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The stake.

I don't know how long we stayed in that position, but eventually, my shoulders began to cramp, and not wanting to release their hold on the lovely pussies, I rotated my shoulders in their sockets, which the girls enjoyed greatly, I could hear them begin to moan, as they wetly sucked & kissed each others mouths.

Eventually, I had to withdraw my hands, and not wanting to break the intimacy, I painted each girls breast with the juices of the other, tweaking their nipples, stretching my aching shoulder muscles.

Petri releases my balls, and grabbing the hand wetly fingering her tit, she brought it to her mouth, tasting Jules' juices, and Jules leans forward, wrapping her lips around my hand from the other side, tasting herself, and after licking my hand clean, they both reach for my other hand, hungrily licking that clean too.

I try to lick the juices from their tits, but I am too close, my back won't bend, twisting around them, I lie on the free half of the bed, urging Petri to span my thighs, she rests on hand on my hip, levering herself up, grasps my penis, aims it at her very wet pussy, and slides down, slowly, exhaling greatly, head thrust back, eyes closed, becoming still.

Jules is watching Petri, where my prick has penetrated her pussy, I place my hands on Jules hips, urging her to mount my face, my tongue parts her pussy hair, pasting it to the sides, so I can enjoy her flesh, the inner folds of her body, the most intimate, delicious, incredibly soft, silky, lining, and enjoy the tastes of a woman, noting how her tastes change, as she becomes aroused, then climaxes, I never tire of giving such intense pleasure.

Jules muscles start & jerk as she lowers her most intimate, tender flesh to my hungrily waiting mouth, my tongue & lips reach for her nectar, she finally settles down, gently pulsing her hips on my face.

Petri has begun moving on my thighs, rocking side to side, fucking herself back & forth, leaning forward as she rubs her clit on the base of my dick, as she leans, she must be holding Jules, as I feel Jules lift a little, good, I can breathe again, I feel Jules thighs strain against my face, as my tongue & lips make love to her cunt, I imagine the girls kissing, maybe licking breasts, sucking tit, oh my, it's all so very good, but not too intense, mus'ent go over the edge, don't want this to ever end, just keep us all floating here, licking, kissing, sucking, fucking...

Time passes, Petri speeds up, jacking her clit across my cock, spreading her knees apart, putting more weight on my dick, she is getting ready, she is climbing the ladder to a large cum, Jules thighs press more firmly against my cheeks, her movements cause her to rise once in a while, I am prepared, I inhale quickly, her movements are a little more chaotic, less stroking, more bump & grind, the under?muscle of my tongue is getting sore, stretching, always trying to reach Jules tonsils, my lips bruised, and so sensitive, they have become a new erogenous zone, they try to rub against Jules hairs, her lips, any sensation, in a vain attempt to satisfy themselves, wanting nothing more from Creation, perfectly happy if they could only stay here, licking, loving this pussy forever.

However, Jules has needs,

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