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He returns after many years; how can she turn him away?

After some lengthy thought she decided it would be best, so she gently moved Kasumi's hand off and got out of bed. She went out of the window and was careful not to let in too much light to wake Kasumi, she could see out to the beach and saw another girl. She had her back to Emma so she could only make out the back of her. For the moves she was making it seemed she was practising some form of martial arts,

"That's Hitomi,"

Emma jumped slightly, turning round she saw Kasumi had got out of bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes,

"Oh, morning Kasumi,"

"Morning," Kasumi said yawning, "Sleep well?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Mm-hm," she replied, still half asleep, "You thirsty?"

Emma noticed she was holding her drinks bottle again,

"Yeah thanks,"

Emma took the bottle and drunk from it,

"Mmm, strawberries,"

Emma drunk a little more as she and Kasumi looked at other,

"So, what's the plan for today?" Asked Emma,

"Well, I could introduce you to the other girls, we could play a few games of volleyball, or..."

"Or what?"

Kasumi smiled as she walked closer to Emma, pinning her up against the window,

"You know you talk in your sleep?"

"Yeah, I get it from my mum,"

"You said quite a lot last night,"

"R-really? W-what did I say,"

Emma was finding the words harder to say, she kept feeling her throat dry up so she was swallowing to keep it moist,

"Some weird stuff about keys for freedom, and some other stuff that made a lot of sense,"

"How so?"

Kasumi took in a deep breath and looked Emma up and down, she lightly rubbed her fingertips over the soft fabric of Emma's pink T-shirt,

"You like girls huh?"

"Yeah, well, I um, I sort-,"

Emma was cut short as Kasumi leant up on her toes and planted her soft lips onto Emma's. The kiss lasted only a second then Kasumi leant back, running her tongue across her own lips, savouring the taste,

"I'm sorry if you didn't want me to do that, it's just that-,"

Now it was Emma's time to cut off Kasumi, she grabbed her around her waistband pulled her in. This time when their lips met it was with force. Emma pushed her tongue out of her mouth and into Kasumi's, she could taste the strawberries from her drink. Kasumi was no longer interested in being submissive, she pushed Emma's shoulders, pressing her back against the window. Their kissing got more intimate, moaning into each others mouths, their tongues moving rapidly back and forth,

"Kasumi," Emma said pushing her back, "We shouldn't be rushing into this,"

Kasumi didn't reply, she reached behind her neck and untied the strap to her bikini, she pulled it over her head and let it drop to the floor,


Emma could only stare, she was mesmerised by Kasumi's breasts. They were perfect size for her frame, and were peaked by some milky pink nipples, already hard from the passionate kiss. Kasumi continued undressing, hooking her thumbs around her panties and pulled them down, stepping out one leg at a time, revealing her neatly trimmed quim.

"Morning Hitomi,"

Hitomi stopped her exercises and saw Leifang skipping down the beach,

"Morning Leifang,"

"I thought you might be hungry, so I got you some sachertorte,"


Hitomi and Leifang sat down on the beach and Hitomi tucked in,

"Oh, would you like some?"

"No, I already ate,"

Leifang watched as Hitomi wolfed down the chocolate cake,

"So," said Hitomi in between bites, "Who we playing against?"

"Lisa and Helena, we're meeting them at Private Beach in a little while,"

Hitomi finished off and stood up, brushing the sand off her legs,

"Well, are we heading off?" Asked Leifang,

"Yeah, I'm just gonna drop this off and... Hey, there's Kasumi,"

Leifang looked to where Hitomi was pointing, she saw Kasumi standing by the window, it was too far to tell but she looked like she may have been topless, but she could definitely see that Kasumi was repeatedly throwing her head back every now and again.

"Oh god Emma, that's so good. Your tongue feels so good,"

Emma's head was buried between Kasumi's legs, Kasumi holding her right leg up by hooking undernea

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