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er arms, gave me one hell of a kiss and then said:

"I'm free all of next week. Give me a call."

I got one more kiss and she went into the house.


I did call her and we went out three of the nights and ended up back at my apartment on all three of them. The following week we went out four times and the week after that it was five. Suddenly it seemed that we were a couple in everyone's eyes.

After three months she told me that her mother wanted to sell the house and move to Akron where she could live with her sister.

"I can get an apartment or I can just move in with you. What do you think I should do?"

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out my answer to that question. Joleen moved in with me and six months later we were married.

The next five years flew by. My initial contract was for three years and in my second and third year I made it to the Pro Bowl. I was offered a lucrative five year contract and I took it, but arranged for deferred compensation spread out over eight years. It saved me a ton in taxes, but the real beauty of it was that I got paid even if I got injured and couldn't play. The pay checks would keep on coming for eight years. It was also a good deal for the franchise in that it freed them up and helped them with the Leagues salary cap.

By the end of the second year of the contract I'd come to realize that if I made a million dollars a month it would never be enough for Joleen. The woman could spend it faster than I could make it and that wasn't the way I wanted to live. My plan was get the money now, invest it and spread it out so I could live well after football and I don't mean live well for a couple of years, but live well for the rest of my life.

Accordingly, knowing Joleen's penchant for spending, I started hiding things from her. I didn't explain the deferred compensation package and I decided to shock her into curbing her spending. I told her that my financial advisor had made some bad guesses (he hadn't and in fact he was doing extremely well by me) and that I had lost a bunch on the stock market. I told her that we needed to tighten the purse strings a bit.

It didn't faze her at all. Two weeks after I told her that she went out and bought a new Cadillac Escalade. As far as she was concerned we still had money in the bank, right? Well I've done some dumb things in my life, but I'm not stupid. Or at least I didn't think that I was. I remembered Joleen's track record back before we hitched up. The way she bounced from one well off guy to another and I concluded, rightly or wrongly, that Joleen jumped on my wagon because she saw the big bucks that I could pull down as a Pro.

In short - was it me or my money? My heart was yelling at me that it was me, but my mind was telling me that it was the money. She was a great wife and other than her out of control spending I really had no complaints. God knows that she continued trying to fuck me to death.

Joleen had never put her degree to use. Why bother. We didn't need the money that her job would bring in. Instead of going to work Joleen became a social butterfly. Perhaps I'm not being fair in using that term, but Joleen seemed to feel the need to be out and about and seen in all the trendy places and with the 'in crowd.'

She joined all sorts of organizations from "Save the Barking Tree Frog" to "Prevent Earthworm Abuse." She got on committees and volunteered for all sorts of things. Scarcely a week went by when her picture wasn't on the society page of the paper.

A lot of the money that Joleen was going through was going to the committees and groups that Joleen belonged to and I wasn't happy about it. My financial guru kept telling me to calm down a little because it all went to Charitable Deductions at tax time, but the way Joleen was going through money I was wondering if I might not end up a charity case myself in my later years.

When the "Lost a lot on the stock market" ploy didn't work I tried to think of some other way to slow her down.

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