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Chris and his mother attend a party hosted by his therapist.

On her return home after a brief sojourn in hospital, she had made it quite plain that the 'marriage' was over; she had never really loved him anyway.

Mike buried himself in his work and was successful in his field. He had not even been aware that she was screwing around behind his back, until... well, it hardly mattered now. The fact that he had almost killed the guy when he had hit him had never came to court. The man had refused to press charges and the case had been dropped by the police.

Sally moved out the same day. Mike had taken some pleasure from changing the locks and having the new alarm system installed. Now, after the storm, it was all academic anyway.

Mike was brought out of his reverie by Kate's hand on his arm.

"Jesus, Mike, you are jumpy! Not surprising, really. Must have been quite a shock."

Kate prattled on as she handed him a cup of hot sweet tea.

"Best after the shock and all you've been through. Now I insist that you pack some clothes in a suitcase and come and stay in our spare suite; it's no trouble, and I won't hear anything else."

Under the circumstances, Mike was happy to agree, and moved his important things that were still intact across an hour later.

o - O - o

As Kate fussed about clearing the supper things away, Mike reflected on the meal he had just eaten. It had been months since an honest to goodness home-cooked meal had graced his lips, and he realised just how unappetising the local take-aways and fast food stores really had been.

Helping the older woman tidy up and put things away, Mike was aware of how little he actually knew of his neighbour 'across the way.' He had supposed that she must be over sixty, but now, as they talked, he guessed she was a little younger than that: maybe early to mid-fifties, chatty without being garrulous. He found that she was expert at getting people to talk about themselves. 'A good listener,' his mother would have said.

Slightly shocked, Mike realised that Kate and his Mother must be of a similar age. With a slight twinge, Mike also realised that Kate had been -- no, still was -- an attractive woman. Then, remembering the age gap, he mentally slapped himself down and tried to park any untoward thoughts back in the recesses of his mind.

"So you just stay here as long as you need to," Kate finished up, "Oh, and anything you want to bring across for safety while the house is in its present state, you carry on and do it. I'll give you a hand, to hold a torch and so on."

And so of course they went across and in the end brought a lot of Mike's papers and computer equipment across. His portable was OK, but at the very least the main PC Monitor was dead, so that would have to wait. He decided he would take it to his hardware engineer in the morning and get him to look at it.

As he was tidying things up to make his room presentable, Kate arrived with a coffee.

"Now that you know where everything is in the kitchen, you just help yourself if you want anything. Oh, and Mike, that phone over in the corner is a separate line. I had it put in when my daughter lived at home -- it was cheaper; she paid for her own calls that way -- so, if you need it for your computer or anything, just use it. If needs be, we'll settle up later. Now, you've had a hell of a day. I'd have some sleep; I'm going to. Good night, see you in the morning."

And like the whirlwind of energy she seemed to be, she was gone.

Mike had a shower, drank his coffee, and climbed into bed, naked as usual. Surprisingly quickly, he went to sleep, pondering over the day as he did so. As his tiredness claimed him, he was vaguely aware of the image of Kate's rather sexy rear as she had bent over earlier to put something away...

o - O - o

"Wake up sleepy head!"

The cheery greeting, and the bright sunlight as Kate pulled the curtains open, woke him up with a start.

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