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Wife writes a letter to husband about THAT night.


"But I didn't see anywhere around the back," I responded.

The man nodded his head at me, "it's the back of the club."

"Oh... thanks," I responded back. I walked back out the door of the club and approached my car. "Come on Kyle, it's in the back." I turned around and headed around the side of the strip club towards the back. It seemed dark and isolated in the back of the building. The area was out of view from the street. There were a few run-down looking doors on the back of the building. I picked one at random and knocked on it with my right hand.

After a few minutes, the door opened and a busty young woman emerged from the opening. "You must be Mr. Morgan's guests," she said unenthusiastically. "He is waiting to see you. Come, follow me."

We followed the women into what appeared to be an office type setting. I could see desks and paperwork. We were eventually led to what appeared to be a conference room. In the conference room, Mr. Morgan was seated along with another man I had not seen before. Ms. Belcher was also present. There was no one else there.

"So nice of you two to join us," Mr. Morgan said in a booming voice. "This is my good friend and business partner, Jack Simmons." Mr. Morgan motioned over to the man seated next to him. "We share everything and I felt it appropriate to bring him to this meeting."

"It is a pleasure to meet both of you," Mr. Simmons said graciously. "I hear you are quite a dancer," he said smiling towards Kyle. Similar to Mr. Morgan, Mr. Simmons appeared to be an attractive, tall, older man.

Kyle blushed bright red at the compliment. "Well, I guess you will see..."

"I hope you don't mind," Mr. Morgan chuckled. "I promised you would dance for him first. Don't be shy... let's get started."

"Dancing... for both of you?" I asked surprised. "Aren't we going to have drinks... or make small talk first?"

"Oh, let the men have their fun," Ms. Belcher interjected. "That way we can get down to business sooner."

"Ok..." Kyle spoke nervously as the music started playing. He opened up the long black coat he was wearing and let it fall quickly to the ground. As the coat fell, it was revealed that Kyle was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. The thong was white and lacey with opaque patches where the pink skin of Kyle's banana shape bulge were visible.

I gasped when I saw the revealing lingerie that Kyle was wearing. Not that anyone noticed given the hooting and hollering that was coming from Mr. Morgan and Mr. Simmons. This time it was not one of my panties. I had no idea where Kyle had gotten such a thing.

Kyle blushed bright red and shyly walked over towards Mr. Simmons. As he came near him, Kyle began dancing. Whereas his previous performance had been amateurish, he now danced gracefully and professionally. It was evident that he had been practicing and preparing for the dance. His dance was erotic and sexual involving substantial shaking of his ass and package.
"Mmm, you weren't kidding about this one..." Mr. Simmons spoke in awe, his eyes mesmerized on Kyle. "And that's his wife over there...?" Mr. Simmons asked, gesturing to me.

"Yeah, nuts, isn't it..." Mr. Morgan responded with a chuckle. He was practically drooling at the sight of my fianc__'s dancing.

"Speaking of nuts..." Mr. Simmons said softly. "Come on boy, get up on my lap."

My fianc__ moved closer to Mr. Simmons. He pushed his ass back so that the bouncy cheeks began to vibrate up against the older man's lap. As he did this, Kyle felt his ass brush up against Mr. Simmons abrasive erection. It made him hesitate for a moment but he quickly resumed his dance.

"Unh..." Mr. Simmons grunted. "Oh yeah... Like that. Come on... bump up and down on it!"

Kyle nodded his head gently as he shook his body in rhythm with the music. As directed, he began moving his ass up off Mr. Simmons lap and then back down, pressing his supple cheeks up against the hard boner that strained through the material of Mr. Simmons pants.

"Oh gawd yeah.

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