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Young man helps out the next door neighbor.

You've got to be wired a certain way to do that."

She gave a nod. "Yeah. What brings you over to Europe?"

James had reluctantly dropped his head back again and closed his eyes as well. "I run the engineering group for an energy contractor out of California. They got started in oil and branched out to power plant construction which is my thing. We've got a new station coming online in North-Eastern France, but our European HQ is here so I've been bouncing around trying to keep the doors to the crazy house locked. This has been one of those weeks that you'd like to trade in for...ah...I don't know. For anything -- hell I'd take a quick kick to the head instead of the past few days. It'd feel better."

"Yeah -- I know what those weeks are like.'s hot in here."

James pushed himself up into a seated position. Sweat ran freely off him, he could feel it crawling down his back in steady streams due to the change in position. "Better than a cold sauna."

She smiled. "True...too true. I'm afraid I can't stay in here much more -- I'm reaching my limit."

James wanted more than anything to get out with her, but felt it would be all the more awkward if he stood in the cramped space at the same time. "I'll give it just a moment more."

When Ellen stood up, she had to stoop in the low room, and once again James thoroughly enjoyed the movement of her torso, the subtle shifting of skin over her ribs and the gathering of her breasts as she leaned forward. When she stepped down, he briefly saw that her pubic hair was trimmed neatly. He'd seen the silhouette of gentle folds of her pussy against the lighter wood behind her.

Once the door closed behind her, he gave a low whistle and just said, "Damn." He reached down and grabbed the two plastic cups of water on the lower bench. The first one he drank down in four gulps, the other he poured over his head.

James waited another few minutes before stepping off the bench and turning to get his towel. It was soaked from the water and his sweat -- so he just held it in his hand rather than even attempt to cover up.

The air of the common area outside of the sauna felt cool even though he knew the space was significantly warmer than the workout facility. There were oversized lounge chairs with outdoor fabric on them distributed around the room and he could see Ellen's feet at the end of one of the chairs which was mostly hidden from his view. He poked his head around the wall to say a quick goodbye, but when he saw her stretched out, completely uncovered, he dismissed the idea of leaving. There was nothing he could possibly think of that was more important than spending more time with her.

James saw a stack of clean towels and another wicker basket. He discarded his drenched towel and grabbed another for the chair next to her. Droplets of sweat were still beaded on her, and she looked extremely relaxed. He was moved by how comfortable she was in herself, the unforced familiarity due to their mutual exposure. His eyes were again drawn to the rounded triangle of downy hair between her legs that she so neatly trimmed. He focused on the centerline of folded skin that led down and out of his view and once more felt desire begin to stir, so he redirected his attention back to her serene face.

"Mind if I join you. Looks like a good way to cool down."

Ellen said, "Of course. By the way, what's your plan for dinner?"

James smiled. "Well I was planning to eat a nine-Euro can of cashews and work on budget issues."

"Ooohh -- sounds romantic."

James said, "Very. Don't underestimate the quality of the salt they use in those things. Haute cuisine."

Ellen adjusted her head slightly to look at him, "I think you should forego the cashews and grab a bite with me. I'm tired of eating alone, and considering there isn't much of you I haven't seen at this point, we might as well try having a conversation with clothes on."

James nodded and pursed his lips a little.

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