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The saga of Kathy and Charlie continues.

I blush deeply as the image excites me. I need him inside me now. His finger slides along the length of my slit.

"Ha, always so eager," he laughs. I open my legs wider so he can explore me more deeply. Suddenly I feel pressure as he pinches the flesh between my pussy and thigh so hard that I yelp but do not pull away. He grabs hold of both my pussy lips and pulls them apart violently. I arch my back leaning into him as his fingers and thumbs squeeze as hard as he can the soft pulpy flesh of my lips. I groan with the pain and feel my nipples harden. He opens me wide with such brutishness and then buries two fingers inside me while he stretches his third finger out to full length and scratches at the tip of my clit. I am humping his hand as I lose all self-control. The pain in my sore lips still throbs as the excitement emanating from my clit shivers through me. He watches as I approach my climax and as I twist and jerk on his fingers he laughs at me. My body is a puppet and he is my puppet-master.

I slump my head on his shoulder as I try and calm myself. He pulls his fingers from me and I can feel my wetness cling to them, s stringy bridge from my opening which he wipes upon my inner thigh. Suddenly he twists me round and pushes me hard against the wall. I slam against it and lose my breath. He kicks my feet apart and I press my palms against the cold plaster. I can feel him undoing his trousers and listen as they fall down his legs right behind me. My pussy gushes at the sheer brutality and forceful handling of me. I am consumed by the desire for his cock ramming into me and I want him to drill me hard. He brings his hand down with full force upon my ass cheeks in a stinging blow that forces me flat against the wall. I press my forehead against the coolness and try and tilt my ass out for him. I know I deserve this treatment. Then he is in me and humping me forcefully. I am slammed again and again against the wall. I try and put my hands in the way to protect my face but he is like a wild beast and my pussy is drenched.

After some minutes of violent fucking, where my body moves from peak to peak in a cacophony of small orgasmic bursts, he stops still buried deep inside me. He gives me a few minutes to recover then begins thrusting up into me again once more. He takes my right hand and places it onto my clit and I immediately start pulling at it while he continues to fuck me. I feel wanton, masturbating while he takes his pleasure from me, acknowledging how it excites me to be used by him. He fucks me in deep, wild strokes: a bestial assault full of passion and need . With each thrust I move my hips back to force the tip of his cock ever deeper inside me. I am getting close to cumming all over his beautiful cock and I close my eyes to let my mind lose itself in his fucking of me.

"Show me what a good whore you are."

I gasp as I hear the word and I try to stop them impacting me but my orgasm is now sweeping over me and I give in to it with a loud gasp. As I squeeze and shudder through my orgasm, as I feel the excitement course through my veins he whispers into my ear,

"Admit to me, you are a whore."

I am so grateful to this man who has given me such powerful orgasms that I want to do anything I can for him.

"Yes," I whisper. I shut my eyes and bury my face in my arms pressed up against the wall, his body pushing into mine. I am still embarrassed by admitting it out loud. My mind stumbles over his wording. He did not say 'my whore' but 'a whore' which pushes me further. Is this the game we play, or is he making a statement about who I am?

"Yes, what?" He stops his thrusts and grips my arms. He pulls me back into his body and my breasts are forced outward and upward. I can feel the tip of his cock drive right up to my cervix.

"Don't stop..."

"Yes, what?" he repeats gripping my arms tightly.

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