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Girlfriend's mum gets drunk and horny.


We talked for a while longer. I questioned her about when she had opened the door, "Had she seen him?" to which she stated that she hadn't seen him but could see a shadow and assumed it was him. She asked for me to return when I found what I was looking for, and I soon left her house with my mind pondering all the things she had told me of.

I didn't feel my ghost friend as much that night as I had been in recent times. Though, I knew inside myself that he wasn't far away. I thought of her recommendation that I question him as to his name and I felt like a fool as I questioned the room in general what his name was. Then, focused more on the thoughts of him and asked him directly, or at least as directly as you can ask someone a question when you can't see them. I didn't know what form my question would be answered in though I had half hoped to just hear some breath of wind or something whispering a name as you often hear about happening in some ghost stories and stuff.
Since I had finally managed to work up the courage to ask him what his name was I also decided that while I was feeling brave I should also ask what it was that he wanted with me or at the very least had I met him and teased him as he was teasing me now. I couldn't imagine the latter being a real option but figured I would go all out to find out what was going on while I had the chance.

I laughed out loud at my silliness as I headed towards a long awaited shower to wash the cares and concerns of the day down the drain, or at least hoped that was how it would work. I did feel better as the hot water beat down upon my back, but the thoughts of the day would not flow down the drain as I had hoped. Instead, the day itself seemed more frustrating now because it seemed that I still knew so little about what was really going on with me and my "Casper".

When I came out of the bathroom and noticed that he had in fact turned down the covers for me and turned off the overhead light again so that all I had to do was jump into bed. "Okay" I told him, "I will get into bed but can we please not have the erotic encounter tonight?" My last thought as I drifted off to dreamland was to wonder if he would respond to my talking to him as the psychic had said he might.

The dream started off as a memory of a night that I had spent out with a friend of mine. I thought it was a rather odd way to dream since in the past weeks my dreams had been of an erotic nature and this was far from erotic. I remembered that night very well.

For the first time in quite a while I had been enjoying myself and was all dressed up. I felt I looked really good that night. My friend had helped me pick the outfit; she was aiming for sex appeal, while I usually settled for comfort, and we were planning to have a girls' night out. What sense does that make? Why sex appeal for a female get together? I have no idea but it was fun anyway. The dress she chose was a little tighter in the bodice than I would have preferred but even I had to admit that it showed off my full breasts perfectly. The tightness of the bodice also managed to show off my small waist hiding the slight roundness of my belly but not enough to look like I was hiding it. It revealed the curves of my body in a way that made me look really good.

We were having a really great time, and out of nowhere this really good looking guy came up to me while she was using the bathroom. I could tell that he was much younger than me so I was ready to shrug him off, but for some reason I didn't do so right away. Probably mostly related to the fact that he sat down without asking in a way that meant he wouldn't be dismissed so easily and I wanted to put his cocky ideas to rest so later when he said something a little too confidently I could put him in his place.

I never got the opportunity though.

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