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The plot exposed and a decision made.

Nearly half of her breasts were exposed, though her areolas were still covered. The shirt still fit snuggly over her perfect tits, but they had returned their natural teardrop shape.

Veronica quickly unsnapped the last two buttons and brandy's shirt fell open. The fabric still covered about half of her breasts, but now part of both areolas were exposed and one tasty nipple was in view.

I watched as Veronica's lips gently closed around Brandy's jaw bone and then slowly moved up to her round, soft cheek. Meanwhile, her left hand fell from Brandy's hair to her neck, and then started to push into her opened shirt and down toward her chest.

Brandy tilted her head to the side and turned her mouth up toward Veronica's. The tip of Veronica's brilliant pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and quickly guided across her top lip. She then took her bottom lip briefly into her mouth, before it fell open. Her glistening, wet lips quivered slightly as Brandy's moved closer. Brandy gently kissed Veronica's top lip. Her mouth then re-opened and moved to Veronica's much meatier bottom lip. Her mouth closed around it and she sucked on it for just a second before pulling back and looking into Veronica's eyes.

Before their lips could touch again, both of Veronica's hands found Brandy's breasts. As she started to caress them, Brandy's eyes closed and their lips pressed together. They kissed softly and then pulled back. They looked at each other, and then engaged in a series of soft kisses. After several seconds, they both started to open their mouths. Their lips touched several more times until Veronica finally closed her mouth around Brandy's upper lip and Brandy closed hers around Veronica's lower one.

They pulled back once again and smiled coyly at each other. Veronica began massaging Brandy's breasts more vigorously. Her shirt still covered half of her chest, but I could see Veronica's hands sliding around the sides and then up and down over the top of her tits.

They moved in for another kiss. With both of their mouths open and about a centimeter apart, their sexy female tongues left their respective mouths and began to rub against each other. It was so hot. I watched as they slide back and forth for a second and then they quickly pulled apart. They were both grinning widely, but with a look of exhilaration in their eyes. They moved in again. This time the tongues came out quicker and playfully danced about for several seconds before they separated one more time.

I could see Brandy was growing more and more excitement, and soon I noticed the back of Veronica's knuckles under Brandy's shirt, as she rolled her nipples between her fingers. This time when they kissed it was much less controlled, and much more passionate. They made out for several seconds. It was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen.

When they stopped, Veronica pulled back both sides Brandy's shirt, flashing me a great view of her spectacular tits. I marveled at them as both girls starred provocatively into the camera. Then Veronica slid the shirt off of her shoulders and then her arms. She tossed it on the other end of the chaise lounge and reached down to pick up a bra.

Veronica held it out in front of Brandy, who slipped her arms through the straps. As Veronica pulled the bra on to her shoulders and proceeded to fasten the clip, Brandy moved her hands behind her back. She starred into the camera. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips inflamed. She was obviously very turned on, but had a look on her face that I'd seen before. It was a devious look. One she gets before she performs an unexpected sexual act on me. Like when she comes into my office unannounced, crawls under my desk, unzips my pants and goes to town on my cock while I'm on a conference call. Or when she pulls me into a dressing room, takes down my pants, sits me down, straddles me, and then rides me until I come inside of her.

I watched as she scrapped her teeth over her bottom lip.

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