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Pete ties and toments the third gang member!

I didn't care. When Bob quickened his strokes, I began to move my hips to match his rhythm.

I began to sense a faint musky smell. I knew it was from me but at this point, I just wanted Bob to keep going.

Then I felt a cool, wet sensation on my leg. I opened my eyes and looked down. I guess the feelings and sight of what Bob was doing to me was exciting for him too. His penis had started to drip its own lubricant. I always thought that was extremely sexy. I knew there was nothing that he could do to stop it. I loved to just watch it.

Then I did something that I've never done before. I reached down and collected as much of Bob's juices that I could from my leg. Then I stroked his cock and milked more until my fingers were pretty wet. Without hesitating, I moved my hand on top of Bob's and made sure that he could feel his own fluids mixed in with mine. I was so excited that I just kept my hand on Bob's and joined in the thrusting motions of his fingers. I was going crazy. I put another one of his fingers in me. I wanted more!

The outside of my pussy was completely soaked now. My cunt made a thoroughly erotic squishing sound every time Bob's fingers moved within me.

Bob continued the movement of his fingers and whispered into my ear, "Do you still trust me?" I guess my heavy breathing and clenched eyes told him that I was all his by now.

Then he STOPPED!! He took his fingers from my cunt and just stopped. I'm sure I had a look of horror on my face when I looked at him and said, "NO! NO! Don't stop!" Quickly, Bob rose over me and positioned himself between my legs. I could see his stiff penis now poised where his hand had been. I watched as a drop from the tip fell directly onto my swollen clit. Just as suddenly as when he stopped, he thrust his cock deep into my cunt and immediately began a gentle thrusting motion.

Aaahhhh!! That was much better. I love how he fits inside me. It's like we were made for each other. I love to feel how every little bump of his cock rubs against the inside of my pussy.

I was obviously enjoying what he was doing but, in a quivering voice, I said, "I want you to kiss me there."

"Be patient, darling. I will", Bob whispered back.

I tried to relax and closed my eyes. After all, things were pretty good so far. I really did trust Bob. Little did I know what his plans actually were. As he thrust in and out, I closed my eyes again.

Then I experienced something that I was totally unprepared for. Bob brought his left hand, covered with my wetness, right up to my face and began to rub his fingers on my lips! I was being bombarded with new sensations. I had never experienced my own smell so close before. It was startling and yet, exhilarating at the same time. Musky and yet sweet. For the first time, I actually felt its texture. It felt almost like a thin syrup and just slightly sticky.

I actually enjoyed what was happening! Even with my initial reservations, I was really turned on but what my body was doing! It was all so mysterious and wonderful. I was no longer afraid. I wanted more!

Each time his fingers would become dry, he would return his hand to my vagina. Once again, along with his cock, he would insert his fingers into me to get them wet. I couldn't believe the sensation and said "YES! YES!" in approval.

With each trip, I was more eager to feel his fingers once again rub more and more of my cunt juices over my lips. With each trip, I would take in great breath, filling my lungs with the sweet aroma. I started to use my tongue to greet his fingers returning with their precious cargo. I found the taste of my own sticky wetness absolutely intoxicating. All this just made me produce even more.

I wanted to be completely involved in what was going on. I began putting my own fingers onto my cunt to get them wet. Then I ran them over Bob's lips. I wanted HIM to taste me. I wanted HIM to know how excited I was. I couldn't do it fast enough.

I had lost all of my inhibitions about my body.

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