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Sisters relax, then decide the boys fate.

"Remove them," Tamara ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Mary obeyed, as she slid the thong, which is what the tag had called it, down her legs.

"Hand them to me," Tamara ordered.

Mary obeyed.

"Oh my, these are quite wet," Principal Jones smiled. "Are these wet because of me?"

Mary hadn't thought about it, but a couple of gushes of wetness she had felt during the licking said that it was so. "Yes, ma'am."

"Well come, let me taste you," she smiled, as she lay onto her back.

Mary straddled her, awkwardly, she was not the most coordinated girl in the world, before she lowered her pussy on her principal's face.

Tamara was surprised to see a hairy pussy. Today's teen girls were almost all bald down below. Yet it made sense, considering how innocent, how na__ve Mary was, and how protected she had always been by her parents.

Mary lowered her face back in the delicious pussy, finding this position very strange in comparison to her previous positions.

Tamara moved her hands to the teen's ass and pulled it down the last inch so she didn't have to crane her neck, and was swarmed with a strong heavenly scent, the perk of having long tangles of pubic hair to capture it. She then began licking, instantly enjoying the tangy taste. It was as addicting as Gloria's, the only cunt she munched on regularly. Mary's seemed to have its own addictive DNA in it (a homemade version of nicotine).

Mary moaned into her principal's cunt the moment she felt a tongue on hers... the flame burning inside her spreading like wildfire on contact, and she had trouble licking, since she was so consumed by the inferno building inside her.

"Keep licking, Mary," Tamara ordered, as she allowed her tongue to brush over the teen's swollen clit ever so lightly.

"Yesssssss, ma'am," Mary moaned louder, beginning to lick more recklessly, more wildly.

Tamara knew the teen wouldn't need much to get off, but she wanted to enjoy this rare pussy snack. So she kept teasing, just grazing the pussy lips, the clit.

And for several minutes Mary kept lapping hungrily while being teased methodically... her orgasm bubbling just below the surface... the lava of her personal volcano ready to erupt as soon as it was given the right stimulus. Meanwhile the intensity of the imminent volcano kept building and building!

Tamara's orgasm also close, she decided to finally allow Mary to come, being able to read the teen's body and knowing it would take mere seconds of extra stimulation to get her off. She aggressively took the clit into her mouth and tugged, while simultaneously using her tongue, and instantly... like magic... she felt the full drench of a sudden storm... a storm of torrential cum drops!

Mary screamed the moment Principal Jones aggressively attacked her clit... the lava instantly erupting out of her in massive gushes.

The moment the cum soaked her, Tamara knew exactly why Gloria believed Mary was the one. She was a squirter, even more so than Gloria... and in addition to the abundance of her cum, it was the sweetest taste she'd ever had... again even better than Gloria's! Tamara briefly became the addict, not the domme, and she wanted more of this teen's succulent cum. She eagerly lapped and licked as the cum storm kept coming and coming, flowing over her face, dripping into her ears, soaking into her hair and onto the bed. It felt like she was bathing in it!

Mary quit licking, unable to lick and cum at the same time... her orgasm too intense to multitask.

Tamara licked with insatiable lust until the rain of cum finished. Suddenly desperate to come herself, she flipped the teen, still trembling from her orgasm, onto her back in one quick move and sat on her face.

Mary was startled by the quick transition, but now surrounded by legs and a pussy, she leaned up and resumed licking... determined to get her principal off.

Tamara, when she was this close, almost always came the same way, by grinding.

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