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A wife and husband open their life to friends in need.

I looked down his long, toned body and linger on his perfect cock, I knew what pleasure awaited me and my pussy started to throb. My vision continued down to the mirror where I saw myself, naked and kneeling, waiting yet ready. Straightening up, I slid my hands over my stomach; I felt my hands glide over my tight soft skin. As I slid them up to my plump breasts I smelled yesterday's perfume and it reminded me of coconut massage oil.

My eyes never left the image in front of me as my hands played over the pale tits, groping and pulling on my nipples. I twisted each as I turned each into a rosy coloured nub. I bent my head forward and flicked my tongue out darting it out across the reddened surface. I moaned softly and I looked down quickly to ensure I hadn't woken him, he hadn't stirred. I knew he was inches away from my pussy

I finally twisted my nipples feeding one to my tongue where I flicked it across the reddened surface. I moan softly and quickly looked down to ensure I hadn't woken you, I see you haven't stirred. Knowing you're inches away from my pussy makes it throb and quiver. I could smell the musky scent of my juices that had leaked onto the lips of my pussy, which begged for him to dart his tongue out and lap them up.

I couldn't stand it any longer, I looked on in the mirror as I slid my hands past my stomach, past my smooth silky mound; I enjoyed the feel of my nails against the sensitive skin there. Silently I spread my lips to the heaven that awaited me. It was so warm and wet, my fingers slid in the musky, sweet juices. I dipped one finger in then the other; I searched for the glorious g-spot.

When I found it I rocked my fingers over the hidden treasure, it sent waves of pleasure through me. I rocked my hips as I sent the hypnotic sensations deeper.

As I sensed a changed in his sleep I reluctantly pulled my fingers out of my pulsating pussy. I slid them up to my mouth and sucked on them as I watched my form in the mirror. I wasn't sure what turned me on more the vision of me above him in the mirror naked and sucking my fingers clean or the taste of my sweet, sticky juices as I licked my fingers clean.

I sent one hand out, searching his body; I felt all the muscles as I removed the thin sheet covering his waist. As the sheet slipped across his cock I saw it was stiffening and pulsating. I knew even in his sleep he knew I was up to something; it must have been the erotic scent from my pussy falling through to his dreams.

I leaned forward, watching as my tits fell forward and brushed his stomach, tickling my already stiffened nipples. For the first time since putting the mirror in place I took my eyes off it and bent my head down, I let my curls fall over his crotch as I gently kissed the tip of his member, savouring it as though it were our first kiss.

I slid my fingers back to my pussy, no longer searching for my g-spot but matching the pleasure I want to give him. As I slid my tongue out and around his head; I circled my clit as I moaned and gyrated my hips. As I sucked his cock into my hot mouth he opened his eyes and saw me fucking my own pussy.

It didn't take him long, seconds really, before he pushed my hand out the way. He grabbed my ass and pulled me down to his waiting tongue. He sent his tongue up the full length of my slit, ass to clit sucking up all my moist juices. He nuzzled into me and nibbled and bit my clit.

I couldn't help but bump against him as waves of pleasure and electricity jumped through me. I pulled off his cock and nibbled down his throbbing shaft to suckle on his swollen balls. As juices ran down my slit and ass onto him, he lapped them up moaning into me.

He sensed I was close and pulled my ass down hard, shoving my pussy straight onto his awaiting tongue and flicked it in and out.

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