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Anna blinked, not expecting that answer at all. "Well, Riley, why don't we ask him when he comes tonight?"

Riley perked up at her words, his smile returning.

"Don't forget that he has a very busy schedule too, sweetie," Anna cautioned. "He won't always be free to drive you to hockey."

"I know," Riley replied. "Even once would be awesome!"

Anna laughed and agreed with him. Yes, having Hayden around for some mornings would be awesome.


Over the next couple weeks, the three of them settled into an easy routine. Hayden spent all of his free evenings at Riley and Anna's house. As Anna had explained to Riley, Hayden only slept over on weekends, not school nights. When he went on his road trips, Hayden kept up his daily phone calls and felt his affection for the mother and son growing with each passing day. Riley had even requested that Hayden be the one to tuck him in once or twice when he was over at their house. Since Anna hadn't seemed to mind, Hayden took great pleasure in speaking with Riley as the boy got into bed and then tucking the covers around him. As always, Riley surprised Hayden with his insight and hockey knowledge and as the days passed, Hayden looked forward to those evenings when they could all spend time together.

The days were growing very short when Hayden found himself standing on a busy street, trying to shop for Anna's Christmas present. He stood in front of a shop window and scowled at the merchandise within. None of it looked right. It had been three solid days of hockey and Christmas shopping and he was no further ahead than when he'd started. Huffing out an annoyed sigh, he shoved his hands in his coat pockets and turned away from the shop. He faced the busy street and looked around for his companion on this shopping trip, his team captain, Nathan. Spotting the other man leaving a store just two doors up, Hayden hurried along the sidewalk to catch up with him.

"Where are your bags?" Nathan asked as he adjusted the plastic bags in his hands. He eyed Hayden's empty arms and lifted an eyebrow at him. "You still can't decide?"

"No," Hayden replied in a grumpy tone. "I had no idea shopping for her would be so hard."

"Just Anna? What about Riley? Did you already get him something?"

"Oh yeah, he was easy," Hayden said and smiled. He was pretty proud of his gift for Riley; tickets for him and three friends to every Friday and Saturday night game at Joe Louis until the end of the regular season.

"You just can't figure something out for his mother," Nathan stated.

"No," Hayden sighed, his smile disappearing. "What did you get your wife?"

Nathan's eyebrows shot up again and he grinned. "I got her diamond earrings and a matching bracelet. I also got her a cashmere scarf. Oh, and a couple books she was asking for and a gift certificate to a spa."

"All that?"

"Well, she's my wife."

"You're no help at all."

"Why don't you buy Anna some nice earrings?" Nathan asked as they moved along the busy sidewalk. It was midday on one of their days off, a week and a half before Christmas.

"I'm not sure what she'd like," Hayden replied honestly. As he thought about it, he couldn't remember ever seeing her wear earrings. He didn't even know if she had her ears pierced, which made him feel like an idiot for not knowing such a simple thing about her. It had been over two months since they'd first met and he didn't even know what her favorite color was. It was beyond frustrating, which was why he hadn't been able to pick out a gift for Anna. Not one single gift.

"Women always like diamonds," Nathan said with a chuckle.

Hayden glanced sideways at his friend and nodded. He supposed that was true but maybe he would skip the earrings and get her a diamond necklace instead. Then he wondered if she'd be offended by a more expensive gift. She was definitely the independent type and Hayden worried that she might see a lavish gift as an insult.

"There's a jewelry store just around the corner that I've been to before," Nathan suggested when Hayden didn't shoot his idea down

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