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Bruna and her three friends get to know each other better.

I could have groped her ass or her breasts but I enjoy going slow. There was plenty of time for that later.

Next, I did something that has become a trademark of mine. I leaned down with my hand over and then under her far leg and pulled her up to be sitting sideways on my lap. As always happens when I do this the first time, she gave a little gasp and squeal at the sudden move. I find that mature women haven't usually sat on a man's lap since they were a little girl. It must bring back fond memories because they love it and they melt. Maybe they feel more dainty and younger. The man below, that's me, seems that much more in control and masculine.

"Here, just put your pretty head on my shoulder." I could feel her hot breath on my neck. I looked down at her luscious body covered by her skirt and silk blouse. My hand rested across her skirt on her upper thigh.

"What a nice skirt this is." I felt the fabric by running my hand up and down her thigh and gave it a good squeeze near her crotch. I could hear a small groan when I did that. Her hands were still clasped on her lap. I dipped my lips to hers and she responded by moving her hand to the back of my head and mashing our lips together aggressively, another good sign that all was going well. We kissed passionately. She was getting just as turned on as I was. My cock, which she was sitting on, was getting very hard. I'm sure she could feel it.

Across from us on a sofa no more than six feet away, a couple had shed their clothes and the woman was on her knees, on the floor sucking her happy man's cock with great gusto. When the man groaned in pleasure, my lady turned and gazed at the erotic action for several seconds before laying her head back down on my chest. I was sure her mind was buzzing with what was happening around her and what it meant for later.

We were both panting when our kiss ended and as my pulse was returning to normal, I knew it was time to explore her body. I like to get a new lady's total buy-in before moving forward.

"Elizabeth, I would love to caress your beautiful body and touch your soft skin. As a sign that this is okay with you, could you please unbutton your blouse so I can have access to your glorious breasts?" This was the moment of truth. She hesitated for what seemed like an eternity but was likely just a few seconds before unbuttoning her silk blouse from top to bottom. I could see her sexy, light pink bra come into view with a delicious amount of cleavage between two full cups. When she finished, she turned her head up and kissed my neck just beside my Adam's apple in complete supplication. I knew then that she was offering herself totally to me. She was mine. Like my father always said - it pays to be a gentleman. I cupped her left breast with my right hand. It was firm and ripe. I could feel her hard nipple through the soft fabric. She gave a small mewing sound as I felt her charms. She kissed me again on my neck. With this green light and since the bra had a front clasp, I undid it and pulled the fabric aside to reveal her alabaster tits and large brown areolas. I was sure her husband and doctor were the only men to see her perfect breasts in a very long time.

"Oh, baby, your breasts are magnificent." I massaged them softly and rolled the hard nipple between my fingers. The soft mewing sound from deep in her throat continued and she started to massage my chest with her left hand over my shirt.

Time to break another barrier for the good lady.

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