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Laurel attempts to rid her computer of the Dildock Virus.

I panicked, and just stood there. The others were swimming into the waves coming over the wall of the pool and calling me, shouting my name. The alcohol and the heat of the evening was affecting me and I was feeling aroused by all this happening around me. I suddenly just thought who cares, and I pulled the dress over my breasts and down my hips. I was standing there in the nude. I was not sure if I should cover my breasts with my arms or just try and be natural. The others were all looking at me as I walked towards the steps. I looked down and noticed the curls of my pubic hair standing out and I just in a robotic state jumped in. I don't know what had got into me but I was feeling quite horny and my hormones just rushed into my brain. I swam to the others. The water was just above waist hight and they were standing there. The other two girls with tiny breasts and as I surfaced and stood up my large size C breasts came into view. The guys were staring and I knew it. My nipples hardened and stood erect like a half an inch. I was excited and couldn't explain if it was the alcohol or what. The other girls had little nipple erections you get from the cold. We swam around and it was a lot of fun but then it started to get cold. The feeling of being seen aux natural for the first time was liberating and I was enjoying it. Some naughty demon inside me wanted to show more and have opportunities for the others to see more of me. I don't know what hit me.

They started to group into couples and hold each other. I now felt like a sore thumb sticking out. We were all still drunk. Carla and her boyfriend swam to the end of the pool and I saw them kiss and I noticed James's hand cupping her breasts as they kissed. Shelly and Jason swam to the other end and she also embraced and kissed. I felt like I shouldn't be there and started to turn and swam away, splashing around while the others were busy. Shelly and Jason swam up to the steps where I was and then got out. Shelly put on Jason's shirt and the two of them said they were going for a walk on the beach and would be back later.

I lay at the end of the pool leaning over the pool wall gazing at the incoming white water from the ocean. I lifted my torso up and leaned over more knowing I was lifting my but above the water and that it would be visible to the others. I heard when Carla call me. She told me to swim to them. I didn't want to be in their way but I also had nowhere to go so I did just that. I got there and noticed that a pair of boxer shorts were hanging on the wall .It must have been James's. She then told me to help her as she had got her foot stuck in the hole in the wall and James was not able to get it out. I looked at her leg and it was twisted into this tiny hole and needed to be repositioned to get her out. James then said that he tried but couldn't free her leg. I got closer but the only way I could help her was to climb up on the wall and pull her leg from on top of the wall. I climbed up realising I was naked and my butt was showing as I climbed out. I turned around hoping James would not moved from his position, as he couldn't see my front from the side where he was standing. I looked at him and noticed that he was staring at me. I had to help Carla so I just continued. I leaned over and tried to manoeuvre her leg. It was not working.

James then swam to her and was now right in front of me.

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