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He got her, but that wasn't all.

Hopkins," she said.

Before I got the whole sentence out her finger slipped past my tight sphincter muscle and into my anus.

"Oh god," I moaned as my sphincter tightened around her finger.

"Do you like it," she asked me?

I had to admit, it did feel good. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I had a finger in my butt or if it was because it was a young girls finger, but either way I liked it.

She then slowly began to work her finger slowly in and out of my butt, coating it with the lube. But then just as I was really getting into it she removed her finger. I gasp, my butt wanting the feeling again.

"I'm going to put the nozzle in now," she said.

I just nodded not knowing if she saw me or not.

I felt the tip of the nozzle touch my anus, then Sophia twisted it and pushed at the same time. I gasped as the thick part of the nozzle slid past the muscle ring and into my bowels.

"Oh fuck!" I cried, my hand reaching down, subconsciously to play with my pussy!

"I'm going to pump it up," Sophia said, "then release the water."

"Ok," I panted.

Sophia squeezed a rubber bulb and I felt the nozzle expand and tighten in my butt. She reached up and released a clip on the hose. I felt the water enter my bowels filling me up. It was warm, nearly hot, setting me on fire. My hand worked across my clit faster and faster as more water entered my butt. I clamped my legs together, my hand still between my legs as the orgasm rocked through me. I was still cumming when Sophia turned the valve and withdrew the nozzle.

"Oh fuck!" I screamed again as the water gushed out of my ass, bringing on a second orgasm.

"Now a rinse," Sophia said as she pushed the nozzle back up my ass.

I was still panting from the tremendous orgasm I had just had when my bowels filled with water again.

"We'll leave this one a little longer," she said reaching over and pushing a handle on the wall. Water sprayed across the floor flushing the remains of my bowels down the drain.

All I could do was look at her and nod. As far as I was concerned she could leave it in me for as long as she wanted.

"Time for a quick bath now," she said, reaching down and disconnecting the hose from the nozzle. "Come with me."

I could hardly stand up but she helped me to my feet, the nozzle still plugged into my ass. She led me through the wooden door and down the hall through an other door. I could barley walk but with her help I managed my way. We entered a room with a large pool of water, wisps of vapor rising off the surface. She took me down a few steps into the water. I stood there with the wonderful feeling in my ass. Sophia picked up a cloth from somewhere and began to bath me. I just then realized that we both had lost our towels. She gently washed my face removing all my ruined makeup, then down my shoulders and over my tits. I felt helpless, at her mercy. I would have let her do anything she wanted at that point. I needed to talk, to say something just to make sure this wasn't some kind of wonderful dream.

"Sophia," I moaned as she caressed my breast with the cloth. "How come your name is Sophia if you are from Japan," I asked as it was the first thing that came to mind.

She laughed and looked at me. "I was born here, my parents are from Korean. They wanted me to be American so they named me Sophia instead of giving me a Korean name.

I guess it made some kind of sense in my befuddled brain, but talking brought me back to my senses.

"Come over here," she said leading me to the edge of the pool. Let's get rid of that last water."

She had me step up on a platform beneath the water and bend over, my butt over the rim of the pool.

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