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He innocently offers his body to his gay friend.

"Yes Sir" She answered.

"What is it?"

"Well, my daughter Cassie is in danger of losing her college scholarship and I wanted your advice," She sobbed.

"That excuse is unacceptable Miss Delany it could have waited until I was done. Isn't that correct?" I said.

"Yes sir I suppose."

"You suppose is that so? What you need is a good hard spanking and I think it is just about time. Come over here Little One." I said treating her as a youngster.

Elizabeth made her way to where I was sitting and stood to my right side. Her knees began to shake and her face turned a bright red from the humiliation of being treated like a child.

"Young lady do you understand what is going to happen to you?" I asked speaking like her Daddy.

"Yes Sir," Elizabeth answered.

Elizabeth began to sob. Her legs were shaking and she felt as if she had butterflies in her stomach as it churned with fear and embarrassment. There was a set question and answer period that all of the girls that worked for me had to follow prior to being spanked. I felt it helped intensify the punishment session to have the spankee confess their crime and to ask for the spanking.

"Why are standing here with your bare behind on display Elizabeth?" I questioned.

"Sir because I have been a naughty little girl Sir," She said.

I require each sentence to be spoken clearly, loudly and without hesitation. It must begin and end with the words Sir.

"What do you deserve Missy?"

"Sir I deserve a tanning on my bare bottom Sir," Elizabeth stated.

"Why are you going to get a tanning, Elizabeth?"

"For disobeying your order not to interrupt you, Sir," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth knew immediately she had made a mistake and tried to correct it. "Sir, for dis...." She stammered.

Whack! Whack!

I had slapped her on both bare thighs, first the right then the left. "That mistake of not starting your confession with Sir will cost you 10 extra with the hairbrush, understood! Now repeat the answer and get it right this time."

Elizabeth started to sob but knew she must continue: "Si, for disobeying your order not to interrupt you Sir."

"You will write that answer 500 times over the weekend and have it on my desk Monday morning. You act like a little girl not a grown woman of 45. Put your naughty bottom over my knee, I am going to spank you until I think you have learned your lesson, Missy," I ordered as I patted my lap.

Elizabeth felt her knees shake as she approached my lap. She bent over my knees, so that her fingers touched the floor on one side and her toes touched the other side. Her skirt was tucked inside her waist band and her panties were banded still in place just below her knees. Her garter belt framed her bare bottom.

Elizabeth wiggled a bit, adjusting her position, as tears ran down her face and the sounds of her whimpering filled my office.

"I am going to give you something to cry about Missy. You are going to feel this each time you sit for the next few days. You will learn that when I give an order I expect it to be obeyed. Is that clear?"

"Sir yes Sir," She practically shouted.

Elizabeth was very well built with a curvy figure, including long tan legs and a full round bottom. She was slightly plump in her nether regions. Her full round cheeks jutted out at the top of her thighs and contrasted sharply with the flat of her small back.

Her posture over my knee caused her shapely bottom to stick out in a most vulnerable position. The roundest part of her bare bottom arched in anticipation. The muscles clenched across her well-padded cheeks.

"Turn your toes towards each other," I instructed. She would have to relax her cheeks with her toes turned inside, which is what I wanted.

I tapped her bottom with the hairbrush as if measuring the distance and target area. Elizabeth knew her punishment was to begin momentarily.

Whack! Spank!

The hairbrush descended on her bottom. It stung like crazy. Elizabeth held onto the chair leg for dear life knowing if she covered up it would be worse.

Smack! Smack!

Her buttocks

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