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Kate explores her new power, of turning Brad into lingerie.

Slowly but surely,I saw my teacher getting intoxicated.

The bell soon rang. "Yes!" I shouted in my mind. I sat quietly in my desk, waiting for all the other students to leave the room. I stood up, walking to my teacher's desk.

She looked up at me approaching her "Oh hey.. Umm, Daniel" she said.

I grinned a wide grin. "It's David, Miss S.." I replied.

"Yeah.. Anyway.. What are you doing here so late after the bell rang?" She said, her words slurring in a very noticeable way.

"I just wanna get a little 'hands on' learning,Ma'am" I stated.

I walked around her, stepping up behind her, placing my hands upon her shoulders. Gripping them, slowly massaging them.

"Mmmm" she purred softly. "Wait,David.. What are you doing? You know I can get fired if I were to get caught with you doing this to me?.."

I didn't say anything, my heart racing at unimaginable speeds. I leaned forward, breathing on and kissing her neck softly. Hearing her soft moans were music to my ears. I reached around, unbuttoning her blouse. She refused at first, but after a couple more kisses and nibbles on her neck, she let the blouse drop to the floor. She stood up, facing me, guiding me to her chair. She grabbed my head, pulling for my lips to meet hers in a kiss with far more passion than any other kiss I've ever had. She paused, reaching behind her back. only to unhook, and let her bra drop to the floor. I stared at her breasts like a child staring at an expensive toy.

"You like?" She asked, blushing.

"I love them!" I shouted, placing my hands under them, pulling them up to feel the full weight in my hands. I leaned my head in, kissing her nipple softly, pulling on it with my lips. I made a small sucking noise as i sucked on her nipple like a hungry infant.

"David, you didn't have to get me drunk to get me to do this.. You could have just asked me.. You're my favorite student." She spoke softly, her breathing becoming heavy. Her slurred words were gone. I suspected she was sober, so what she said must have been true. But I did not say anything, I just kept sucking on her breasts, licking her nipples furiously, back and forth between each breast.

She pulled me off her breast. Sitting in her chair, playing with her breasts in front of me.

"Come here sweetheart.." She spoke in the sweetest, softest voice.

I came up to her, pulling my shirt off. She leaned forward, kissing the buckle of my belt before loosening it. Ripping the belt from my jeans, she tossed it into the trash giving me a sexy evil grin from ear to ear. Unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans, she pulled them down. Kissing the flesh just above my boxers, she pulled them down painfully slow. My rock hard cock leaped up after being uncovered, smacking her on the bottom lip. She giggled, taking it in her hand, gazing upon it.

"What are you looking at it for Miss S?" I said anxiously. "Aren't you gonna lick it?"

She laughed. "No, I don't put dirty things in my mouth, you dirty boy." She leaned forward, giving the head of my cock a small, wet kiss. "By the way, you don't have to call me Miss S, sweety. Just call me Stephanie, or Steph for short." She finished.

I nodded my head, agreeing.

She stood up, sitting the opposite way in her chair, giving me a great view of her big butt. She undid her pants, pulling them down slowly. I gazed upon the bare flesh as each cheek was uncovered. I started sweating, drooling almost immediately. My heart pounding. My head spinning in lust. I was finally going to get to see this ass!

She tossed the pants to the side. Placing her fingers around the fabric of her panties. Slowly pulling them down. She had the most amazing ass. Better than any of those fake girls in any porno I've seen. My eyes wide open at the big white globes of her ass, she tossed me her panties.

"Here sweetheart, you've earned this." She winked at me. Bending over, exposing her trimmed but hairy pussy. My eyes wandered up her pussy, I couldn't see her asshole though. "Come closer, I know how much you want this big ass, baby.."

I did not need to be

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