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"She threw everything she had into last night, and demons can suck the very force of life out of anything around them to keep going. If that's what you were about to ask. Anathane stole the life of the air and gave it to you so you could keep fucking her. Gods, does she have a sex drive..." Elassa murmured, turning over onto her stomach.

Jack, ran his fingers through her hair slowly, feeling every silky strand. A tingling sensation ran up his arm. He closed his eyes and Elassa brought a hand to his chest. They lay there for a while, silently enjoying each other's company. Jack didn't have many moments like these anymore. Sometimes, before this week, he'd sit down somewhere and think for a while.

Nowadays, he was being assaulted every time he was lying flat on his back. Still, even though he enjoyed most of it, sometimes it wasn't as fulfilling as just lying about and doing nothing. He felt Elassa grab his hand and begin sucking on his fingers. Jack felt his arousal beginning to rise when the door buzzer rang.

"Fucking Christ! You know, somebody always needs my attention! Fuck!" Jack roared as he got out of bed and pulled on a fresh pair of boxers. Slamming his bedroom door open, he found his twins eating each other out, and he kicked the side of the couch to get their attention. Niaf looked up and grabbed his crotch.

"Hehe, c'mon and join us boyo," she cooed. Jack slapped her hand away and strode to the door. He opened it to find Anthony, the guy who owned a boarding house half a mile down the street. Jack had been friends with him since fourth grade. Though Anthony had been in seventh grade then, he was still a pretty cool guy. Albeit a little weird.

"Anthony, what're you doing here? I expected Rob or somebody asking me to go on a camping trip." Jack watched Anthony's nervous movements for a moment. His dark blue eyes looked haunted, scared.

"Look, I need help and you're the only one who can help me. I already know that you're living with someone that's not of this earth, and I don't care what they are. I just need you to come and help me, okay? I'll pay if you want," he said nervously.

"Wait, what? I'm..."

"I already know, and I have the same sort of...situation at my place. Only mine is more of a problem."

"What is it?" At the question, Anthony shook his head.

"Just, come over." And with that, Anthony stepped back and leaned against the guard rail, trembling nervously. Jack closed the door and blinked in confusion. What in the fuck was going on at Anthony's place?

After getting dressed, he followed Anthony back to the boarding house in his car, and once inside, followed him down to the basement. Anthony had locked the door behind him, which was really strange. Anthony never cared about it because he always had a gun handy. They reached the bottom of the stairs and Jack's eyes went wide.

In the center of the concrete floor was a circle lined with runes and symbols and glowing candles dripping with peach-colored wax. It smelled like lust and incense down here. The candles were the only light source available, causing the whole room to look slightly demonic. The smell of ozone was strong.

In the red circle was a woman, possessing pale blue skin and a rack to kill for. Wings were spread out on her shoulders, and a long tail was wrapped around with appeared to be a large dildo shoved into her pussy.

Jack glared at Anthony, who looked as guilty and scared as a puppy who'd just wet the carpet. He summoned a succubus, and she was trapped in the circle he'd made for her. And now, it was up to Jack to help him out of this situation. Anthony picked up a book lying on the floor and held it out to Jack. The teen groaned.

"And you summoned her using this, right?"

"Yes...but it didn't exactly work right. As you've seen, that hard-on she has is real," he said embarrassedly. Jack looked back at the succubus clawing, stroking a massive erection, and Jack groaned audibly. Great, a hermaphroditic succubus that was hard for his friend. Could this get any worse?

"Alright, you know how to calm demons dow

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