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Anger leads a sub to try to switch.

Feeling his grip close around her mound, the redhead moaned in helpless frustration, kicking her legs in protest.

"Fuck I love a shaved cunt," he hissed into her ear. "You ready to get wet for daddy?"

Oh gawd! He's touching my...oh no...this can't be! Panic gripped the young woman feeling Brick's fingers squirming into her soft, smooth pussy lips. I can't fight back...I have no way to even resist...I'm just a toy to him... She shuddered feeling his hand groping deeper...not again not again not... A rough finger pushed into her seam, spreading unwanted arousal through her curvy hips. NO! I won't be his whore!

The redhead tried stubbornly to push down the sensation of the hand between her legs. She ignored the spreading warmth and sent her mind somewhere cold. Taking a deep breath, she forced her nerves to calm.

He can take my body but I won't give him my mind! she promised herself.

The man squeezed her pussy tight enough to make her jump and send a tremor down her long legs. The bound heroine swallowed hard, forcing her breathing to stay steady. Try as she might, the redhead simply could not ignore the feeling as he began kneading her hairless labia. She squirmed miserably as he spread her open. Rubbing his thumb between her pussy lips, and finding her clit, she could not hold back a shuddery moan.

"See, Scarlet Bitch," he murmured directly into her ear. "Turns out you're just another slut, after all!"

No, it can't be true, it's just a physical reaction, she thought as his rough thumb worked over her sensitive clit. It's like he's turning my body against me...but he can't make me want this! I'm not a slut...

Despite her defiant thoughts, her body's betrayal continued. She could not keep from getting even wetter as he toyed with her pussy. Feeling her juices flowing between his fingers, Brick made a noise like a hungry growl and pushed a finger into her! The sudden penetration forced a moan from her throat, and the helpless redhead shuddered, soaking his hand.

"Good girl, such a good wet little slut!" his own voice was almost a moan.

Shame washed over the heroine as his finger began pumping her tight, wet hole, sending sensual energies surging through her curvaceous body. Squirming against his firm frame, unwelcome desires filled her head. A second finger pushed inside her, sending a tremor all the way down her long legs to the tips of her dainty toes. Starling swallowed hard, biting her lower lip to keep it from trembling. She fought hard but was utterly failing to resist the unwanted arousal. While his fingers thrust into her tight, warm cunt, Brick continued to knead her plump breast as well, spreading electric heat all through her hips and torso.

Tear of shame began to well up in her pretty green eyes, as the young heroine found herself once again in the clutches of a common criminal, defenseless against his molestations and presumably moments from becoming his helpless fucktoy.

Chapter Six

With Brick's fingers already thrusting in her tight little pussy, Starling couldn't hold back a deep throaty moan as his thumb found her clit once more. The sudden surge of arousal left her limp, and so she let her head fall back onto his shoulder. Immediately he leaned in, capturing her with a deep kiss. Moaning in protest, but unable to pull away from the lip lock, she felt his thick, slimy tongue invade her mouth. Overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness, the young woman returned the kiss, feeling as if she had no other choice.

He's got me...and I can't do anything about it, she thought despondently.

When Brick pulled away from the kiss, he pulled away completely. Starling swayed, hanging weakly in her bonds. She looked up at him inquisitively, still tasting his saliva on her lips and tongue.

"I think you're enjoying this too much!" he said, smirking at her. "I'm not going to enjoy my sentence, you ain't going to enjoy this!"

"How could you think I'm enjoying a moment of this?"

"Yeah, well, we better make

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