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A Man, Genies, war!

The tall woman coolly looked Felicia over. Felicia was already sorry she'd opened the door, for all she had on was a robe, and panties and bra, and the disdainful gaze from her feminine caller made her feel quite uncomfortable. "May I help you?" she asked.

"Felicia Hardy?" said the statuesque brunette, pronouncing the name in a less than courteous manner.

Felicia squared her shoulders, drew her robe more tightly around her, and glared at the woman as she said, "That's right, and I'm very busy. Tell me what you want or take a hike."

"I'll leave soon enough, once I know I'll be obeyed," the woman said, and suddenly there was such a... sheen of power to her that Felicia knew she had to be Gifted. Her skin was paler than Felicia had first registered, her hair dark, too dark, and her height a head taller than Felicia, who was tall to begin with.

Felicia backed away on instinct and the woman came in after her. It was her who closed Felicia's door, and then she looked about Felicia's living room, again with great disdain, and said, "Would you like more?"

"Who are you?" said Felicia, trying to hold her ground, but still backing up. "No... get out of here or I'll call the police."

The woman craned her head and the carpet under Felicia's feet burst into flame. She had to throw herself clear. Without a change of expression, the woman said, "You may not disrespect me. I am Hela."

"What do you want?" said Felicia, almost wetting her panties in her shock and fright.

The woman sneered and looked Felicia up and down, disrobing her with her gaze, and though Felicia stood proudly and tall before her, hot shame suffused her body. Shame and something else. "I want you to do something for me. Something that will restore me to my rightful place of power. If you do, I will reward you with sensation and substance and your life. I will show you the joys of servitude before we begin. Enjoy..."

Felicia felt a pulse go through, and that was her only warning. Then it was like she'd been teleported to the top of a roller coaster. She was filled to bursting with potential energy, throbbing with it, and she gasped as she crested, the unbearable warmth pounding throughout her body, making her come and come and come.

The woman laughed. Then she held out her hand, and Felicia meekly took it and was helped to her feet, for her knees felt so weak she could not have stood up by herself.

The woman peeled Felicia's robe down over her shoulders, nodded at what she saw, and gave Felicia's left tit a warm squeeze that made Felicia gasp.

"Very nice," said the woman, and peeled Felicia's bra strap down over her shoulder, pulled down the bra cup, and bared Felicia's tit. "Let me see if you can kiss as well as those lips promise."

Felicia's chin was tilted up by the grinning woman. The wide mouth that had kissed a thousand cunts was brought down on hers, and Felicia allowed the long, snakelike tongue of the woman to penetrate through her lips and tangle with hers.

"You have possibilities. Yes, I might stay here with you for a few days. Let's see what kind of a body you've got," the woman said. She proceeded to strip Felicia naked.

Felicia stood there and took it. She let the woman take off her robe and unhook her bra and when the woman knelt to strip off Felicia's panties, Felicia just stood there sobbing and quaking while the woman explored her body with her hands and commented on what she found.

"Good cunt," said the woman, running her hand between Felicia's legs, making her gasp through her panting. "Yes, you have possibilities. Now give me another kiss, and make it a good one, and then you can enjoy yourself some more."

Desperate by then, Felicia slung her arms about the neck of the taller woman and kissed her flush on the mouth. It was an open-mouthed kiss and quite an ardent one. Felicia was dizzy enough to stagger backward when the kiss ended, but Hela stopped her and held her in place.

"Good girl," the woman said, and Felicia gasped with relief as at last her hot juices gushed and flowed.

The relief was a ver

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