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MILF is blackmailed by her best friend's husband.


There was an awkward pause as he sniffled and looked away and then turned back to her yet again.

"It was just too hard, Mands, working together. All I had to do was look at you and forget about doing what was right."

"You don't have to apologize."

"I felt bad. It should have been me who left. I've missed you more than I can say."

"I know. I...know."

"They'll be at the beach a while. Maybe we could--"

"We have a reservation for some catamaran trip. I'm on strict orders to be there at 11:00 sharp, even though he knows I hate boats."

"You couldn't just say no to it?"

"It's bad enough I work. On vacation he expects me by his side. My sons want me to go, especially Tim, so I'm going."

He looked at his watch.

"You have twenty minutes."

"We've done so well, Brian. It's been so hard getting to this point."

They looked into each other's eyes, still holding hands. He squeezed with a longing just shy of desperation, making her feel she was the perfect girl for him, the only one for him, just as he always made her feel when they were together. He squeezed again, and then led her toward the elevators.

After he pushed the button for his floor they stood facing front, waiting for the doors to close. The walls inside were mirrored glass but neither looked at their reflection. They waited in silence as the doors finally rumbled their way to a lazy close.

All alone now, he turned and kissed her gently on the mouth. He was tentative, but when she parted her lips and accepted his tongue, his arms went around her, engulfing her. Every reason for their break-up was instantly forgotten as the nuances of their love came flooding back. Gone too was the subtle sexual build-up they'd always shared when meeting at one of their secret spots, where soft kisses and loving embraces led to longer kisses and quiet whispers, and then his hands would find their way under her skirt, and he would rub between her legs and whisper some more, until finally he'd plunge his fingers deep inside her.

Both of them realized their time was short, which added to the intensity of their passion. She grabbed his arms from around her body, placed his hands on her breasts and whispered, "I love you, Brian...I love you...I'll love you forever." A moment later he turned her toward one of the mirrored walls, bending her forward at the waist. She remembered he liked this position and gripped the shiny metal pole running horizontally along the wall while spreading her feet for him. She arched her back and her hardened nipples showed clearly in the mirror as he lifted the sundress up the back of her legs. He exposed her skimpy pink bikini bottom and then unleashed himself from his pants. Pulling the bikini to the side, he put the oozing tip of his cock against her opening, slathering her with precome.

Her pussy lips were puffy and slick against him, just as he'd remembered from all those times at her home when her husband was out of town making deal after deal and her boys were at boarding school. As he pushed, he slid all the way in with one slippery stroke, just like on those countless afternoons in the various hotel rooms they shared throughout the city. Feeling how wet she became had always made him excited, and now was no different. After a few long strokes he began pumping her very hard while holding her messy bun with one hand and reaching around her body with the other to pinch her nipples through her dress. He could see her face in the mirror as her head was forced back; her mouth had fallen open and her eyes were rolled back in sublime acceptance. When she groaned, he fucked her even harder, pumping in and out with all his gusto while telling her he loved her too.

The hotel floors were flying by fast...ding...ding...ding... and although the couple was fairly oblivious to their surroundings, they soon realized the elevator was slowing to a stop. He barely had time to tuck himself into his pants before the once lazy doors opened with alarming alacrity.

They raced to his room with him unzipped and pulling her by the hand

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