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Long time friends become first time lovers.

Lori's lips parted and she sucked on Sasha's skin, taking parts of her into her mouth, she sucked softly and then dove back inside Sasha's pussy with her tongue. Lori had learned a lot at Rachel's house and she was experienced beyond Sasha's expectations and she was doing very well. Sasha cried out as Lori's lips found her clit.

With just the slightest brushes of Lori's tongue and lips against the sensitive clit Sasha felt her body go into convulsions. She felt the juices flow out of her body and she cried out as her buttocks tensed in Lori's hands and she drove her pussy into Lori's eager face. The orgasm rocked Sasha's body as her pussy pulsed and her muscles tensed and she came gushing onto Lori's face.

"Lori!" Sasha cried out. "Lori, don't stop, Oh God don't stop!"

Lori plunged her tongue deep inside Sasha drinking her juices as they poured out. Each lap of her long tongue sent more shivers through Sasha's body, tingles shot up her spine, down through her legs, around her arms and through her pussy. As it finally it ceased there were still slight tremors of aftershock shaking Sasha as she pushed against Lori's face. Lori continued to lick Sasha tenderly savoring the experience of the girl sex. Lori's silky tongue ran up and down Sasha's widespread slit and Sasha struggled to maintain her balance. With a reluctant groan Sasha moved her body away from Lori and sat down on the chair in the dressing room. Lori crawled over to Sasha and placed her head in her lap. Lori whimpered and murmured as she kissed Sasha's smooth thighs.

"Thank you, thank you, oh, thank you!" exclaimed Lori as Sasha stroked her head.

Sasha pushed Lori back from her thighs and smiled at the young woman, "You did quite well. Now let me return the favor," Sasha said.

Lori was leery of taking off her clothes in the dressing room so Sasha just removed her panties and pushed the skirt up as she had Lori sit on the chair. A still naked Sasha knelt in front of Lori and covered Lori's pussy with her experienced mouth. Lori was so turned on that she orgasmed the instant Sasha's tongue touched her clit. Lori's body went into convulsions and she held Sasha's head tightly to her pussy as her body was rocked with her climax. Sasha licked up all her juices and then stood up and kissed Lori on the mouth and plunged her tongue in the teacher's mouth. Lori shivered again in the hands of her new lover.

Lori pulled her panties back on as she watched the beautiful Sasha get dressed. They left the dressing room and moved to the checkout area. Sasha had decided on two of the dresses and purchased them, and then they left the store. Lori couldn't believe what had just happened and it seemed more like a dream than reality. However it was real and she had had her first female encounter in a public place. Lori invited Sasha back to the house and Sasha immediately accepted the invitation.

At the house the two pretty women shed their clothes and cuddled up on Lori's sofa. They stroked each other's tits and fingered each other's pussy as they shared their experiences with each other. Soon they were both worked up and they made their way into Lori's bed. Sasha revealed a strap-on dildo that she had brought with her and told Lori that she wanted to fuck her. Sasha put on the black harness and snapped the imposing flesh colored dildo in place. Smiling at Lori Sasha got between her legs and positioned the fake cock at the entrance to Lori's pussy. Lori groaned when she felt the head nestle at her opening.

"Relax," Sasha cooed. Lori nodded her head and took a deep breath, then slowly let it out.

The dark haired beauty pressed forward slowly with her hips and Lori felt the head slip into her, but it quickly became too wide and the forward progress stopped.

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