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Costumes, free pass, mistaken identity, what could go wrong?

We had departed St Pancras at just after twenty hundred hours and being still only early February in comparative darkness. The night wore a full moon that cast an eerie glow across the landscape as we traveled through the outskirts of Greater London before reaching the flat fertile plain of Kent. Elizabeth and Roderick were obviously in the midst of that kind of silent argument only truly tragic relationships can manifest. Hard enough to muster words when there is some point to discussion however fraught but when the only sound discernible is the scraping of fingernails slowly losing traction on any jointly held emotions silence marks a battlefield visited with familiar repetition.

"Going for a Slash."

Roddy broke the heavy curtain between them more as a warning to Elizabeth to mind out of his way rather than any real attempt at communication. For her part the girl looked heartily embarrassed, both at his unnecessary vulgarity and the public humiliation of such verbal aggression. I had surmised from the slight twitch that had started to spread across Roddy's face that the need was for relief of a totally different kind and the way he frantically checked his jacket pockets as he rose only confirmed my suspicions.

"You had better take your ticket if you are going to be a while then."

Something in Elizabeth's voice told me this was not an unforeseen or unusual occurrence and I again found myself confirming his soon to be downfall.

"I really must apologize for Roddy's manners, He isn't used to being in proper company."

I raised my eyes again from Justine and arranged my face into a smile of both pleasantry and fatherly understanding.

"We are taking this trip in the hopes of sorting out our problems but it doesn't seem to have started very well."

Nodding I allowed her to warm unhindered into her explanation. She needed to share and obviously found the skeins of my web remarkably comforting as they started to insidiously grip her tighter.

"I am really sorry if my speaking has offended you."

I allowed my smile to broaden reassuringly and ensuring that my eyes were that deep shade of blue women found so seductive I again removed my mountaineer's glasses. My look captured her solidly and momentarily she was transfixed. I smelt her vaginal excreta flow.

"Please don't apologize Elizabeth, I can imagine no circumstance when anything we shared wouldn't both be a pleasure and an honor."

People imagine that magic requires some obvious incantation or gesture when in actuality its very nature is subtle in the extreme.

"it is rather for me to apologize for being unable to mend whatever troubles you with the glue of my experience and honest affections."

Elizabeth was fast melting and I concluded that no one had ever taken the time or trouble to seduce her before. Undoubtedly she had suffered the physical fumbling of inarticulate commoners whose manners would be rough as their hands but the luxuriant feel of words slowly pervading her being was totally new.

"May I ask you something?"

I let her anticipation mount a little as my eyes twinkled and my testes filled expectantly.

"Please Elizabeth feel open to ask me anything you want. I have few secrets and even less shame."

My words were chosen carefully to extract a response and I sensed her opening experientially.

"Is Paris really as romantic as they say? I so want this trip to work, I think it's the last chance Roddy and I have to make things work."

She looked so sad and defenseless, so desperate that many a less considerate predator might have felt pangs of pity enough let her go, but what point? Roderick was a poltroon, a dolt, incapable of ever creating or bringing the longevity of joy this little one deserved. Sometimes the kindest act is the cruelest, the quick incised pass across the neck preferable to condoning the slow impaling spit.

"Paris must

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