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They would stampede through the portal killing out all that was left untouched through time. Ariana could make safe journeys bring forth the information. Nobody should know the secret. She held it all in an innocent feather and beaded Indian Dream catcher.

Cremation took place within the hour of death. She watched Peter's body knowing he had given her permission to leave this place. The earth hadn't aged well to many senseless wars. Stripped mines. Dust covered oil wells. No. The year 2060 was barren. Her mind racing she smoothed her suit and sat on the shuttle.

Information was snaking through her mind. She was an about to make what might end up being her last trek. Looking around nobody seemed to notice or care. The Council had placed a perfect coifed, young up and comer to represent the people. The people didn't note that he hung in a vault between sightings. His name Bradley Bingham made people feel safe.

Ariana quit feeling safe now for just short of a week. She would make this trek for the last time. The moon as her guide. She made it through the day without bringing anything down upon herself. She was finally at her home. She started the Ritual, with great humility. As she saw herself in her mirror she looked more like The Indian maiden she became as the cave opened for her. Ariana became Raven. Body and soul. Hurting living things wouldn't have entered her mind. Grabbing the Indian Dream catcher she escaped. Every thing was sit up where she had placed it over the past few days. She had placed her buckskin pants on the feeling was sensual. Tying the braided leather bands around her forehead her oval face with its black doe shape eyes. She allowed her knee length blackened hair to fly behind her. Parted down the center she was ethereal looking, Angelic. She wore a panther vest that barely covered her ample breast. She needed no support.

Her long legs she didn't have to even hop to get upon her white stallion. She once sitting regally turned to see the outline of what she was leaving. Looked perfect to the naked eye.

"Ghost rider into the speed of the night, " She whispered in his ear.

The first motion Ghost rider stretched his full length, then kept it up. Ears high and back, nostrils flared for maximum breathing. The fear of traveling at night was calmed. There wasn't tree's, sparse grass, nothing to fear. Raven and Ghost was as one. Her lower body was melded into his muscular body. After a few hours she let go of the reins. Ghost didn't mind he was on the mission to save his owner.

Raven stretched out her arms and threw back her head hollered towards the heaven's.

"Peter I'm doing it! Almighty Maker protect the innocent." She said this with closing eyes.

She felt Ghost's inertia pounding away upon the ground. She slowly untied her top to slip it off. She felt trapped, always did when she got closer to the first twelve hours of the journey.

"Let's fly Ghost!" She laughed with arms outstretched the early morning hours were bringing a change. Her body was fine tuned. Disciplined to the ritual of taking care of herself. Her rose colored nipples became very taut. Her six pack abs narrowing down to a small waist. Along with a firm ass that was perfect for sex. Her thighs were firm, calves elongated to perfect shapely ankles. Raven was a virgin her face blushing she though she knew it well.

She felt Ghost's gait slow down. Eyes still closed she could see in her minds eye, where they were. He stopped with grace and beauty. Raven jumped off brought out her dream catcher. Taking the yellow feather she waved it over the still six feet wheat stalks. Immediately they responded with swaying turning golden and softened. Separated, Raven took the rein of Ghost. They stepped into the opening. Ghost immediately worked his way towards the pond that sit in the middle.

Raven saw it was muddier and more parched than even since the last trek.

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