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A convicted felon suffers punishment.

She spread her asshole and cunt lips wide, so I decided to tongue fuck both holes. I love the sound of a woman moaning as her pussy gets soaking wet. That sweet taste is delicious, especially when I see that white ass over the bridge of my nose.

I started using two, then three fingers on Brenda's cunt, as I tongue fucked her ass, feeling her push back and bucking against my fingers. I started speeding up faster and faster, until finally I heard her cum hard and my fingers felt like they were dripping wet. I pulled my fingers out and started licking up the juices from her pussy when I heard the muffled sounds of someone moaning above me. I looked, and Brenda was kissing Lori. I stood up, and saw that Lori was riding Shun's cock, with her breasts on either side of his face.

When I looked around the room, Mike had his pants around his ankles, and was slamming his cock into Ashley's cunt, while kissing her hard, stuffing her screams and moans into her mouth with his tongue. He was supporting her with both hands on her ass, spreading and kneading them while he was pistoning in and out of her, making her breasts bounce hard against him.

Brian had Laura on all fours and was just beginning to fuck her from behind. He had one hand on her ass and one on his cock, aiming it towards her pussy, as she had her head on the ground, one hand between her legs, opening her pussy lips for him, waiting to feel his cock in her. A moment or two later, Laura pulled her head off the ground and screamed in pleasure as her cunt got filled. Brian took his hand off his cock, and reached up, pulling on Brenda's hair and started fucking her with long smooth strokes, until her screams quieted down to moans.

Being the only one not fucking a sexy white cunt, I slid my pants and boxers off, and used my feet to spread Brenda's legs. I knelt enough to guide the head of my cock to her wet and waiting pussy lips. As I entered, I saw her eyes open wide while kissing Lori, both of them enraptured in a kiss while taking thick black cocks into their little white pussies.

We all found rhythms, all grunting, grinding and groaning throughout the room. After a few minutes of this, I believe I came first. I pulled Brenda's hair, grunted in her ear that I was about to cum. She started pushing back harder, making it hard for me to hold off much longer. I grabbed her hips, and slammed my cock deep inside her pussy, and held it there as I started shooting my cum deep inside her pussy. She started yelling and moaning as she came, pushing back hard to keep every inch inside her as she continued cumming hard on my cock.

After she came down from her orgasmic high, she moved and got behind Lori, and started licking Shun's balls and Lori's ass while she was fucking down like a cowboy on an unbroken bronco. Shun started grunting and talking somewhat incoherently, but you could tell his ass was coming off the couch, which could only mean that Lori was about to get a cunt full of cum. I heard Brenda talk about how good Lori tastes on Shun's cock. Brenda spread Lori's asscheeks further apart, as Shun reached and slid a finger in her ass up to his second knuckle.

I moved over to Brian's girl, and grabbed her by the hair, and pushed my cock into her mouth.

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