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A 'country boy' goes to Sydney to pick up experience.

..and I was going to have to instruct Lillian how best to prepare for losing her virginity!


I went down to the shops, bought a bottle of wine for that evening and bought a zucchini that was, as far as I could tell, about the same thickness as Jim's engorged penis.

I started by asking Lillian about her previous sexual encounters. She knew about the birds, the bees, and birth. She knew about the theory of contraception from high school sex-ed classes. She knew virtually nothing about actually having intercourse or about surrendering her virginity (except, of course, that it would be a painful experience and she was likely to bleed!).

I asked her 'how far' a man had gone with her previously - the 'farthest' being one day when her uncle had undressed her and fondled her breasts and her privates a few years earlier "because one of his duties as my uncle was to ensure that I was maturing normally, and this was something Mums and Dads understandably felt uncomfortable doing for their daughters!"

I was a little surprised he had only examined her on the one occasion...but was I surprised when Lillian told me the examination included digital penetration?

And he had subjected her to anal digital penetration...and vaginal digital penetration.

I didn't let Lillian know what I thought of her uncle!

I also enquired whether she had even seen a video of a girl losing her virginity.

She hadn't - so for the next 40 minutes she and I watched a video after I had googled "free video girl losing virginity." It was one of those formula videos - actress arrives and plays coy, man removes her top and bra, asks for permission to touch and kiss her breasts, removes her panties, he removes his jeans and displays his penis, asks the girl to suck it, eventually penetrates her, she exhibits pain, he withdraws with the obligatory blood on his manhood, he congratulates her for having lost her virginity and asks her to recommend his services to her other virgin friends.

But it was enough to give Lillian some idea about what would soon be happening to her.

And I tried to explain Lillian, in detail, exactly what should expect.

I then asked her to strip off so I would have a better idea of what Jim would soon be facing.

I'd never seen a naked Chinese 18 year-old before.

But, I can assure you, Lillian is...cute as!

Very cute as!!

Tiny tits...a small, well-rounded ass...a slit about the same length as mine (and, contrary to that tasteless male rumour, it runs vertically - not horizontally, parallel to her attractive Asian eyes)...

and an incredibly black bush.

My first suggestion was that her pubic hair had to be trimmed.

So while she stood on a beach towel in our bedroom, her legs spread a little apart, I gave that jet-black bush between her legs its first-ever haircut - ensuring the pubic hair she retained was trimmed well-clear of her little virgin hole.

That looked a lot neater, I thought...and suggested that she could tidy it up further by carefully shaving around the remaining pubes when next shaving her legs.

I explained to Lillian that Jim would want to feel her body, that perhaps she should close her eyes whilst he did so, and that she should try to enjoy the sensation...her objective being to get her feminine vaginal juices flowing freely.

She asked if she should insist he wear a condom. I told her that decision was entirely hers - but I thought not because, as a part of losing her virginity, she should also be able to enjoy her first experience of cum being shot deep inside her and the spreading feeling of dampness she would then have within.

I explained he might also ask her to give him oral sex, or pressure her to accept anal, and recommended she firmly tell him that only one of her holes was on offer to him that night.

Lillian was, again understandably, worried about possible pain, possible bleeding and "doing it right."
In fact "doing it right" seemed something of an obsession with her.

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