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A young woman learns about sex.

So, now you have a dire choice I'm afraid. I can make you one of us and you can accept your new life, and have a chance of one day figuring out the real you. Or I can kill you right here and now and put an end to your pitiful painful life. You see, no one may know of our existence, us Vampires, so I'm afraid I have committed you either way. But as one of us you will not age Coby, you will live forever and you will be very powerful."

"Do I have to kill people to survive?"

"Oh no, dear boy! If we killed everyone we fed from there would be no one left. No, although you will have to seek sustenance through the drinking of human blood, there is no need to kill anyone you feed from. I will teach you this, all in due time. But, I will not lie to you. You may find that you need to kill sometimes to survive, but it is not a necessity. You will, however, have to give up the day and become a creature solely of the night. However, it is a minor price to pay."

The implication of what he was offering me was enormous. To live off the blood of people, to always have to hide from everyone felt so unnatural, so restricted. But to live forever! Who could resist the lure of immortality? The worst part was that I could only see my friends and family from afar. I didn't think I could live with that. What was my other alternative, to die?

"I've made my choice. I choose to live."

"Well said my boy."

The next thing I knew Chris was on top of me. He smiled at me then kissed me full on the lips. I fought at first but the power of his kiss was overwhelming. It was the most sensual kiss I had ever experienced. Our tongues began to duel. It was amazing. I had completely given in to Christopher's mouth. I felt myself becoming enveloped, succumbing with utter abandon, but he pulled away.

"Ok, this will sting at first, but not for long, I promise you that!" he said.

I saw a flash from his mouth as his fangs extended then he lowered his mouth down on my neck. I felt a sharp pain, but it was immediately replaced by a euphoria that I can only describe as orgasmic. It felt better then sex. It was indescribable but so incredible. After a few blissful minutes, I felt my entire body go numb. Then everything went black.

The next thing I remember, I was jolted awake. I could feel a warm rush flowing through my body like a river, consuming me and igniting my senses that I can only describe as Life. My awareness became heightened and I clung greedily to this source of Life. Chris's wrist hovered above my mouth, but it became firmly secured to my lips by both of my hands in a viselike grip. After a few seconds of drinking in the warm richness of "Life," he pulled his arm away very easily, despite my hold on him.


So began my life as a Vampire. Chris began my training by teaching me the finer discreet ways to hunt for food. It was not like it is in the stories. Chris explained that we would go out to a bar and pick up a girl or a guy then take them to a nearby hotel. You see the ruse was that we were going for a night of pulse pounding no strings attached sex with our newfound partners. However, what we really wanted was just their pounding pulses.

He also warned me that the number one rule was that we must be perceived as human at all times. We must blend in at all cost, so I had to be discreet about how I handled the actual feeding. To the Normal it must always seem as though they only had a wild night. He explained that this was part of the great deception. It was the main law for all of our kind. We must strive to pass for human. To deceive was fundamental to our survival.

He told me the process was actually very pleasurable for our victim, as I had felt when he had Embraced me.

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