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She's snatched and forced to serve.

As I rubbed her I splayed my fingers so I could rub the swollen lips of her sex and then bringing my fingers up to rub either side of her clit. After a moment or two of this teasing and her realizing that I am not going to penetrate her she puts her hand on the back of my neck and with a little insistent pressure she makes her intentions and desires abundantly clear.

I waste no time in sliding over her and slipping down between her legs offering up a kiss on her stomach and on each one of her thighs before running my tongue up either side of her panties. I bring myself up onto my knees and she puts both feet on my chest as I slide her panties off of her legs. She lays back and spreads her legs I can see the moisture gathering in the dark patch of hair that lay between her thighs.

I lean over and plant a soft kiss against her mons without actually touching her clit, which is already starting to swell beneath its hood. Slowly I slide my body over hers kissing my way up her stomach, stopping briefly at each breast circling each nipple slowly with my tongue before sucking it softly between my lips and teasing the end of it with the tip of my tongue.

I continue my journey upward until I am poised over her, my lips planting soft kisses on her neck and earlobes and the swollen head of my cock pressing against her clit, she begins to grind against me trying to coax me inside of her and while it takes all of the control I have I pull back because I can tell she is just as ready as I am and if I allow myself to slide into that warm and inviting place we will both begin a quick decent into soft oblivion and while it would be satisfying it would also be skipping my absolute favorite part of sex with this vision, my goddess, my love.

I disengage myself from her and slide back down between her legs with a little more urgency then I had when I made the journey up her beautiful body, as I came to rest between her legs she draped both thighs across my shoulders and I slid my hands up her ribcage, I then ran my tongue first up one side of her pussy and then down the other as if framing out the space in which I intended to focus and then I slide the tip of my tongue between her lips and up until I find her clit already so engorged and sensitive, I begin to lavish it with firm even pressure from my tongue and lips. Long evenly pressured strokes with the flat of my tongue, after a few strokes she rewards me with a long sigh and a hand almost absently stroking my hair. These are the signs that I watch for as I continue making love to her beautiful pussy with just my mouth while exploring her ribcage and stomach with my hands, I avoid touching her breasts at all during this because I am waiting for another sign from my love, for it is part of the beauty of our dance, the nonverbal cues sent from her to I and from I to her, that signal our desires and arousal.

After a couple of minutes of slowly licking and sucking her clit into my mouth I slide my tongue down to her entrance already wet from her excitement and my own, now I do not linger but just brush across her on my way back up to her clit. Then I see the other signal I had been waiting for she removes her hand from my head and the other from behind her head and begins pushing her breasts together rubbing and pinching her nipples lightly at first but then with more force as I continue my ministrations.

I then slide my left arm underneath me to support my weight and using my right middle finger I begin to circle the opening to her vagina, her breathing quickens and her eyes are tightly closed as I slide that finger in to the second knuckle, she pushes back against me firmly and I press up slightly before beginning to thrust in and out against her G-spot timing the circles my finger is rubbing against her spot with the circles my tongue is drawing around her clit all while keeping the backs of my fingers against her outer lips trying to stimulate her as much as possible, when her breathing becomes a soft almost continuous moan I slip my ring finger into her as well and

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