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I think that's the way it ought to be. I didn't meet Jacques until I was 30." She sighed. "So many wasted years! I think I'm a good judge of people, Georges. I like you. I think that perhaps you know something about women." There was a playful gleam in her eye. "I'm hoping that you know how to treat a woman well, very well."

I inclined my head respectfully, and answered, "I hope that I do, too."

"Emma has never had any boyfriends, so far as I know. She has always been busy with her music and her studies. And do you know, she turned 18 this year?" Mrs. Hewitt smiled again. "My lord, it's about time!" Then she gave me a quick but perceptible wink and departed.


Later that week, Emma came to my door in the morning with a guest. She was a young woman of about Emma's age and complexion, wearing her hair in a mid-sized Afro and sporting somewhat ostentatious hoop earrings. She smiled broadly, revealing a slight gap between her front teeth. Her bosom was not as astounding as Emma's, but it was nice, and her tube top called attention to it. Her bare midriff was smooth and enticing.

"Georges, this is my friend Natalie. She's from the United States. She plays clarinet in the orchestra," Emma explained.

Natalie extended her hand. "So, Georges, you're from France, right?" Natalie gave me a flirtatious smirk. "Ooh la la!"

Emma explained further. "Natalie's father is Jamaican, and she comes here every summer." She smiled at her friend. "She's a good clarinetist, and she tells me everything about the United States!"

I told Natalie that I was pleased to make her acquaintance.

My visit with the girls, as it turned out, was a little awkward. Much of the time, the two girls chattered with each other about the social life among the members of their orchestra, and otherwise, Natalie flirted with me shamelessly and with little finesse, which made me uncomfortable and seemed to make Emma jealous. I thought I saw hints of vexation in her face, but Emma was a naturally gracious girl who would strive not to display a bad mood.

After a mercifully short interval, Emma said, "Natalie, don't forget, we need to get to rehearsal early today."

Natalie was smiling intently in my direction. "We do?" she said.

Emma explained patiently, "Yes, for sectionals."

"Oh drat," said Natalie. She flashed her smile at me again, saying, "Nice to meet you, Georges!" And with that, the two of them were off, leaving me to resume my composing.


That afternoon it rained unusually hard. Armadas of thick, roiling clouds sailed in until the sky over Kingston was crowded with them, and then the rain came down. The roar of the rainfall was deafening, but also soothing. Then, suddenly, the clouds dispersed, and the sunlight sparkled from every droplet that clung to the palms and the bushes.

Mrs. Hewitt delivered dinner early that evening and then left. Right away Emma appeared at my door and asked if she could join me. She was hungry and shared my meal, which, thanks to the energetic efforts of Mrs. Hewitt, was plenty for two. As we ate, the sun went down; the days are short in the tropics. Then Emma asked if I would go for a walk with her. I said that I would.

We walked along the fence in the dim twilight until we came to the spot where it was partially collapsed, and we crossed it there onto the land where Emma's home was situated.

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