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Little sis finds out, and seduces Dylan.

"Pet, sit on the edge of the bed. I want to talk to you for a minute."

Katie sat down, her breath still a little ragged from being so excited by his teasing. She looked at him nervously, sure that he was going to tell her something bad.

"Relax, it's not bad. I just want to talk to you about what is going to happen. I know we've discussed this before, but I just want to make sure you understand and still want to go through with this."

Lee reviewed the things that had happened so far and what would happen from this point on. They both had gone to a bar close by a week ago and they had chosen ten men that they thought looked interesting. Lee had approached each man individually and had invited them, one by one, to come join him and Katie in their booth in the corner.

He explained to each man that Katie was his slut and that he wanted to see her be used by other men. He clarified that Katie was excited about this and was not being forced into this at all; in fact, Katie had helped him choose the men that they wanted to join them. He gave them the date that they had in mind to meet at the hotel for this to happen. Lee gave each man the ground rules: they were to use condoms to fuck her in the ass or pussy. She would suck their cock, but they could not cum in her mouth, but they were free to cum one her anywhere they'd like. They could play with her body and use her how they saw fit. He then told them that he would be present in the room; if at any point either he or Katie wanted to stop things, things would stop immediately.

After going through everything with her, Lee said, "Katie, you are mine. I respect you as my property and I would never do anything to hurt you. If you don't want to do this, tell me."

"No Sir, I am ready."

Lee told her to lie down on the bed. He laid down next to her and kissed her. He held her and asked her how she was feeling. "Excited," she replied. They kissed, touched, and played until there was a knock on the door.

Lee looked at Katie as he got up off the bed. "Are you sure?"

"Open the door please," she replied.

Lee opened the door and invited the two men that were standing there inside the room. He shook hands with them as they entered and reviewed the rules. They both agreed and Lee brought them further into the room. Katie was lying on the bed naked. "Gentlemen, start your engines!" Lee said with a smile.

Both men got undressed and joined Katie on the bed, one on each side of her. They said hello to her as their fingers started exploring her body. They took turns kissing her as they played with her tits. Katie was already moaning and writhing on the bed.

Another knock on the door and Lee admitted three more men. He again shook hands and went over the rules. After they all agreed, Lee brought them further in the room and told them to join in. They all undressed and after discussing with the other two men that were already there, it was decided that Katie needed to move down on the bed some, to give them more room to maneuver. Once this was done, one guy straddled Katie's head and fed her his cock. Another lifted her legs up onto his shoulders and slid a condom covered cock into her wet pussy. One was sucking one nipple, one was sucking the other and the last guy was rubbing her clit as she was being fucked deep and hard.

As the remaining five men filtered in, Lee followed the same procedure. Each man agreed and was brought into the room and encouraged to join the fun. By the time the last man arrived, all of Katie's holes had been used and she had cum on her face and tits. She had just turned over, so she was on all fours on the bed. The men took turns fucking her mouth, pussy and ass. Her nipples were being tormented. Her clit was constantly being rubbed. Her ass and back were soon covered in cum and her hair and face got more loads deposited on them.

They had Katie stand up and one of the guys lay down across the bed and told Katie to sink down on his cock.

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