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My secretary's new collar.

"OMG those tits are amazing." She reached to grab them. "Are they real?"

"You decide," said Ashley.

My sis ran her hands over Ashley's globes, squeezing. Slack-jawed. "I can't tell," she laughed.

"Take a closer look."

My sis shrugged and dived in. Her tongue darted out to lick across Ashley's nipple, then latched on, sucking, it into her mouth.

I just stared as my cock got stiffer and stiffer.

My sis swallowed the other nipple, in ecstasy, then pulled away. "They've gotta be real."

Ashley laughed. "Sorry girl. Fake hair, fake tits. Not that he cares."

She slipped off the rest of her clothes, exposing a shaved pussy, and slid over to me. Slid down. And started rubbing my cock between her tits.

I was still lubed up with her spit and my cum. And I couldn't tell that the tits were fake either.

My pale white cock sliding through her dark black tits was an incredible sight. My sister seemed to think so too - she practically had her face in Ashley's tits, eyes glued to her cleavage as my cock slipped up and down her chest.

I couldn't resist - I pulled my cock out and slapped it against my sister's cheek.

"Hey!" she shouted, jumping back and grabbing her face where my cock had hit her.

"You're too nosy," I complained. Ashley just laughed.

"I'll nose at whatever I want. That's the deal, remember? Or do you want me to pack up my bad bitch friend? I've got half a mind to pull her into MY bedroom and leave you hanging out here."

She was right. "Fine," I grunted.

"Where IS the bedroom?" asked Ashley.

"Follow me," said my sister, skipping out of the room.

I still wasn't thrilled that my older sister was tagging along as I had my first taste of black chocolate, but she had a point. She was the boss, and I totally owed her. Ashley and I followed her up the stairs and - into our parents' bedroom?

"This is creepy," I said.

"The bed's bigger," she replied. She sat down and patted the space beside her. "Come on, baby bro."

I hesitated, and so Ashely pushed past me to sit down next to my sis. "What'll it be?" I was annoyed she was asking my sister, not me, but under the circumstances didn't think I could complain.

"You know what I want to see?" said my sis. "His cock shoved all up your big black ass."

I almost blew my load again, right there. Ashley just purred and turned over. "Why don't you get it ready for him?"

She was crouched on the bed now, head down on her folded arms, her hot ass in the air. My sister didn't waste any time. She grabbed Ashley's ass cheeks and spread them out. She spit into Ashley's rosebud, rubbing it into the asshole with her thumb. Then stuck her tongue out and started eating Ashley's ass out.

Ashley moved one of her hands to her pussy, stroking it while my sister tongued her ass. My sis was really getting into it now. She lapped at Ashley's asshole, holding it open with one hand, and used her other hand to undo her own top.

My sis was twisted now, with her front facing me and her neck craned into Ashley's ass, which was also facing me. She squeezed and stroked her own exposed breasts as she darted her tongue into Ashley's ass. Then she spit into Ashley's asshole again, and pulled away. She gestured for me to come over.

"She's all ready for you, bro."

As I came closer, she grabbed my cock. "You're gonna need some lube too." She spit on it and started rubbing her hand up and down to spread the spit along it.

I was stunned. Still stroking my cock, she spit in Ashley's ass some more. Then she turned back to my cock. Her eyes were glazed. Her tits were out. She had her brother's cock in her hand.

"You need more than that," she said. She moved her head forward, and sucked my dick into her mouth.


I know how these stories go - there's always a part where the guy says that he had always wanted to fuck his sister, but never thought it would really happen, and so on. I'm not that guy. I never wanted to fuck my sister.

Sure, I snuck a peek at her tits or ass now and again, like any younger brother might do from time to time.

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