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This time round though Britta got an idea to make Annie beg for more without resorting to an hour-long pussy licking.

As much as she loved every second of those long slow licks Annie was currently seconds away from begging for more. She even opened her mouth in preparation to say something, after letting out another little whimper of course. Then Britta grabbed a firm hold of the handle like base of the butt-plug and slowly but firmly pulled on it, putting pressure on the younger girl's ass hole until it slowly started to stretch around the thick part of the plug, thus causing Annie's eyes to go wide as saucers.

For a few seconds Annie only let out a barely audible squeak, then she loudly exclaimed, "BRITTA!"

That coincided with her forbidden hole opening obscenely wide again, almost expelling the entire toy, Britta's steady hand the only thing keeping half of the plug inside her butt. At the same time this was happening Britta was giving her another long slow lick, her tongue pretty much touching the bottom of Annie's pussy lips the second that half of the butt-plug came out of her ass, somehow heightening the pleasure of the lick itself. Naturally Annie was appalled at this realisation, and tried to hide it from Britta, but it was no use.

"You like that?" Britta practically purred knowingly.

Annie blushed furiously, and then ignoring the question which kind of sounded like a statement she closed her eyes and whimpered, "Do it again."

"What's the magic word?" Britta teased in a singsong voice.

"Britta!" Annie whined frustration, before whimpering in defeat, "Please. Please... please do it again and, and make me cum. Please Britta, make me cum. Fuck me and make me cum."

It was kind of absurd to still get embarrassed over such words when she had said this along with other filthy words during sex with the older girl, but Annie just couldn't help it. It was just a part of who she was. Although whatever embarrassment she felt was always totally worth it for the pleasure Britta gave her, this particular pleasure being like nothing else Annie had ever felt before. And considering all the things Britta had made her feel during their relationship that was really saying something, but it was true.

First Britta pushed the butt-plug back inside her ass, the tight anal ring resisting perhaps even more than before but Britta wouldn't be denied. Annie let out a huge gasp as she felt her ass hole finally stretch wide enough for the large bottom of the plug to slip inside her bottom, her butt hole closing shut around the base of the toy while Britta's tongue gave her pussy a long slow lick. Britta then repeated this process over and over again, driving Annie closer to orgasm each time the butt-plug was pulled out of her or pushed back into her. Then Britta began increasing the speed of the licks, pushing Annie to the edge of climax and then sending her over it when that wicked tongue invaded her pussy.

The speed in which Annie came momentarily took Britta by surprise, but the blonde quickly realise it shouldn't have. Not with all that build-up. Although Britta didn't dwell on what led them up to this point, not when Annie's heavenly girl cum was leaking onto her tongue, the 30-something year old quickly wrapping her lips around the 19-year-old's entrance so she could ensure that at least a majority of that heavenly girl cum ended up in her belly where it belonged. Of course a good portion still ended up on her face, but after doing this almost on a nightly basis for the past couple of months Britta had become very skilled at swallowing girl cream, the blonde oh so happy to put those skills to good use right now.

As soon as Annie's first orgasm was over Britta slowly brought her girlfriend down from her high for a few seconds and then, figuring that was enough time to rest, she slowly brought her back up again.

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