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Mom and Charles have a secret of their own.

I took a different person to my bed every night. My preference was for tall, muscular, black-skinned young men and tall, big-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed black women. I must say it was good living. Sometimes, I took one of each and enjoyed them at the same time. Why limit oneself? One night I took to my bed a tall, slim young black man named Kal and a tall, chubby and fat-bottomed young black woman named Soraya. In my eyes, they were just right. Kal was pretty in the face and had a sculpted, definitely sexy body. As for Soraya, her face was okay but it was her thick body, big tits and huge ass that interested me. I could care less about a woman's face. Tits and ass is all I want. We had a lot of fun together. I sat on my throne and ordered them to undress. I sat there, watching their naked bodies. Yes, I must say that I liked what I saw.

In a flash, I was upon them. They gasped in shock. I smiled. The wonders of teleportation will never cease to amaze me. How else would you explain how , in the same day I can toss snowballs from a European mountaintop, swim beneath a glacier in the Arctic and slaughter an entire pride of lions in the African savannah just for kicks? Kal and Soraya knelt before me, as they had been taught to do. Kneel before your god, oh lowly mortals. I undressed before them. All six feet and one hundred and ninety pounds of me. I looked at my faithful worshipers. I ordered them to lift their heads and gaze upon me. And they did. Kal and Soraya gasped when they saw my cock. My twelve inches of super-thick, uncircumcised black man power. As god of the tribe, I banned the practice of circumcision six hundred years ago. All males were all-natural among my worshipers. The way mother nature designed them. The way all men should be.

I lay on the leonine skin-covered temple floor with Kal and Soraya. We got down and dirty, as they say. I made them both suck me off. Kal sucked my cock while Soraya licked my balls. In no time, they got me hard as hell. Then it was just a question of who was going to get fucked before the other. First, I had a go with Kal. I put the sexy black stud on all fours and spread his ass cheeks wide open. I lubricated his asshole, then pushed my cock inside. Soraya watched, fingering her pussy as she did. I could tell the fat black chick was turned by the sight of a black hunk like me sodomizing a skinny punk like Kal. Yeah, the bitch got off on it. She would get hers soon enough. I gripped Kal's hips and slammed my dick deep inside his asshole. Kal squealed as I fucked him in the ass. His hole felt supple around my dick so I could tell he was no damn virgin.

I fucked him in all kinds of positions. I lay flat on the floor and he impaled himself on my dick. I put my arms around him and thrust deep into him. I love the feel of a tight ass around my dick. Honestly, I don't give a damn who the ass belongs to. Kal's ass gripped my dick like a vise. We went at it until I came, flooding his asshole with my cum. The punk squealed louder than I'd ever heard a man scream. I laughed and playfully smacked his ass. Slowly, I squeezed my cock out of his asshole. He grunted as I exited his rectum. I stroked my cock. Now, I was ready for round two. Part of being superhuman meant I recovered a lot faster than normal men. I could go all night and beyond when it came to rough sex. Word up.

I gestured for Soraya to come to me.

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