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Waking up.

A two minute drive along the promenade took us to an empty, unlit car park that was perfect for stargazing. I stopped the car, yanked on the handbrake and immediately felt the taste of Ann's tongue on my mouth and the warmth of her hand on my cock. I was so desperate to fuck my married friend but nowhere near as desperate as she was to fuck her no strings friend.

I was so taken aback by Ann's 'assault' that all I could manage was to return her passionate kisses and leave her to unfasten my belt as she frantically sought my stiffening cock. It was barely seconds before my full length was in her expert hands as she started to wank me off, a little too firmly for my liking as I needed to fuck Ann; 'needed' rather than 'wanted!'

Having gathered some composure, whilst still feeling Ann's tongue dancing around my mouth, I reached between her thighs, searching for the divine wetness that was mine on Saturday night.

She was saturated! I had no need to reach inside her knickers to feel her damp pussy. It was almost like she had cum already. Her gusset was absolutely soaking wet to the touch and no words were needed as she continued to kiss my mouth and wank my cock, hardly seeming to notice my fingers, desperately trying to find their way onto her brunette bush, and into her sodden hole.

Ann cupped my balls like an expert as I fumbled my way inside her. One finger first, that drew a pleasured moan from my adulterous friend. Then two fingers, drawing a real gasp from her as I stretched her fleshy labia and went knuckle deep into her warm, wet vagina.

"Are you gonna fuck me?" she broke off and asked, frantic and breathless.

"What do you think?" was my reply. "Are you on the pill Ann?" was my next question, not very subtle but Ann didn't seem to do subtle in any way shape of form.

"No but just fuck me. Just fuck me anyway!" she demanded as I reached across her to pull down her cum soaked knickers. Ann released my cock from her grasp to hitch her skirt right up and reveal to me, for the first time, her perfectly trimmed pubic bush. The perfect amount of bush to be extremely attractive, whilst also showing off every fold and crease of her married pussy. Her clitoris was so swollen and much larger than any I'd had the pleasure of licking before.

She moved herself down the seat and lowered it backwards, allowing herself to practically lie full length on her back as she spread her legs for me. I put two fingers back inside her and quickly moved to suck on her perfect swollen bud. My tongue had just got the first taste of Ann's sex before she pulled my face to hers.

"Not tonight; not the first date!" she said forcefully. Before I had any chance to ask why not she explained that when men lick her out, she completely loses control and she didn't want to be like that with me in a car, on a first date, still pretty much fully clothed. (I found out the next time that we had sex exactly what she meant by all that! Yes she did lose control and yes she did have the most amazing multiple orgasms!)

"Well get my cock out Ann. Get it out properly and let me fuck you!" came my demand. If I wasn't going to have the pleasure of licking her out then I was going to give her a really good fucking; Ann was about to have my full length deep inside her saturated hole.

Within seconds, the pair of us had managed to remove my shoes, trousers and boxer shorts to fully expose my hard, thick cock to Ann for the first time. The silver moonlight was easily enough to afford Ann an excellent view of my throbbing dick (a view that she would refer to many times in the coming months) and I could almost feel her delight at glimpsing the prize that she had clearly been fantasising about since Saturday night.

"You ARE a big boy for your mum Ian," mused Ann before taking my oozing bell end into her mouth for the first time.

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