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Karen agrees to spend the night with Sarah.

His ten inch cock thickening at the pleasant thought and aftertaste of Laura's kiss, Todd fished his cellphone out of his pants and made a phone call. He needed sexual relief, and he knew just who would provide it for him...

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The sun had just set upon the Town & County, ending the daylight of Monday, Nov. 17th. Katherine Woodburn sat alone in her brand-new offices, which were partially furnished. She had opted for different offices than those used by the late Senator Nathan Allen. Except for the position and title of 'State Senator', she wanted nothing in common with her odious predecessor.

It had been an exciting but busy time since she'd been 'elected' State Senator. Her lawyers had easily crushed John Cummings's legal attempts to contest the election and expose the fraud that had put her into power. She had already given instructions to her staff to have the State Internal Revenue Division audit Cummings, and also have allegations made that would require the Federal BAFTE to inquire about Cummings's Federal Firearms License to sell guns at his store. She remembered the words of the late Donovan Donolan, that enemies should be absolutely crushed once they were on their knees. It was too bad Mr. Donolan had not lived to see his philosophy employed by her.

She heard the outer door to her offices closing. "Who's there?" she called out. "Oh, it's you! What can I do for you?" she said, seeing the visitor appear in her office door.

"I came by to congratulate you on your fine win, Senator Woodburn." said her guest. "And to welcome you to the team." The guest was waving a metallic device around the room; Woodburn knew that it was to detect listening devices. The Iron Crowbar was not the only one possessing such devices without proper authority. But the fact her guest had this device spoke to the sheer power that this guest commanded.

"Team?" Woodburn asked, glancing up at her guest.

"Oh yes." said the guest. "Senator Allen knew his place, but got a bit too big for his britches, as the saying goes. Thought he was more of a badass than he really was. I can't say I blame him for some of it; his son's freedom from prison was at stake, and at that he failed, as well. But I'm sure that you'll be a much more trustworthy and reliable ally than he was. And I'm sure that you understand well that helping those that have recently helped you is most essential to your new Senate career."

"Of course. You know that you can count on me." said Woodburn. "Especially when it comes to the Iron Crowbar. I am committed to his destruction."

"I'm glad to hear that." said the guest. "But let me warn you: don't become consumed by the Iron Crowbar. He is a powerful enemy, and he knows how to use your emotions to your own destruction. Both Senator Allen and some of my other people have found that out the hard way. Rein in your hatred of the Iron Crowbar, and I can assure you a hand in the final consequences that will befall him... and his seed."

The guest turned to leave. "I'll be going now. Your mission is to settle into the Senate seat and be ready to fight with us in the SBI battle next year. I cannot understate how important that battle is."

"I'm ready." said Woodburn. Her guest did not reply and she heard the office door shut as the guest left. She contemplated the conversation, believing that, despite the guest's words, she was meant to bring about the extermination of the Iron Crowbar with all the power available for her to muster...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"We just got a call from the City." said the leader of the group as they ate supper in their farmhouse hideout. "Our new plan is active. The FBI is getting too close to some of our operations, so we're going to wipe out their local team. Here's the plan..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My mother Phyllis had told us that she was leaving in the morning to go to Apple Grove.

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