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Emma in the City of Love.

The tips of my fingers tickle your kneecap and I feel your leg jerk. On my stroke back up to your hip, my thumb grazes your erection and you sigh. I ignore your sigh and repeat the massaging caress a few more times. Each time I slide my fingers closer to your cock but not quite touching. I can tell you're anticipating a more intimate touch. "I told you baby, we have a lot of time ahead of us. Just be patient and trust me, ok?"

You tilt your head towards mine and murmur, "Always, lover." I love that you trust me enough to be open and willing to try my crazy ideas. You settle back into your seat and close your eyes. You still have both hands on your stomach but you move one of them to rest on top of my hand and you follow along it's trail from your hip to knee. I like the feel of your hand laying on mine; warm, comforting, strong. After a few moments, you start pressing down as I get closer to your erection. I slide my hand a little closer to make more contact and I feel you relax even more and move your hand back to your stomach. I pick up the pace, rubbing your leg a little faster and with more varying pressure. I'm alternating timing so you never know how long I'm going to linger in one place.

"Want to know one of my favorite words?" I ask you


"Tell me"

I slip my tongue behind your ear and lick that area lightly. "Linger. It has such a lovely connotation. The word reminds me of things I want to make last. A piece of good chocolate. Mornings with you, caf__ de olla and the crossword puzzle, a beautiful sunset, a perfectly roasted marshmallow. The exquisite climb to orgasm. I think that climb is the best part. Sure the ending is spectacular, but the journey there is more important to me. I like feeling like I'm dangling over that edge just waiting for a light push." As I say this, I grip you in my hand and continue the slow stroking. "I want to linger over this. For you, but also for me. I want to slowly erase everything from your mind except for me, my hand and how badly you want me to make you come. You'll forget that we're on a plane and that we're not in our bed about to make love all night. But you'll have to remember that you have people very closely around you, that you can't cry out in that soft growl that I love so much. Remember that you won't be able to talk to me and tell me to suck harder or stroke faster. I want that feeling to linger. Do you want that too, baby?" You nod, seemingly unable to speak.

I nip your earlobe and nuzzle your neck. "I want to feel you in my hand. Not through your shorts. I want to touch your skin with my fingertips. Is that ok, love, can I touch your hard cock?" You nod again with a smile because this is another game we play. You never ask me to talk dirty to you, but you love it when I do. I slide up to your waistband and slip my hand underneath it and feel how warm your body is. I wiggle my hand down so it's on top of your boxer shorts. "Mmmmm. Easy access. Many thanks, darling. I'll be able to touch you so very soon. God, I love how hot you are already."

I flatten my hand and rub your cock with my whole hand. When I reach the head of your penis, I wrap my hand over it and let it slide through my fingers. I feel your hips move with my stoking.

"I feel my panties starting to get wet. I really want to touch myself too and feel us both getting wetter and hotter, but I'm going to wait. You have all of my attention. Well, at least this does," I say as I tap my fingers against your cock. "Should I baby? Should I tug you out of your boxers so our skin can touch? I want to feel you pulsing in my palm." You shudder with pleasure. "Kiss me baby. Kiss me while I stroke your cock."

You turn to kiss me while I reach inside your boxers and slowly pull you out.

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