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She learns her dirty name and the pain of a spanking.

She let him guide her face into his groin, since she had not the slightest clue how to accomplish this important task. It was at that moment that she had a troubling thought. When a man puts his penis into a woman's mouth, isn't that considered oral sex? But then she remembered her OBGYN exam, which involved stripping naked for a strange man and letting him fondle her titties and penetrate her womanhood, and she realized that there is a marked difference between a medical procedure and a sex act, even if they both include nudity and touching, or sucking, as the case may be.

Reassured that she wasn't breaking her vow of abstinence, she proceeded in earnest, sucking like a hungry baby at a mother's breast. By this time, Porter's engorged penis had gotten even bigger, or so it seemed. Her jaw was really starting to hurt, and she was considering asking if it would be okay to take a break when Porter interrupted.

"Now Beth! Now!" he yelped.

Instantly, her mouth was inundated with the dreaded poison from the brown recluse spider. It came out in thick, gooey spurts, hitting her tonsils and running down the back of her throat, giving her a momentary urge to gag. With renewed vigor, she sucked harder, eliciting a series of frantic grunts from her stricken patient.

"Oh God, Beth. That's perfect."

Filled with a new sense of purpose, she continued sucking and swallowing, making sure she got every last drop. Surprisingly, the poison had no taste whatsoever, just a slimy, sticky consistency that tickled as it dribbled down her chin. She nonchalantly flicked a drop off to the side, where it splatted on the soft grass.

By this time, Porter's hands were no longer gripping her by the ears, they were caressing her hair in a loving and gentle way. It was heartening to know that, through her bravery and skill, she had triumphed over the impending doom of the mighty spider bite. She said a little silent "Praise Jesus" as she watched his drooping member pop out of her mouth, the rubbery tip all shiny with milky-white spider poison.

"Did I do it right?"? she asked hopefully.

"Perfect, Doll."

"What would have happened if we left your condition untreated?" she asked, wiping her chin with her hand.

"That would have been up to the good Lord," he said, reaching for his jeans. She watched him curiously as he pulled up his shorts and packed his penis back inside delicately. Noticing that the swelling was already going down, she got back to her feet, feeling a sense of accomplishment that was so gratifying, she was already considering changing her college major to pre-med.

"Do you think we got all the poison out?" she asked, looking into his troubled face.

"We'll know in a little while," he frowned, cinching up his silver rodeo buckle. "Sometimes it takes a..." he stopped mid sentence, his eyes bugging out. "Beth!" he commanded, "don't move!" With a flick of his wrist, he whipped his hat off and swatted her thigh with it.

"Hey?" she blurted, jumping back.

"Centipede!" he announced. "You didn't feel it? He was climbing up your leg, but I'm afraid now, he's inside your shorts."

"Oh my God!" she bleated, jumping from one foot to the other. "What do I do?"

"Quick! Take your shorts off!"

"Oh my God! Oh my God!" she squealed, frantically undoing the button and fumbling with the zipper. With a quick yank, her shorts were down around her ankles, and then she was hopping out of them.

"Turn around," Porter commanded. She did, peaking over her shoulder at him as he scoped out her plump rear end. "I don't see it," he said, gently lifting the back of her top. "I wonder if he climbed up inside your bra?"

"Oh no!" she warbled, pulling her top off. As it fluttered to the ground, she unclipped her bra and flung it across the clearing. "Do you see it?"

Porter slowly paced in a circle around her, examining her white skin for signs of the evil centipede.

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