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She lived the perfect life where is her dream.

We finished our drinks and walked out of the catering area. Torrie said we had 2 hours to kill before she had to check back into the arena for pre-match meetings and such. She suggested we take her SUV she rented and drive around for a while. I was in favor of that and we found her Land Rover and drove out of the arena and into Dallas. We stopped at the Galleria mall that was about 5 minutes from the arena and Torrie wanted to do a little bit of shopping in Dallas, pick up a cowboy hat or something like that.

So we stopped and looked at a couple of stores, The Gap, Foley's, Abercrombie & Fitch and Wilson's Leather. Torrie didn't get much, just a U.S.A. skirt at The Gap and a pair of Leather pants at Wilson's. We had been gone for about an hour and figured on heading back to the arena, but then Torrie Wilson came across Victoria's Secret. I didn't know what to make of this but of course I had a certain wanting of going into the store and that's exactly what we did with Torrie taking me by the hand and saying, "You can never have too many thongs." We did a little roaming of the store and came across a very sexy looking neon green bra and panty set. I was even in love with it and convinced Torrie that she should buy it. When Torrie paid for it she said "Now that I know you like it, I can try it on for you when we get back." And then she flashed that $1,000,000 smile that made me melt and I knew it was to only get better.

I actually had to drive the way back to the arena because as soon as we put 1 foot outside the mall, Torrie was all over my body wanting to stick her tongue down my throat as far as it would go and I was groping her ass for all it was worth. We got on the highway and I was swerving lanes, cars, anything on that highway was fair game to be hit because I could not for the life of me get Torrie off of me, and like I was trying! I was all into it myself and finally we pulled right into the locker room entrance and we hopped out of the car, I pulled Torrie's bags inside and we sprinted to her locker room and right then I saw HHH & Stephanie with Austin and Debra and they both gave me a thumbs up. They knew what was goin' down. Torrie pulled me into a mid-sized locker room with just a plush purple velvet couch in the middle of it and some lockers on the side.

She locked the door and it was on now. Torrie told me to sit down onto the couch and I did just that, kicking off my shoes and taking off my belt and stretching out on the couch while Torrie found the bathroom and went to keep her word by putting on her new underwear set. After only a couple of minutes out walked the most incredible site my eyes had ever seen. Torrie Wilson stepped out with a purpose with the neon green outfit complimenting every curve on her body. Her breasts stuck out with authority underneath a bra that looked like it needed air it was on so tight! And her thong bottoms made her ass just look simply amazing. It stuck out in the air just teasing me and I just couldn't take it anymore, I sexually snapped and made sure Torrie was to be mine!

I picked up Torrie and laid her out on the couch, taking off her bra and exposing the $1,000,000 tits Torrie had and my dick almost leapt from my body. I removed all my clothes and I looked at my cock and then at her tits and I knew how to start this thing off right. Straddling her lovely chest. Torrie's eyes were wide open, loving me taking charge, it was too much for me and now I was sliding my dick between her ample and amazing tits. "Ohh yeah!! I love it when men fuck my tits!! Faster please Kurt, Go Faster!!"

I slid all the way up her breast and wiped my cock across her mouth.

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