep. Giving her the sensual touch my tongue was doing the magic. She could not control, while I started licking her neck from her neck deep to her ears the long strides made her hold me harder and press me harder on her.

The slow strides on the ears and biting them sensually gave her more pleasure it was an ecstatic movement for her. I could totally see the hunger in her eyes. She wanted me, she wanted to feel my skin my chest her hands were rolling on my bare chest and abs, she wanted to pull my shirt out and feel the warmth of my skin she could not resist it.

Just as all these actions were happening. I could see we had grabbed a lot of attention from the surrounding compartments. She had not observed and I didn't care much. The tension in me slowly was building up and we had reached a point where there was no turning back. We wanted each other at any cost and we were up for it, even if it was the train.

The train was going at its full pace, and so were we. We once again lip locked, she was good, really good, she knew the art of kissing while I mastered it. Her soft lips with the strawberry flavored lip gloss made it even more tempting to chew them.

The wetness and the slow bites made her close her eyes and we both were lost in pleasure. Slowly the passion increased more saliva mixed, our tongues met we frenched kissed, naughtily played with our tongues for some time and our eyes met. She laughed and I smiled back, she looked relaxed, comfortable but hungry for more.

I pulled her close and whispered " I love the way you smell and I will make you my queen, would you like joining me" she smiled, nodded in affirmation and kissed me back showing that she is loving all that attention.

We pulled our bag pack kept in it on the upper birth and made sure that they would be safe there and moved towards the washroom. I let her lead me and watched the way she swayed her ass while walking. She saw I was checking her lowers out, she came close and whispered: "They are just waiting for you, it is all yours, my dear" she winked and went ahead as I smiled and just followed the angel.

The washroom was clean compared to the regular Indian Railway Standard, we had quite some room there. We had locked ourselves in and it was all ours. She was hungrily looking at my eyes and waiting for me in a corner to make a move.

I moved in very slowly without breaking the eye contact, as soon as I reached close to her, she grabbed me and hugged me tight. It felt nice, her head was placed on my chest, I felt the warmth of her breath on my skin and her breasts kissing my abs. I kissed her on her head and locked myself tight giving her warmth from my side. She felt secure that she was in safe hands.

She slowly looked at me still not ready to lose the hug " I want you, please fuck me hard " I smiled In affirmation and whispered " you are beautiful.

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