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Attracting my lover by posting where he watches.

And we started laughing and kissing.

Towels and kisses worked to drive away the chill. Your skin felt cool and soft as I rubbed lotion on your back and shoulders. You made a gentle sigh. Turning you, I kissed your lips and rubbed lotion on each arm, before bending to cover your legs. I felt your hands on my shoulders as I lifted one leg to lotion your toes, foot, ankle. A little more lotion on my hands and I worked my way up your calves past your knee, to your thigh, gently brushing the lips of your pussy as my hands traveled to the top of your long leg.

Your fingers dug into my shoulders and I felt a shudder flow thru your body. Still holding your leg, I leaned forward to lick the drops from your pussy. The shudder grew to a tremble. You moaned softly. With one last lick, I released your leg and picked up the other. Kissing each toe, I lotioned your foot, ankle, and calf. You wiggled your toes as my tongue tickled the top of your foot. My hands smoothed lotion over your knee and up your thigh, and teased your wet lips once more.

Rubbing more lotion on my hands, I kissed your cheek and spread lotion on your hips and bottom, the slight swell of your tummy, the space between your breast, your neck and collarbone, and finally your breast.

With a little smile, I kissed your closed eyes and held you close. You sighed as you pushed away and turned to dry your hair. Bumping hips and laughing, I shaved, you sprayed a bit of perfume, we fought for the toothpaste and kissed.

Wrapped up in oversized robes, we headed to the kitchen and the smell of fresh bread and hot soup. You filled two big cups with soup, I pulled the bread out of the oven and we warmed up our forgotten cocoa. And you kissed my cheek as I added a bit more Irish Cream to my cocoa.

We added a couple pieces of wood to the fire, placed two cups of soup, big chunks of warm bread and Irish Cream spiked hot cocoa next to the sofa and cuddled up under a warm blanket.

Taking sip of my soup, I said, "I love being with you, playing in the snow, kissing you, touching you... making love."

You smiled, kissed my cheek and whispered, "This has been a wonderful weekend, let's never go back, we could stay here skiing and playing in the snow... and in bed."

The aroma of fresh bread and soup reminded us to eat. Soft music, the crackle of the fire, the clink of spoons and dishes replaced words. Silently we sipped soup, shared torn pieces of bread, little kisses, and watched the fire dance.

Empty cups sat next to half eaten pieces of bread as we settled back and took small sips of cocoa; I felt your hand resting on my thigh as you leaned against my shoulder. Your hair tickled my nose as I nuzzled the side of your head. The stereo played "Your Body is a Wonderland," and my hand drifted to your waist and slowly wandered up under your robe to cup your breast. You snuggled closer to my heart and moved your hand under my robe. "...Your skin like porcelain, One pair of candy lips and..." plays in the background as my cock hardens to your touch.

You slowly turned, closed your eyes, and kissed my lips as the song played. Our tongues met between parted lips, tasting and teasing. Your hand pushed open my robe, pressed against my chest. I held you in one arm and caressed your hair. I shifted my hips to ease the pressure in my groin and slowly untied your robe, slipped my hand around your waist, and down over your hip.

" ...Swimming a deep sea, Of blankets..."

A moan escapes from our lips as we broke the kiss and you lowered your mouth to my chest. My hand slid up your side to your breast while you teased my nipple with little flicks of your tongue. I squeezed your breast before sliding my hand down along your stomach to the inside of your thigh and up to your already dripping pussy.

With a little sigh your legs opened slightly allowing my finger to slip between the wet folds of your pussy. My index finger traced small circles around your swelling bud, while my other fingers teased your lips.


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