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Harry is home and work on the house is finished.

If I can't offer you my home what sort of person would I be? You stay here as long as you need or want to. This is not a favour, this is now your family home. Besides, it needs new life in it, about time there was a bit of noise in here." Jenny grinned and hugged Sue.

Gary sat down and the boys jumped on him. He grabbed them and they began to wrestle, giggling and laughing. Gloria smiled and sipped her tea, reaching for a biscuit. Jenny laughed as she relaxed her grip on Sue. They watched Gary happily messing around with his boys, both felt the love in the room. Later after a light supper, the boys had bathed and were ushered up to bed, Gary reading them a story, before they settled down.

"Off to sleep, it's school tomorrow, so no messing around, sleep well."

He bounded down the stairs and Sue and Jenny grinned. They sat in silence for a while, Gary sat between Sue and Jenny on the large sofa, Gloria lay back in the armchair she had decided was now hers.

"Gloria, is there anything you need for tonight?"

"No I think I've got everything I need thanks."

"OK but don't go without, I do have some spare nightdresses and a dressing gown." Gloria nodded.

"Plan for tomorrow?" Gary asked.

"I need to go to work, so I must to be out of the house by half seven," said Sue, "and the boys need to be at the school by eight forty."

"I'll take them," said Gloria, "Jenny would you like to come too?"

"Really? Sure I'd love that, thanks."

Shortly after that they all decided to go to bed, they kissed goodnight and Gary let the women go upstairs whilst he locked up and cleared the dishwasher away. He came upstairs and into the bedroom, Jenny was sat reading a book, naked.

"Good book?"

"Yes thanks, all cleared away?"

"Clean and tidy madam, as you expect."

"Good, now get your kit off and fuck me senseless." she demanded with a grin.

"Always ready to help a lady out." He grinned, pulling his shirt over his head. He pulled his pants and trousers off, standing in just his socks.

"mmmm, I like a man with an air of mystery about him," Jenny murmured.

Gary grinned, pulled his socks off and walked to the bed, sliding in he pulled Jenny to him, they kissed and he rolled her on top of him.

"Mmmm, my favourite position," she mumbled into his lips, before lifting slightly and reaching for his erection.

"Ohh my God that feels so good, so hard but yet so soft."

They kissed again and as she sat up the deeper his penetration became. Reaching for her firm full breasts he kissed each one before latching his mouth to her left as his hand circled her right. She purred and rocked gently on his cock. His hands slid down her sides until he slipped them under her arse and stroked her as she rose. Her head lowered, as he moved up, their lips met and they ground their way to a silent but explosive climax. Laying back they held hands, falling into a deep sleep in minutes.

The next morning chaos reigned as everyone flew around in a cacophony of showers, breakfast and sandwich making. Jenny stood by drinking a coffee, a huge grin on her face.

"Join in when you can!" Gary yelled as he pulled his coat on.

Sue hugged and kissed everyone as she prepared to leave.

"I don't need to tell you to take care and don't forget your lunch box, do I?" She grinned as she hugged Jenny. She laughed and held Sue,

"No, I think I can remember that," she said turning Sue towards the door and giving her a little push on her rear end.

"I know, I know, " Sue said, "I'm going, I'm going." Then she was out the door and gone.

Gary was next, he kissed everyone and was gone in a flurry of shouts and giggles.

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