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Power can work both ways...

His eyes bulged and he nervously licked his lips as he turned back to her ass. With more lotion on his hands he started to rub it into the backs of her luscious young thighs, more confident now he wasted no time in slipping his hands to the inside of them.

As if in a dream Alison parted her legs slightly. His jaw almost hit the floor as he found himself looking straight between her legs at the thin white strip of cotton that covered her lovely sweet 18 year old pussy.

Tentatively he worked his hands higher up between her legs until his fingers came into contact with the edge of her pantie crotch. She gave no objection and so he lightly brushed his fingertips over soft white cotton. He waited a moment before taking the chance and following along the crease of her cunt. Still she did nothing so he gently pressed the material into the folds of her lips, he knew it was wrong but there was no way he could stop. Bravely he teased his fingers under the edge until he could feel the moist warmth within.

"Mmmmmm naughty boy," she whispered in her still sleepy state, then she parted her legs even further giving him what he saw as the green light to continue.

"Oh God," he whispered quietly under his breath as he carefully teased the crotch of her panties to one side. The creepy old fossil thought he could have a heart attack at any moment as the incredible sight of her lovely tight pink pussy came into view. He had never seen anything more beautiful in his entire life, her lovely delicate young lips glistened with her juices. His cock was so hard and pulsated in his underpants which were now sticky and wet with pre-cum. As he started to worm his dirty nicotine stained old finger between her moist lips he knew he needed to get his cock in there, it was becoming too much to resist.

He needed relief from his desperate state, he was desperate, and with his fingers now worming their way deeper into her gorgeous tight wet hole he knew he couldn't wait a moment longer.

But just before he could unzip his dirty old trousers he suddenly felt himself grabbed from behind and thrown back across the lawn.

It was her boyfriend, old Mr Cramp had forgotten all about him. What followed was a few minutes of pure mayhem, with Alison confused and disgusted by what she quickly realised had happened but at the same time trying to stop her boyfriend from battering the old boy to a pulp. He on the other hand was trying to defend himself the only way he could against someone twice his size and a good 50 years younger, and that was by blaming Alison and telling what was actually the truth, which was that he was only doing what she had asked him to.

With all the shouting and confusion Mr Cramp managed to somehow free himself from this angry young mans grip and quickly scurried off down the drive like a whipped dog and back to his own house.

Once inside the sneaky frightened old creep waited a few minutes feeling shaken and scared to see if anyone was going to come banging on his door. Nobody did and after a couple more minutes he went up to have a look out of his bedroom window to see if he could see what was happening.
Meanwhile Alison and her boyfriend were having a huge row over the whole event, she tried to explain that she did sort of encourage the old man but only because she thought it was him. None of this seemed to help her case, in fact it only made matters worse and eventually the young guy stormed off out of the house.

The old neighbour watched him go and wondered what he should do. He knew he couldn't leave things as they were, what if she was on the phone to her father right now telling him what had happened, he would be a dead man!

He couldn't stand the worry and so went back around to see if he could apologise and somehow worm his way out of the whole embarrassing mess.

As he came up the drive he saw the front door wasn't closed properly and so pushed it open and stuck his head inside.


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