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You've said it. Did you mean it?

Suddenly he couldn't understand why he hadn't made a pass at Meredith before. He now understood that she was the sexiest girl in school and the more he thought of her the more attractive she became. He knew almost nothing about her, but suddenly her image filled his mind. He thought of her laughing and pouting, dressed in a jumper and then in overalls. He tried to imagine what she might be wearing beneath her clothes and what she might look like without anything on at all. For the first time in his adult life, he would pass all of the preliminary stops and just have a passionate affair with a girl. He began to search his mind for all of the chance encounters he had had with Meredith over the past few months - and maybe they weren't so chance after all. Like the night after his eighteenth birthday party when he was at Luigi's with friends and she had come to his table to mention what a coincidence it was that their birthdays were so close. How could he have been so blind? Why hadn't his friends told him that this amazingly cute girl was hitting on him. He kept trying to remember if he had ever sneeked a peek at her cleavage. No - he thought - she always kept too well covered.

Despite the dull pain in his jeans from concealing himself so long, the rehearsal did finally come to an end. A few minutes passed, and Jeff had a faint worry that Meredith had just been teasing him. Maybe she wouldn't come. The first thought that he might be angry at her had just crossed his mind - and deflated the tent in his pants - when he saw her emerge from behind the stage. Only a couple of people were still around to see his surprise at the change in her. The tomboyish hottie in the t-shirt had changes into a little dress and had makeup on her face. She didn't look bad at all, but to Jeff her quick-change seemed like a fence of femininity erected to standardize their "relationship." It wasn't enough to put him off, though, especially since for the first time he had a really good view of her magnificent cleavage.

She walked up the aisle toward him. Without a word, she shrugged a shoulder for him to follow and she exited the back of the auditorium. He did follow and was rewarded with a passionate kiss as soon as they stood together outside the school. Her lipstick tasted a little waxy and he was surprised by her vehemence, but he took it as a good sign. He put his arms around her. She was surprisingly slim in the dress. He liked the feel of the soft material. They pressed against each other and he was very aware of her top pushing into him and lower down his pushing against her. Her kissing was a little wild. Again, a good sign. He decided to go for it and reached down behind her to grab her bottom and push it to him. She squirmed and used her elbows to break his hands free, murmuring "Unh Unh" as they continued to kiss. Her little struggle only turned him on more.

Light blinded his eyes for a second and he realized that it came from the car of the campus security guard. That guy must get some nice views, Jeff thought to himself. He grabbed Meredith's hand and guided her through the oak trees to a more secluded spot. He tried again. This time he ran his hands up from her waist. Turns out she wasn't as sensitive about her boobs as she was about her butt. A couple of soft squeezes without a protest led him to handle her a little more roughly. Man, she felt great. He had never been with a girl who had such great breasts. And she was pushing back into his hands as he felt her. He was surprised at how almost mean he felt as he just continued to feel her without thinking of how she thought about it. What a dream. Still bolder, he slipped a thumb into her dress to pull it off her shoulder. She shrugged away.

"Not here," was all she said. Well, he'd have to find a better place then. The parking lot wasn't far. He led her to his car. He opened the back door.


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