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Four is not a crowd for Paul and the girls.

Soon, she was spreading her knees wide as Becky's hands did wonderful things between her legs.

"Mmm, so nice and juicy, she tastes delicious," Becky purred as she used her tongue to lap at the sweet juices coating Sam's moist cleft.

As Becky explored her pussy, Sam felt Bob's thick fingers pressing insistently against her lips until she opened her mouth.

"Mmm," she gasped, sucking hungrily at his fingers as she felt Becky's tongue lapping her copious juices.

"Please, please," she gasped, giving in to the wonderful feelings, her body craving more stimulation, desperate to feel something, anything, inside her as she felt Becky's tongue tracing intricate patterns over her greedy, throbbing clit, and Bob's fingers tracing a wet line down over her stomach.

She felt him lightly tracing the entrance to her slick pussy, playing with her swollen labia and she tilted her hips towards him and spread her legs wide, digging her heels into the mattress as she tried to rub against him, desperate for a firmer touch.

"Such a horny little slut," he chuckled as he pressed a little more firmly, his fingers dripping with her saliva.

"Oh God, yes!" she cried as she felt Bob smoothly ease of his thick, stubby fingers inside her shamefully wet pussy, and gently begin to work it in and out. Sam hadn't had sex since she'd spilt up with Steve, and although she didn't want to give them the satisfaction of watching her cum, she couldn't help throwing her head back and moaning loudly as she felt Bob's finger slide deeper.

"Christ, she's lovely and tight," he grunted, using his fingertip to explore the walls of her hot, wet vagina.

Sam surfed waves of hot pleasure, her body rocking and rolling, and before long she could feel the pressure build, her muscles beginning to tighten. Bob had slipped another finger inside her greedy pussy now and as he frigged her deeper and deeper, Becky's fingers spread her wet folds, her tongue lapping at her achingly-sensitive clit till she thought she might pass out with the sheer pleasure.

"That's right, surrender to us," he said, his stubby fingers driving in and out of her wetness before sucking at one of her hard little nipples, squeezing it between his lips.

"Oh God, don't stop! Don't stop!" she begged as she felt Bob frigging her faster now, her feelings spiralling out of control of her orgasm approached.

"Yes! Oh God, yes!" she squealed as she came, straining against her handcuffs as her body thrashed about on the bed, riding the surges of pure pleasure.


As the final tingles of bliss finally ebbed away, Sam opened her eyes. The bed was in disarray, the sheets a tangled mess, and the whole room had the salty, sweaty aroma of sex. Bob had disappeared but Becky was beside the bed, stripping off her clothes.

Sam didn't understand what Becky saw in Hibbert (although he must have been quite wealthy), but anyone could see what attracted him to Becky. She was pretty with a wide, almost child-like face, large, hazel brown eyes, plump raspberry lips and the kind of lean, toned body that comes with doing a lot of yoga. Sam watched her pull her white top up over her head then run her a hand through the platinum blonde hair that fell in soft waves over her shoulders.

"Listen, you don't have to do this, if you let me go I'll put in a good word," Sam whispered, as Becky unhooked her bra, revealing well-shaped boobs that were nicely rounded but in proportion with her trim figure.
"I'm sorry, but you don't know Bob, he..." she started to whisper, but stopped when Bob returned from the bathroom with a glass of water and wearing only a pair of fitting black shorts, revealing a stocky body and a broad chest with a broad triangle of dark, tightly-curled hair.

"Ready for round two?" he chuckled leering at Sam, and with her hands still cuffed above her head she could only watch as he popped one of the familiar black pills on his tongue and swallowed it with a gulp of water.

"Bob, honey? Do you think we've got enough footage now? Do we have to go through with the whole thing?" Becky said, s

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