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Treasures from the ocean.

"Jack, why don't you put some on her back?" I instructed.

"I'd be happy to." Jack says, with a grin, and gently he rubs lotion onto her back- avoiding her bikini strap.

I ask her, "Honey, can I untie this to help Jack out?"

"Okay." She says.

So I untie it and Jack starts getting into a nice slow message rhythm. I can see that she is looking at the growing bulge in Jack's thong. As I rub her legs higher, she parts them a few more inches. I can now see her shaved pussy lips. They are very wet and engorged. I see a puddle forming on the beach chair. I start rubbing closer to her wetness, carefully avoiding any direct contact. I start rubbing lotion onto her ass cheeks and I hear her let out a little moan. I look up at Jack and I see a big grin on his face. I look a little lower and I see his cock head poking out of his thong!

I figure that I need to cool things down a bit, so I suggest we all go for a swim. I tell Jack that we will meet him at the water. After he goes, I ask her how she is doing.

She says, "OMG, I am so excited, I am dripping like a leaky faucet! Thanks for giving me a break- if you touched my pussy lips I think I would have cum!"

I say, "Let's meet Jack at the water".

She puts her top and wrap back on and we run to the water. The water is refreshing and the waves are perfect for bodysurfing. We all start trying to surf them, laughing and joking around. We go back to our spot and I can tell she is feeling much more comfortable. She lies back on the chair and says,

"Jim, would you mind if I took off my top?"

I reply, "You know how I feel. But maybe Jack would be offended though, you better ask him!"

We all laugh as she punches me in the shoulder, and then she pulls it off and grabs another beer cooler. After she finishes it, she says,

"Okay let's start some painting!"

I give Jack a foam brush and pick out a nice pink color. She then gets on her knees and removes her yellow bottom so I can paint the lower half and Jack can do the top.

"I can't believe I am naked in front of another man!" she announces.

Jack says, "Man, Shelly, you have a knockout body!"

"Knock it off and paint me, Jack! Jim, I need another drink!"

"Cumming right up", I say with a wink.

He starts painting her back and I start her front. I can tell she is a little tipsy because she is swaying slightly. Her eyes are closed with a dreamy look on her face. I put my MP3 player on her so she can listen to her favorite tunes while we paint her. Jack paints a halter top on her and I paint a Brazilian style bottom. The paint won't stick to her wet pussy lips, so I leave them bare. We trade positions and I paint her ass while he works on her breasts. I can tell when he reaches her nipples because I hear another little moan.

She says, "That feels soooo nice. Make sure you cover the nipples really well".

I tell him, "You may have to use your fingers to put the paint on her nipples. The brush doesn't cover them as well."

Okay, I lied - but she doesn't object.

He slowly rubs the latex on her nipples and they start getting big and hard.

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