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Everyone's invited when Laura and Jason get going.

"You too."

"Come on you guys, beer's in the kitchen." Stacy led them towards the kegs. "Help yourself to some cups."

Brian grabbed a pair of plastic cups and handed one to Charlie before moving to the tap. "So you're glad to see me, huh?"

Stacy giggled, "Of course..."

Charlie glanced at his cup and didn't really feel like drinking. Plus it looked like Brian and Stacy wanted to flirt with each other, and Charlie didn't want to get in the way of that. So he wandered towards the sliding glass doors in the back of the kitchen, which led to a large back yard. Stepping outside, he scanned the crowd on the patio, and froze when he saw her.
She was wearing a tiny little spaghetti-strapped green dress that displayed the full length of her always slender and tanned legs. Her dark curly tendrils glistened in the evening light, and her smile could light entire worlds. She was talking to a tall good-looking blond guy in stylish jeans and a tee shirt that was tight around his muscled biceps.

Charlie watched as her gaze slowly pivoted in his direction, as though it were occurring in slow motion. Her expression changed when she saw him, the smile vanishing to be replaced by something closer to shock. Charlie's heart sunk into his stomach when he saw those sparkling blue eyes.

"Oh my god." Miley said, stunned. "Charlie...?"

"Hi Miley." Charlie tried to smile.

Miley stared at Charlie like he had come back from the dead. She hadn't expected to see him at Stacy's party, and the sight of him brought old emotions flooding back.

"Who's that skinny geek?" asked the blond guy standing next to Miley.

"I'll tell you later, okay?" Miley moved towards Charlie. "Just give me a few minutes."

"Miley, It's great to see..."

Miley grabbed Charlie by the arm, "Not here, come on."

Charlie followed along as Miley led him into the house, sensing she wasn't pleased with him.

"Hey Miley." Brian offered as they walked by.

"Not now Brian." Miley's voice was curt as she hauled Charlie towards the stairs.

Stacy giggled. "It's always the drama with those two..."

Miley marched Charlie upstairs and into Stacy's parent's bedroom, closing the door to give them some privacy. "Charlie, what are you doing here?!"

"I came with Brian, I wanted to see..."

"Me?" Miley interrupted. "Did you come to see me? I'm here with my boyfriend Charlie, you can't just show up like this!"

"That tall blond guy with more muscles than brains?" Charlie gestured back towards the door.

"His name is Brett." Miley frowned, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Whatever. I came to hang out with Brian, and to see Stacy." Charlie lied.

"So, what..." Miley fumed. "You were just going to ignore me all night?"

"I'll do whatever you want!" Charlie yelled back, "I won't make things uncomfortable for you and your new... whatever."

"Boyfriend." Miley finished for him. "He's my boyfriend, Charlie."

"How can you be with a guy like that?" Charlie suddenly blurted jealously.

"A guy like what? Huh Charlie? A guy who doesn't leave me behind to go to Brown and fuck beautiful smart girls?"

"I didn't fuck..." Charlie scowled. "I didn't leave you."

"Yes you did!" Miley snapped, her eyes growing damp. "You left me to go to your fancy school and leave me behind. You did what all guys do Charlie, you had your fun with the pretty dumb girl then you moved on... I thought you were special. I thought you loved me!"

"You're not dumb, Miley and I do love you...."

"Just leave me alone Charlie! It shouldn't be hard, you've gotten lot of practice the last nine months." Miley ran past him and out the door; she didn't want him to see her cry.

Charlie stood there staring at the door and felt miserable. "Shit."


"I'm going to go." Charlie had to speak loudly to be heard over the music after finding Brian by the keg with Stacy.

"What? Already?" Brian asked. "We just got here."

"It was a mistake for me to come." Charlie frowned.

"Charlie, don't go because of Miley.

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