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Bruce had never been more shocked in his life, "That's not what I came for, we must behave responsibly, I come from a very religious family and we regard sex before marriage as sinful."

"Bollocks," replied Sarah, you will do as you're told or we will take you by force, your choice."

"Wouldn't you be guilty of sexual assault?" asked Bruce, "Why do you want to do this anyway."

Aimee chimed in, "It's fun, we like a challenge and we think you need it. You would be a worldwide laughing stock if you reported us; no one would believe you anyway. I think half of you wants to take advantage of this opportunity; the other half does not have any options.

Aimee looked at Bruce and said, "That's enough chit chat, get your clothes off and get in to the shower, unless you want to be hog tied?"

Bruce walked over to the shower, keeping his back to the girls, undressed and started his shower.

When he looked back the girls had undressed too.

Sarah approached him and squeezed in to the shower, "Too bad this shower is so small it would have been nice if we could all get in at once."

It only just accommodated two people; Bruce and Sarah were squeezed together with their chests and stomachs touching. Feeling her breasts against him, Bruce developed an erection and that became stuck between the two bodies.

Sarah gave Bruce's erection a good soaping and then made way for Nicole. There was only so much fresh water on board and they had to be quick. Nicole soaped Bruce's cock again and then she gave way to Aimee. Bruce was going to get a very clean cock out of this if nothing else.

Bruce was advised not to bother getting dressed again as he was not going to need any clothes on until morning.

"I think this has gone far enough," said Bruce, "I would like to go and talk to the skipper; I might have to leave the vessel."

Aimee held up a key and said, "You are locked in and I am keeping the key until we leave the dock in the early hours. No one will hear you up here above the noise of the generators, pumps and the cooling systems."

"The skipper is my cousin," said Sarah, I will talk to him if necessary, no point in you wasting your time with him."

"I won the latest lottery," said Nicole, "You will be sharing with me tonight."

Nicole took Bruce's hand and led him to a bunk. They fitted reasonably well on the narrow bunk lying face to face.

"Well do something," said Nicole, "Kiss me, explore my body, you might have to get out on to the floor to go down on my pussy?"

Bruce's excitement and pleasure was beginning to overcome his fear of retribution for having premarital sex. Nicole led him through the pleasures of French kissing, sucking her breasts and licking her pussy. Then she positioned herself under him and guided his penis in to her pussy.

"OK, I give in, this is just too good, I will stop whining and contemplating escape. To Hell with the consequences."

During the night the main engine started and the boat moved out to sea. After daybreak the routine of servicing anchored buoys that collected and transmitted weather and sea data began. Two of the crew were catching and tagging fish, keeping a few for the evening meal. When the work was done they anchored in a bay and the guests spent the remainder of the day swimming and sun bathing. Bruce and the girls had nothing much to do but observe the crew at work.

The crew didn't socialize much because they were working various watches around the clock and they slept when they were not required on the bridge or involved in maintenance or housekeeping. Bruce, Aimee, Sarah and Nicole were back in the guest area by eight in the evening.

Aimee said to Bruce, "My turn tonight, be a good boy and have a shower, we have a special surprise before you and I go to our bunk."

The girls were naked when he came out of the shower.

Aimee patted the surface of the table and asked Bruce to get up on it and lay on his back.

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