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Moving In.

He returns a few minutes later but I dare not say a word. Without thinking, I turn my head slightly to see what he is doing. Before I can get a good look, I feel a sharp pain on my ass. My daddy has the paddle and I have disobeyed him by turning around. He spanks me several more times and just as suddenly as he started, he stops spanking me and I feel the weight of his body on my back and strong pull on the leash around my neck. I can barely breath. He whispers in my ear,

"Do you think it's cute to disobey Daddy? Do you think Daddy is playing a little game and you can cry a little and use that baby voice and get me to stop and wait on your spoiled ass for the rest of the night?"

"No, sir," I say.

"Good slut." My daddy stands up and I so want to turn around and see what he is doing but I know better. It seems like forever before I feel the next sensation. At first I can't figure out what he is doing to me. It doesn't hurt but it doesn't feel like anything my daddy has ever done. I realize he is writing on me with a marker. I don't dare to ask him what he is writing or to ask him to stop. I just take it like a good slut. He stops and stands up again. He grabs the leash and tugs on it just a little bit this time. He said "Good girl."

I don't have to think much about the next sensation I feel on my back and ass. I know this one for sure. My daddy has picked up one of the candle and he's dripping the wax all over me. I cry out because of the sudden pain and every time I cry out I feel a tug on the leash, each time the tug gets rougher and takes more of my breath from me. The burning stops and I am so thankful. I hear my daddy leave the room. I promise myself to stay exactly where I am, no matter how long he's gone because I don't know how much more I can take and I know I'll get it if I move an inch.

He's thankfully only gone a few moments and when he returns I see a flash of light. I realize he's taking pictures of me wearing a collar and leash, on my hands and knees with something written on my back, candle wax spilled all over me and my ass probably red from the spanking. He takes a few pictures and then stops. He walks over to me and grabs the leash and puts something in my hand. I feel that it is a little dildo covered with lube. He says,

"You know what to do with that, whore." I go to insert the dildo in my pussy and he jerks on the leash the hardest he has all night. I think I'll faint from the choking. "Ohhhhh no, you would enjoy that you filthy slut. I want it in your tight little ass." He lets go of the leash and I rest my shoulders on the tub. I reach around with one hand to put the dildo in my ass and the other hand to part my ass cheeks. I slowly put the dildo in my ass just as my daddy has commanded. I hear him say, "Good job, slut, get it nice and ready for your daddy's big cock. The more you stretch it out, the less it will hurt."

I continue to fuck my own ass and my Daddy takes pictures of me. I feel humiliated on the floor of my bathroom, burning from the candle wax and spanking, short of breath from the choking and fucking my own ass. After a few minutes of this, my ass feels much looser and I pray that the ass fucking I'm about to receive won't hurt too much. My Daddy tells me to stop and I put the dildo down. I know what's next.

I can feel him approaching me.

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