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Female rapist gets even.

The tall, handsome young Black man from Somaliland who stole my heart the first time I met him at Carleton University. Dahir is simply amazing. Tall, roughly handsome, and simply too cute for words. He studies criminology at Carleton University and like me, he's bisexual.

Presently, we at the Mosque are having one of our special gatherings. My girlfriend Aamina Al-Yasser is currently kneeling before me, sucking on my thick cock. At the same time, my boyfriend Dahir is slamming his big Black dick deep into my asshole. I love Dahir and I love Aamina. I never want to choose between them. To me, it would be like choosing between your right hand and your left hand. There was a time when my dear Aamina had a big problem with male bisexuality. Not anymore. Thanks to the sacred and mind-opening teachers of the honourable Imam Abdullah, she now understands that sexuality is part of human nature and that homosexuality and lesbianism are as natural as heterosexuality. I can't thank Abdullah enough for all he has done for me, for us all.

My lovely girlfriend Aamina is simply amazing. Standing five feet eleven inches, she weighs around two hundred and forty pounds. There was a time she hated herself because of her great height and imposing weight. A time when this lovely woman born and raised in the Republic of Libya subscribed to the western world's standards of beauty. If you ask me, that's totally unhealthy. The western world worships skinny blonde women. I find my Aamina simply beautiful with her long black hair, curvaceous body, wide hips, big round butt and thick legs. I love big women. Especially the ones from the Arab world. As I mentioned before, Aamina is sucking my cock with gusto while Dahir slams his dick into my asshole like there's no tomorrow. I scream in pleasure as I climax, exploding inside Aamina's mouth. My sexy plump Libyan goddess sucks me dry, draining me of my manly seed. And she didn't spill a single drop. Is she cool or what?

While the three of us are doing our thing, other members of the Mosque are also having some wicked fun. All of which is sanctioned by the honourable Abdullah, our Imam and the representative of Allah in this world. Dahir's ex-girlfriend, a lovely Somali gal named Atifah Suleiman is also getting busy with two members of our Mosque. Atifah has really come around. She got really mad when Dahir told her that he was bisexual and wanted to be with me. Coming from the deeply conservative Somali community of Ottawa's East End, Atifah hadn't been particularly understanding of Dahir's emerging bisexuality. In time, she came to accept it. Although they're no longer dating, they're still friends. They get along okay these days, and even attend the same Mosque. How cool is that?

Right now, Atifah Suleiman is sandwiched between Omar Khaled and Ben Hussein. Omar Khaled is a good friend of mine who goes to Algonquin College in the town of Nepean, Province of Ontario. He's really good-looking so it's too bad that he's totally heterosexual. He's slamming his thick cock into Atifah's pussy while Ben Hussein fucks her in the ass. Omar is half Black and half Persian. His mother is one of those rare Saudi Arabian women who married a Jamaican man. Wow. He's a good-looking guy and a devout Muslim. I like Black men and biracial guys. Ben Hussein is from Tunisia, and he kinds of looks like a Latin stud with his tall, dark-haired, bronze-skinned self. Ben is taking up Police Foundations at La Cite Collegiale, a French school located in the town of Orleans. These two sexy guys are slamming their dicks into Atifah's holes like there's no tomorrow and the gorgeous Somalian slut is screaming like a madwoman. Atifah is naked save for the hijab, which she never takes off unless she's in bed or in the shower.

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