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Tim's friend Stephen has sex again with Tim's mom.

Finally I paused at her entrance. Jen raised herself up to get a better view of my cock as I pushed it forward. She stared, wide eyed as it disappeared slowly into Pascal's wet and willing hole.

Pascal took in breath sharply as my cock invaded her tight channel. She arched her back to allow me the deepest of penetration as I continued to slowly slide my thick tool forward. Jen smiled and seemed fascinated as she looked on to see my full length accepted into Pascal's hot cunt. God was it tight! So tight that I thought I would split her in two as my cock drove deep within her.

Her inner muscles gripped at my shaft like a vice and she pushed backward allowing my full length to push deep inside her. Jen dare not blink and looked on admiringly as my cock stretched Pascal's tight fanny.

Pascal caught her breath again as my cock reached its limit. I slowly withdrew and allowed Jen to witness Pascal's slimy cum on my cock and her cunt gripping at my head before I slowly eased it all the way back in. Jen smiled in approval and Pascal sighed as her cunt accommodated my full length again.

Jen's hand had slipped between her legs by the time I had gently thrust in and out for a third or fourth time. Her head was thrown back and she had at least two of her own fingers jabbing into her gash making a slurping sound that served only to turn us all on still further.

"Harder, deeper." Pascal demanded over her shoulder in a whispered and deeply sexy French tone.

I raised myself on to my toes and thrust forward more urgently. Pascal's taut body responded by gripping at my shaft even harder as my cock pounded, piston like, in and out of her incredibly tight pussy and I felt the warm dampness of her cum against my ball sack as it swung against her clit.

Pascal's sighs had become groans of delight by the time I realised that I was speeding my way towards a second orgasm.

"You cannot ..... you mustn't ....." Pascal blurted in a panicked tone - she must have sensed my cock thickening and my stroke shortening.

"You can't cum in her. She's not on the pill." Jen interceded, having snapped out of her own private rapture.

"Here, cum on me, cum on my tits." She said as she swung herself on to her back beside Pascal's swinging tits.

I wasn't going to argue and swung around as my cock erupted for a second time. I closed my fist around the warm and slimy weapon and pointed it, hose like, at my wife's prone body. Pascal, panting, shimmering with a fine mist of sweat and flushed with exertion, looked on as my tool pumped out a second, all be it less generous, cargo on to Jen's splendid and heaving tits.

Jen took a hold of her right breast and offered it to her mouth -- this was one of her party tricks. She lapped and sucked the salty fluid from the flesh before popping her nipple in between pursed lips to finish with a flourish.

Pascal looked on, probably jealous that she could get her own, smaller breasts, into her mouth, but made no attempt to lick my cum from Jen's other boob. Jen rubbed the remainder into her skin with a satisfied smile as we all recovered some composure.

I cannot remember what was said after that, not much was my recollection but I do remember feeling a bit uncomfortable. We didn't repeat the performance and Pascal returned home a few days later. Jen and I rarely spoke about the events of that morning but the memory of Pascal's lithe body would haunt me through the rest of my life - I can still see her sparsely covered clam in my mind's eye as my cock spread her tight hole.

All that happened fifteen years ago, Sally and Pascal kept in touch but, alas, Jen and I split after a dozen or so years of marriage, mercifully we had no kids to complicate things. The split was probably my fault, but as fate would have it, Pascal and I were reunited, mostly through the efforts of Sally, and we are now husband and wife.
The second part of this story happened on our wedding night or rather on the morning after.

Pascal and I had had a small wedding and modest reception

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