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She laughed back at him. Luckily, the cue ball was perfectly lined up with the black ball. She swiftly struck the cue with her stick and sent it careening into the eight ball, successfully lodging it into the corner pocket.

"You owe me," she said to him. Alex walked along the opposite side of the table rolling all the remaining balls into the nearest pocket. He walked around the short side of the table and went to her. She was leaning against the pool table. The neck of her black shirt scooped low to present the swell of her breasts. Alex longed to lick the valley between her perky breasts. Rose had been tantalizing him all night and she knew it. Her red Capri pants hugged her ass cheeks perfectly. A pair of three- inch black heels adorned her tiny feet. His pants grew tight and he pulled her towards him.

Alex bent his head and captured Rose in a wondrous kiss that almost made her forget her name. His lips were soft and his tongue flicked in and out of her mouth. As they were lip locked he picked her up and set her on the top of the pool table. She let her legs fall open and he occupied the space between them. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he sucked on her neck.

Rose tossed her head from side to side in anticipation of the lust filled sex they were about to have. His hungry mouth kissed her neck and sucked on her collarbone. She murmured in delight and Alex pushed his hand up her shirt. He cupped her breast and kissed her ferociously. He pulled her black shirt up over her golden breasts. Alex kissed and licked them. His saliva seeped through the thin fabric of her black lace bra. He placed his mouth over her breast and sucked her nipple. Rose's nipples became erect with desire and she moaned for him to continue.

He removed her shirt and pulled the straps of her bra off of her shoulders almost exposing her entire breast. He licked the sensitive undersides of her breasts and she sighed with delight. He made a trail of scorching kisses from her nipple down to her navel. He pushed his tongue into the shallow indentation and swirled it around. They both desired him to repeat the same maneuver on her clitoris. Alex slipped Rose's shoes off and let them fall to the floor. His swift hands unbuttoned her red pants to reveal a lack of panties.

Alex's erection surged against his pants. He slid her pants down her tanned temptress legs and she shot a menacing look in his directions. Alex parted her legs and gazed upon her landscaped pubic hair. Rose had removed all but a tiny strip of silky curls. He bent his head and inhaled her womanly scent. He placed a solitary kiss on her aching clitoris.

Alex pulled his shirt over his head and threw it on the pool table beside them. Rose sat up and kissed the blonde curls that adorned Alex's muscled chest. He was a modern day Adonis. Ales pushed Rose's shoulders and she was forced to recline on the pool table. Alex unbuttoned his khaki's and let them fall to his ankles. He pushed his boxers down. He kicked away the puddle of clothes around his feet and prostrated himself on Rose's golden body.

He eased his throbbing member into her inviting vagina. His rhythm was smooth and consistent. Rose raised and lowered her hips to meet his every thrust. He kissed her passionately and she felt herself growing closer to orgasm. She grabbed Alex's strong arms and flipped them over. She was sitting on his muscular thighs sliding up and down on his erect penis.

Alex grabbed her firm ass as she squeezed her vaginal muscles and pumped his penis while wetly slipping along the length of him. Rose supported herself on her outstretched arms and gripped the edge of the pool table. She slammed her hips against him and each time her clitoris rubbed against the bas of his penis.

He grabbed her breasts and brought them to his mouth.

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