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Friends join in the office fun.

With the other hand, she starts caressing my belly, from pubes to the belly button and back.

My dick keeps on pulsing, begging for attention. Helen starts to giggle, then approaches my dick and takes more than half of it into her mouth - I can even feel her throat a little and I start worrying, since we've just finished eating...

Nothing bad happens, and with her expert lips and tongue, while still pushing my prostate, I feel that I'm close.

She grabs the base of my dick, keeping it's head inside her mouth, licking me and stroking at the same time.

I can feel it coming strong, and cannot hold myself not to push - but Helen knows so well - her hand on my dick doesn't let me push too much into her mouth - meanwhile, she opens her fist with her palm upwards and places it under my ass, caressing my ass cheek and grabbing it from time to time.

I feel the need to stay on my side - honestly only Helen and a very few other women have managed to make me ejaculate while being laid on my back...

I grab her hair with both hands, and make her change the position.

I'm still pulsing, and probably deliver some more drops of cum on Helen's hungry tongue...

She swallows it all, not wasting a drop, then gently releases my dick from her mouth.

When I'm out completely, she gently milks me again, and, a final drop shows at the tip, so that she licks it dry, smiling...

"Oh, my! How I like to suck it!"...

I make her come up, into my arms, and embrace her...

"You know it's been more than a year since I've been praying that my parents would leave, so that I can fuck you in my bed?"

"Well, now you have me"...

She looks at me, and adds: "Now, I should tell you that I want something else too"...

I look at her, wondering what else is she going to ask for...

"I want, after we make love, to sleep - I mean, to sleep for real"...

I'm a little bit concerned, since Helen knows too well that I'm not into marriage, at least for now and not with her, and sleeping in her bed makes me think that very soon I shall have to remind her about our convention regarding no strings attached - anyway, I won't spoil the evening now...

I caress her hair, and she gently goes south, starting to lick my belly and then taking the tip of my now soft dick into her mouth...

She sucks me for a minute, until I am hard again. She gently pushes me on my back and raises, getting to sit on my belly, with her back towards my face and gently engulfs my dick with her cunt.

She's slow, very slow, letting her vagina to stretch - she's always had this problem, claiming that I am a little bit too big for her - the funny thing is that always, after we fuck for ten or fifteen minutes, she doesn't complain that much anymore...

I let her do me, while I start caressing her hips and ass cheeks - she surely likes it, and starts grinding, in slow motions, clearly trying to let her ass be seated completely on me.

We keep on stretching her cunt for around twenty minutes - she's awfully wet and I can feel my balls and pubes covered in moist...

She's already had two orgasms...

Truth is, I always love the way her cervix "melts" on the head of my dick while she's trying to stretch...

Now, I need some action - I raise, get Helen by her shoulders, and we roll together, very attentive not to have my dick out of her cunt, then I help her get on her fours.

I push - she pushes back.

I put my hands on her ass cheeks, grabbing them so that I can have a perfect view at her ass hole - I think I'm gonna have an obsession with that hole of hers - she lets me insert a finger there, even my thumb, but never two fingers and never my dick - this is it! After a year I'm pretty sure that, unless I force myself there, which I surely never will, she surely won't let me stick my dick there - never!

Anyway, if I can't have it, at least I can look at it in full view - later, maybe I shall even play with it, but for now, I simply prefer to fuck her cunt - she's stretched by now, she doesn't bend in pain and fear anymore, so that I start pumping, enjoying the slapping noises betwe

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