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She works to help raise money for a worthy cause.

Breeding you fulfilled the need in my genes, and passed then on to our baby. I don't feel guilty about obeying the demands of evolution."

"And fertile, young women like her and I endure the consequences," I concluded with a sigh, rubbing my pregnant belly, "still, I've done pretty well having a baby by you."

"You can't do better than me." John answered with another conceited smile. I laughed at his statement, but as arrogant as it was, it was pretty much true.

"Did anything else happen?" I asked John, turning serious again.

"That wasn't the last I saw of her, actually." he replied.

"Spill it all." I told him.


We lived just down the hall from each other, so we saw each other every day. She would keep her head down whenever I was near, which is understandable for her, but for some reason I couldn't bear to look in her direction. What I'd done to her felt horribly wrong, and I was still terrified that she'd call the police or the campus authorities about the rape. Apparently her grades stayed the same, which was a pretty amazing feat given what I'd put her through, but I found out later how much she hated what I'd done to her, because she came and told me.

One evening, I opened the door to my dorm room and she came over and tasered me in the middle of the hall. When I woke up, I was completely naked, and my wrists were tied to the bedstead. It wasn't nearly as kinky as it sounds, given that the girl I'd raped a few weeks earlier was crouched between my legs with her hand on my junk.

"If you flinch, I'll squeeze so hard you'll never have children," she hissed menacingly.

Even after I'd been in combat when I was in the Special Boat Service, I never felt so afraid than when she said that to me. She hadn't even told me what she wanted, but she put me in the most vulnerable position I had ever been in. I was completely powerless. I didn't dare fight back in case she made good on her threat; and worst of all, I knew she had every reason to. It was all made worse by the fact that she was wearing exactly the same outfit she'd had on the night I raped her. She looked even sexier up close, and in spite of being so afraid, I had a huge boner just from looking at her. There was this cold fear slithering up and down my spine, and yet I was actually aroused by the girl who'd overpowered me.

"Do you feel powerless and afraid?" she asked me coldly, "well that's how you made me feel when you raped me you sick pervert."

"Then why haven't you reported me?" I asked her, trying to sound calm and collected.

"Because they wouldn't do anything about it," she replied, "barely 6% of rapists in this country are ever convicted; and even when they are, the victim is scarred for life."

"So you want revenge?"

"No." she said to me, "I'm doing this to face my fear."

"What do you mean?"

"I've been afraid of you ever since that night," she explained, her voice starting to tremble, "I lay awake at night, terrified that might come back and violate me again. I'll never be rid of that fear until I face it, and realise that it's just a cowardly little boy, who didn't have the balls to ask for what he wanted so badly."

Her words really stung my ego, but I had no choice but to take the abuse. The fact that she had the moral, as well as the physical, high ground, made me feel very small indeed as she insulted me, all the while holding my masculinity hostage.

"And best of all," she continued with this sultry tone that me quiver with arousal, "I could still say no, because my body belongs to ME. No man has the right to force himself on me, or do anything to my body without my consent, and I really am tempted to squeeze your nuts to teach that lesson. But just having the power to do it is so much sweeter.

"I don't need to be afraid of you anymore," she whispered in my ear, deliberately giving me a view of her plump breasts, "but you should definitely be afraid of me, you miserable rapist. Very, very afraid of a vengeful victim."

At that point she m

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