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The fire ignites; can they cope?

Miller went on, not letting Cathy off the hook.

"I'm sorry," Cathy mumbled. "I didn't hear her."


"Hello?" Elaine croaked into the phone.

Her throat was raw from crying so much.

"Hey, how's it going?" Cindy Jensen's voice dripped with false cheerfulness.

Cindy was bored. There was nothing to do in her trailer and since Doug couldn't afford to buy both her and J.R. a car and since JR. actually worked, he got the car. That had never been a problem when she was dating Paul; he drove her anywhere she wanted to go. That had never been a problem when she was with Bill for that very short amount of time.

She really resented Paul and his dad; Paul had spent their entire Christmas break working at that stupid car lot. Had he devoted any time to her, she'd never been tempted by Bill Baggett.

Elaine bubbled with joy and agreed to pick Cindy up in thirty minutes and they'd go and get coffee.

Elated, she left her room and walked down the hall to the bathroom. Elise passed, and flipped Elaine the finger. Elaine smiled sweetly as she stuck her foot out and tripped her sister.

"Hey!" Elise cried out and Elaine giggled.


"Sitting up front with me?" Cindy asked as she opened the passenger door. "Or are you sitting in the back?"

"Up front," Pam decided and Cindy got in and pulled Pam in after her.

"Buckle up," Candy said and started the car.

"We have to, Candy drives terrible," Cindy whispered and Pam giggled.

"Shut up, I do not!" Candy cried out and slapped Cindy's arm.

"Went to the Ray Charles School of Driving," Cindy whispered in Pam's ear and Pam giggled again.

"Shut up," Candy squealed again and pulled out onto Highway 19, heading toward Highway 52.

"You live at that trailer park, the one Cindy Jensen lives at, right?" Candy asked.

"Yeah, don't remind me," Pam said sourly.

"Still can't believe she dumped Paul," Cindy said.

"Should be grateful," Pam reminded her.

"Which trailer?" Candy asked and slowed to a crawl on the clamshell drive.

"Last one on the left," Pam said. "Two down from Queen Cindy."

With a kiss, Cindy let her out of the car and Cindy and Candy squealed at each other about Candy's questionable driving skills while Pam ran inside.

"Where the fuck you been?" Jashawn yelled.

"At Miss Bobbi's," Pam squeaked out, truly frightened of the large man.

"Who?" he asked.

"Miss Bobbi; she's Momma's friend," Pam said and quaked.

"Oh, oh yeah, that white bitch," Jashawn said and went back to scraping together the last of the met amphetamines into a line so he could snort it.

Pam made a snap decision and got a large garbage bag from the kitchen and carried it to her bedroom.

All of her schoolbooks were already in the bedraggled book bag so she quickly shoved all of her clothing into the garbage bag. Her shoes followed, then a few personal mementoes, the few that were too cheap for Jashawn to bother with.

"Where the fuck you going now?" Jashawn asked as she lugged her books and garbage bag to the door.

"Back to Miss Bobbi's," Pam said. "She said it's all right."

""What about me, huh?" he roared. "Huh? Suppose I say it ain't all right?"

"Is it all right if I go to Miss Bobbi's?" she asked and held her breath.

"Yeah, yeah, go on, get the fuck out of here," he finally said, forgetting why he was so mad at the stupid little bitch.

Cindy held out her arms when the small girl came running out of the trailer, lugging a garbage bag and book bag.

"Moving in?" Candy teased and put the car into reverse.

"Yeah, can I please?" Pam begged. "I swear, I won't be no trouble, and I'll clean your whole house and everything, I just can't take living there no more."

Pam burst into tears and Cindy cuddled the small girl. Candy sped the Toyota down the clamshell driveway in reverse and floored the accelerator the moment she put the car in forward.
"Wonder where they're going," Elaine murmured as she pulled into the clamshell driveway.


"Gee, didn't mean to BORE you," Sam said in as nasty a tone as she could muster.

"Sorry about that," Cathy mumbled.

: Yeah, whatever," Sam spat and jam

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