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A ghostly tale of passion.

You feel a stirring in your groin and glance around you. Seeing no-one, you swiftly and silently climb through the window and move to the end of the bed.

You stand there a moment watching her breathing. Her chest gently rising and falling as the moonlight highlights her curves. She looks so peaceful, so innocent, so beautiful, her perfectly sized breasts, her dark hair spread against the pillow. Hesitantly, you reach out a hand and softly caress her ass with your fingertips. Lost in her dreams, she doesn't even notice. Emboldened, you run a finger along her pussy, feeling the soft folds of skin, the knot of her clit, the roughness of trimmed hair after the bareness of the rest of it. You do it again, this time pressing more firmly, your finger sliding between her folds to her entrance, feeling the warmth of it, naturally moist, but not yet wet. The stirring in your groin becomes stronger, spurring you on. You softly caress and tease her pussy lips and clit with your fingers, fascinated as the movements constantly change the way the moonlight and shadows play across the folds.

A soft sigh, a slight movement and you freeze, afraid that you have woken her, holding your breath as you watch her. A moment later and she shifts on to her back, more tense seconds, your heart racing, sure that just the sound of it will wake her. Her breathing softens again, back into the slow, gentle rhythm of deep sleep and you relax again. Pausing to allow your heart to slow and remembering to breathe again you look at her new arrangement. Legs spread, but not too wide, the smooth curves of her stomach rising into the larger curves of her breasts, topped by still-soft nipples, the moonlight highlighting half of her face, so peaceful and serene.

You silently move to the side of the bed away from the window, not wanting your shadow to interrupt her sleep. Reaching out, you gently caress her breasts -- soft yet firm. Fingertips teasing her nipples like a feather, feeling them rise at your touch, seeing the shadow of her breasts change to show the hardening tips. Boldly you lean down and softly lick across one, tasting the sweet saltiness of her skin. Carefully and gently you continue, fingers on one, mouth and tongue on the other, cajoling them to new levels of hardness. She sighs again but this time you don't pause, simply raising your eyes to her face, seeing her eyes rapidly moving beneath their lids, dreaming.

A short time more on her breasts before you finally do pause, the tension in your pants too much, so you remove them, your cock springing to attention as you release it from its fabric prison. Stepping out of your pants you move back to the foot of the bed, pressing a finger gently between her pussy lips, this time finding wetness which you bring up and rub around her clit. Her legs spread wider at the touch. You lean forwards and repeat the action with your tongue, smelling her arousal as you draw close and then tasting it as you reach her. So sweet.

Running your tongue up and down, around her clit, sliding it inside, you hear her breathing deepen. You can't take it any more. You carefully climb onto the bed, guiding your cock to her entrance. Hands placed either side of her body you slide your cock quickly and deeply inside. Warm... wet... so tight around your cock. The intrusion does wake her, her eyes flicking open, her mouth open as she gasps ready to cry out. You place your mouth over hers, silencing her with a rough kiss as you start to thrust. She pushes at you for a few seconds but the arousal that you have built up in her while she sleeps takes over, relaxing beneath you she starts to move with you.

You stop kissing her and raise your head enough to look at her.

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