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A Scottish Period Piece: Trouble in the Highlands.

For being Caucasian, his skin was actually naturally pretty dark, which made a good contrast from his dark hair. His girlfriend was jealous of all the attention he got from other women, but he never gave any back. He knew his girl was a keeper, and he wasn't about to let anything get in the way of their relationship.

He kicked his shoes off and grabbed a towel. He then started stripping his clothes off. He took off his black v neck and his tight black jeans, getting down to his boxer briefs. Just then there was a tapping noise next to the bath tub. He looked over to see what it was and found the tub to be overflowing with water. 'Shit', he thought. He used his towel to soak up the water on the floor and opened the drain in the tub. He then turned and went to grab another towel from the rack, but heard a loud gurgling sound from the bath tub.

He turned back just in time to see the tentacles flowing quickly towards him from the tub. He didn't have time to react when they knocked his legs out from under him and his butt hit the ground with a thud. 'What the fuck?!' He was thinking, and then with no warning and at lightning fast speed, the rope-like tentacles shot up and slipped under the leg holes in his boxers. He could feel the slimy things in between the boxer material and his bare flesh. They were warm, and the feeling sent tingles up and down his spine.

Out of nowhere, with tremendous strength, the tentacles tore his boxer-briefs from him, completely exposing his lower regions. "What the hell is this!?" he yelled at the thing, as if it could answer him somehow. He started scrambling to get up, but the fleshy, snakelike things wrapped around his wrists and ankles. They flipped him over so his face was on the ground, and then forced his knees towards his chest. He was in such a position that his ass was in the air and his semi-flaccid manhood hung towards the ground.

He felt confused, defeated, and humiliated. He couldn't believe he was in this situation. One of the free tentacles then lightly stroked the underside of his cock. "Fuck!" he yelled. He then thought about just how vulnerable he was in this position, and blood started rushing to his cock, bringing it from its semi-flaccid state to a full blown erection. He then looked down and saw the creature wrap itself around his throbbing member and squeeze, making it throb even harder in response. He yelped, but then moaned as the creature began stroking the length of his penis in its grasp.

He couldn't believe what was happening to him. He didn't know what scared him more; the fact that this creature was attacking him like this, or the fact that he actually kind of... no, that was impossible. Another free tentacle reached up and stroked its way, barely touching, from the nape of his neck, all the way down his spine. All this time the other thin arm was pumping away at his cock. Finally, the tentacle on his back reached his tailbone and then pulled away. He couldn't feel it on his back anymore and had an uneasy feeling.

Suddenly he felt the thing poking at his ass. "No!" he yelled. He was already imagining what he would go through next. "NO!" he screamed at the creature. It would have none of it though. It plunged its way into his hole, making him half grunt/half moan. Tears began streaming from his eyes. He had never experienced anything like this before. He could feel his orgasm starting to build.

He wasn't holding back anymore. He began moaning while the creature pumped at his throbbing cock and fucked his ass. He could feel it massaging his prostate, as it milked him. "I'm going to explode!" he screamed. The tentacle around his penis squeezed harder and pumped faster than ever. The first few strands of cum hit the ground with such force that it splashed up against his stomach, chest, and face. After that, he just kept steadily spurting more and more cum onto the ground. There was a puddle of it under him and it got in his hair, as his head was against the ground.

Finally, his long orgas

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