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Mr. Murray's eyes were staring straight back at Turner's.

Mr. Murray held out the shower gel. As their two hands each grabbed the bottle, Turner suddenly noticed Mr. Murray's eyes dropping to his nearly-exposed genitals. Turner watched as Mr. Murray faltered. His gaze was held by the vision of the wet translucent pants. As Turner tried to take the shower gel, Mr. Murray increased his grip. The two were briefly in stalemate.

Mr. Murray suddenly came to his senses. He was aware he had held the bottle for far too long. He released his grip and Turner almost fell back, such was the tension he had created on pulling the bottle.

Recovering quickly, Mr. Murray yelled, "Right get yourself washed properly and let's get off for lunch."

Turner returned to the shower. He felt acutely aware that Mr. Murray was studying his body. However his previous embarrassment began to fade. He decided he would wind Mr. Turner up. He felt rather empowered. He had noted the behaviour of Mr. Murray and he decided he would play Mr. Murray at his own game.

Turner squeezed some of the shower gel onto his chest. He began to massage it in slowly. He stood sturdily and allowed the hot water jets to run down his face and he held his head back and the water ran shapely down his body. He rolled his head provocatively and soaped his muscular arms carefully and built up lather and raised his arms to run water into his hairy arm pits. He was aware that Mr. Murray had fallen silent. Turner didn't engage eye contact with the teacher but closed his eyes and tried to suggest he was enjoying his shower.

Turner turned so that his backside was displayed. He ran his fingers down his own back and suggestively over his material clad buttocks. Turner knew he was having a profound effect on Mr. Murray since Murray hadn't said anything for several minutes. Turner bent slowly over to soap his legs. His hairy back side was pushed out towards Mr. Murray, the cleft in his buttocks was clearly visible through the material.

Turner stood up and remained with his back to Mr. Murray but he felt a compulsion to rile Mr. Murray further. He allowed his fingers to gradually push the material of his wet briefs slowly down, his buttocks being tantalisingly revealed. He soaped his buttocks. He ran his hands over his hairy bottom and teased the buttocks apart allowing the hot water to run down the cleft.

Very deliberately, Turner asked, "Has the mud gone yet from the back of my legs, Sir?"

There was a momentary pause. "Yes", Mr. Murray's voice was unnaturally high; he had been caught off guard. He coughed, "Yes Turner, but um you, er, still need to clean yourself, at the, er, front."

Turner responded, "Yes, Sir, I will make sure I am clean at the front."

"Good, yes, I don't want you leaving here smelling."

Turner turned around; once again he allowed the water to run down his body. He soaped his chest again and ran his hands over his biceps, down his stomach and to the top of his briefs. Carefully, he pushed his finger tips into his briefs. He moved his hands up and down his stomach and back to his briefs, each time pushing his fingers further down into his pants. As he did so the pants began to ease themselves down. At first, Turner's dark bush was exposed. Turner ran his fingers through his pubic hair. Once again, he moved his hands up and ran his hands over the hair on his head. His pelvis pushed forward, his pubic hair prominent. Turner began to relish how he was teasing Mr. Murray; he had felt humiliated and angry but he now knew he had Mr. Murray under his control.

He decided to punish Mr.

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